Fans Think Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Kiss Was “Like A Scene From A Movie”

Insert a “realizes he’s fallen in love” rom-com trope here.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 15: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have dinner at Waverly Inn on October...
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are officially in their PDA era. After the Grammy winner joined the cheering section at several Kansas City Chiefs games, the NFL star returned the favor at Swift’s Era Tour at Buenos Aires’ Estadio River Plate in Argentina on Nov. 11. The real grand finale? Swift and Kelce’s post-concert kiss of cinematic proportions.

Jamming out in a VIP tent with Swift’s father, Scott, Kelce solidified his Swiftie status. In addition to dancing along to “Blank Space” — some fans on X (formerly Twitter) think she even pointed at him while singing the lyric, “You know I love the players” — the football player also held a “We Will Stay” sign during “The Archer” and threw up his girlfriend’s signature heart hands sign for fellow concertgoers.

After the show wrapped, fan-captured videos on X and TikTok showed Swift’s dad instructing him on exactly where to wait backstage. As he stood patiently with his hands behind his back, Swift took the lead, running into his arms and greeting him with a big kiss. “It’s like [a] scene from a movie,” one fan wrote on X, while another added, “The way she ran into his arms, you can tell she’s really in love.”

As several more videos of the romantic gesture circulated online, one X user noted that there were “more angles of Taylor and Travis last night than the JFK assassination.” Most Swifties were more than OK with that. “BABE, WAKE UP! NEW ANGLE OF TAYLOR AND TRAVIS KISSING AT THE END OF THE SHOW DROPPED,” another fan joked.

“Karma (Travis’ Version)”

The kiss was hardly the only moment that played out like a climactic movie scene. Several audience members’ cameras were pointed at Kelce to catch his reaction to Swift changing a “Karma” lyric in his honor. The new line: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” Cut to the footballer beaming from ear to ear and celebrating the public declaration with Swift’s dad, while the crowd roared.

“Travis Kelce out here with the ‘realizes he’s fallen in love’ look trope that romcom editors would add a Taylor Swift song over,” one fan observed. After another commenter opined that the viral moment yielded “one of the cutest videos” ever, someone else chimed in, “You can mock the relationship and say it’s dumb but you can’t lie…. Travis is maybe happier than ever.” Added a third fan, “All of Taylor’s ex crying rn cause she’s never been this publicly in love with any of them before.”

An Epic Family Dinner

Kelce’s appearance in South America wasn’t a surprise. The NFL star teased his travel plans on his New Heights podcast, telling brother Jason Kelce he “might just say f*ck it and just go somewhere nice” during his team’s bye week. After he landed in Argentina on Nov. 10, Swift postponed that night’s show due “to the weather being so truly chaotic,” allowing them time for a date night.

The new couple dined in a private room at Elena restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, according to People, and Swift’s father appeared to join them. An insider told the magazine that Kelce was “beaming” during the evening, and he and Swift “looked so cute on their low-key date night.” Added the insider, “They also left holding hands … and the crowd in the restaurant briefly cheered as they walked out.”