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Meg Bellamy Took A Walk In Kate Middleton’s Shoes (& Broke Them)

The newcomer portrays the princess in The Crown.

Selfies from Meg Bellamy, the actor who plays Kate Middleton in 'The Crown.'
Courtesy of Meg Bellamy

The night before she filmed Kate Middleton’s famous catwalk scene for The Crown — you know, the time she sported a risqué sheer dress at a student fashion show, catching Prince William’s eye — Meg Bellamy practiced walking in the heels she’d wear down the runway. All went well until she stepped outside to take out her trash bins and heard a snap.

“I actually broke the bottom of the heel. There was a screw poking out,” Bellamy tells Bustle. The pair, she’d learned from the costume department, wasn’t made for outside. Luckily, it was a quick fix on set the next day. “Never again will I do that,” she says.

In some ways, Bellamy is still learning the ropes. The now 21-year-old actor was working at Legoland in 2022, playing the part of a giant red brick, when she received word that she’d been cast in The Crown. She promptly gave her notice and devoted herself to preparing for the role. Of course, she researched everything about Middleton’s pre-royal life, but there were also more practical preparations, like training for a swimming scene where Kate out-swims William (Ed McVey) at the university pool.

Justin Downing/Netflix

“It was the tumble turns that really got me,” Bellamy says. “I remember one time I forgot to take a breath before I did it. So I was like convulsing in the water.”

For those used to seeing Middleton as the Princess of Wales and a mother of three, watching Bellamy race in a pool might feel jarring. But the show focuses on a time when Kate was just a “normal” college girl, not a princess-in-waiting with her eyes set on marrying into royalty. In one scene, she blows off William when he’s rude to a fellow student who asks him for an autograph.

Bellamy finds the show’s perspective on Middleton refreshing. “I love that she’s very self assured and is her own person. I think it would be easy for her to be written as the girlfriend and just there to elevate William’s story,” she says. “Her relationship with William in her eyes, is like, ‘Is this good for me?’ It’s not like, ‘It’s William, and that’s enough.’”

Keith Bernstein/Netflix

With her breakout performance now out in the world, Bellamy is searching for her next big gig. But wherever she lands, she’s sure to take with her everything she learned from her experience on The Crown, especially the wisdom she gleaned from her more established costars.

“We watched them do take, take, take, and they were killing it every time. But then when they came off set, everyone’s just chatting and having crisps, and they’re so chill and different to their characters,” she says. “It’s so nice to know that you don’t have to be super serious and in character the whole day.” A great lesson to take onboard — well, that, and to keep costume shoes indoors.

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