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The After We Collided Trailer Takes Harry Styles Fanfic To An R-Rated Level

Dylan Sprouse is not living the Suite Life right now.

Not only is Harry Styles a part of one of the world's most popular boy bands, he's also been the inspiration behind one of the most popular fanfiction stories-turned-films with After. And now, he's even inspired a sequel. The After We Collided trailer takes this Harry Styles fanfiction to a new level. Released on Monday, July 27, the new trailer proves that the film is steamier, sexier, and a hell of a lot more complicated than its predecessor, thanks in part to an all-grown-up Dylan Sprouse.

The sequel to After, sees Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford return as Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, who have to navigate the aftermath of their tumultuous break-up and decide whether or not they want to get back together. Given all of the passionate fights, low-key hook-ups, and shower sex seen in the new trailer, the answer is fairly obvious. Even if they want to believe they're not in love with each other, clearly they can't stay apart.

Their relationship is threatened, not only by their own mistakes, but also by new characters, specifically, Sprouse's Trevor Matthews, Tessa's new boss and potential love interest. Hardin, obviously, is not pleased, especially when Trevor is seen leaving Tessa's place in his underwear. But of course, Tessa isn't the only guilty party here, as Hardin faces new temptation of his own. And we do mean temptation. The heat is definitely turned up in After We Collided, thanks in part to the movie's decision to embrace an R-rating.

The After saga is based on a multi-part Styles fanfic posted on Wattpad that was later turned into a full-on YA book series in 2014. Of course, Styles' name was changed to Hardin Scott for the books, and author Anna Todd insists that Styles was reimagined as an "aggressive bad boy" for the story, in a way that's not true to the singer's character. In fact, beyond the British accent and multiple tattoos, there's really not many similarities to the 1D alum, who has yet to comment on the series.

However, that hasn't stopped the books and accompanying films from gaining a large allegiance of devoted fans, who are more than pleased with After We Collided is shaping up. Soon after the trailer's release, fans took to twitter to express their excitement — and their thirst.

The new film also stars Charlie Weber, Selma Blair, Candice King, and Pia Mia, alongside Langford, Tiffin, and Sprouse. After We Collided will be released in select theaters and video-on-demand on Oct. 2. So thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, you can either mask up to watch it on the big screen or choose to witness the endless horniness in the comfort of your own home.