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Twitter Can’t Recover From *Those* Apprentice Interviews

Reality TV at its finest.

by Sabah Hussain
'The Apprentice' interview stage

For the first time in the show’s history, The Apprentice semi-final was a female-only affair. Harpreet Kaur, Kathryn Burn, Brittany Carter, and Stephanie Affleck faced four ruthless business experts in the always enjoyable (for viewers) interview portion of the competition.

Imagine a boardroom version of Lord of the Flies, and you’ll get a picture of what happened when the women hoping to secure Lord Alan Sugar’s financial backing sat down across from the UK’s most formidable business minds. Whilst we always expect the contestants to get a grilling, some of these interviews were particularly catastrophic.

No one likes to cry in a professional setting, but that’s what happened when Brittany lost her way during her sit-down with business expert Mike Soutar. The reality TV contestant later told her co-stars it hadn’t happened but, unfortunately for her, the entire scene was captured on film.

In another unbelievably awkward encounter, Soutar told Kathryn that he had purchased all of her potential business domain names, before issuing her the paperwork as proof. Relishing in the cringe-worthy event, one social media user quipped: “This has to be the best moment of the interviews. Mike really did this to Kathryn.”

True to form, the British public didn’t hold back in sharing their own assessments of the disastrous interviews. Below, see some of the funniest reactions posted on Twitter.