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The Cast Of Titletown High Includes A Controversial Football Coach

The Netflix reality series follows the lives and romances of a high school football team in Georgia.

by Kadin Burnett
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Netflix’s new reality series Titletown High peers inside one of Georgia’s most storied high school football programs. Set in Valdosta, Georgia — dubbed “TitleTown” for its sports legacy — the show chronicles the Valdosta Wildcats as they navigate rivalries, relationships, and school while trying to clinch the state championship. Ahead of the Aug. 27 premiere, get to know the coach and players duking it out on the field.

Rush Propst

Propst is the head coach of the Valdosta Wildcats. An established figure in high school football, the 63-year-old previously coached at a number of schools in Alabama after taking his first coaching position in 1977. In 1999, he joined Hoover High School in Birmingham, where he won 110 games and five state titles throughout his nine-year tenure. An MTV reality series, Two-a-Days, depicted his 2005 and 2006 seasons with the team.

In 2007, Propst resigned from Hoover following allegations of grades being changed for players and several reports about extramarital affairs (he admitted to having a relationship and child outside of his marriage, but no other wrongdoing). The next year, Propst became the head coach at Georgia’s Colquitt County High School, leading them to multiple victories and landing a state title in 2014. However, his time there was similarly marred by controversy: in 2019, he was relieved of his coaching duties following an investigation into his conduct that found he gave pills to students, among other ethical violations.

Propst began coaching at Valdosta High for their 2020 season, but was once again fired amid ethical concerns. According to ESPN, the Valdosta Board of Education opted not to renew Coach Propst’s contract in April 2021 after allegations surfaced that he’d solicited funds to pay for the living expenses of players he’d recruited to Valdosta. His actions resulted in the Wildcats forfeiting seven victories from their 2020 season, and the team was banned from playing in the 2021 postseason. Several players were also ruled ineligible to play in the 2021 season.

This tension plays out on Titletown High. From the beginning, Propst is a polarizing figure in the community. “I’m gonna find out who’s tough, and who ain’t. Trust me,” he says in the trailer before a player vomits from exhaustion. Later, there are allusions to Propst’s scandal. “This son-of-a-gun can coach some football, but you’re making a deal with the devil,” a Valdosta resident says.


Amari Jones

A decorated high school athlete, Amari is one of the quarterbacks on the Wildcats competing for the starting spot. “I am going to fight for the job. It’s time to go compete,” he says in the trailer. However, he seems to be distracted by his personal life, explaining that he’s hiding his relationship with classmate Morgan from his mom. “You cannot be my quarterback, and continue down this path,” Coach Propst tells him.


Morgan Miller

A cheerleader for Valdosta, Morgan has a long history in cheer and gymnastics and has an Instagram highlight dedicated to the sport. It’s unclear how little Amari’s mom knows about the two’s relationship, but they’re shown spending plenty of time together in the Titletown trailer, indicating the truth may come out eventually.


Jake Garcia

Jake is the other quarterback on the Wildcats who’s competing against Amari for the starting role. Initially, it’s a stiff competition. “Jake Garcia is a special talent, there’s not a ball he can’t throw,” Coach Propst says in the trailer.

However, Jake gets tied up in Coach Propst’s controversy: per ESPN, he was declared ineligible after it was deemed that he hadn’t made a “bona fide move” to Valdosta from his home state of California, which pushed back their football season amid lockdowns.

According to his Instagram, Jake is currently enrolled and playing football for the University of Miami Hurricanes.


Jacarrius Peak

The official Titletown High Instagram describes Jacarrius as “that one friend who brings all the good vibes.” The Valdosta lineman appears in the trailer several times, though he offers no actual dialogue. We see him in several shots with a stoic look on his face, getting ready for some gridiron action. “It’s not about who has more talent its about who’s hungrier,” his personal Instagram bio reads.


Grayson Leavy

A tight end for Valdosta, Grayson is a big part of Titletown — not only on the football team, but as the central part of a love triangle between Zoey and Lenley. “Everybody knows everybody, it does tend to lead to a lot of drama,” he says in the trailer, explaining that he’s juggling relationships with both girls.


Zoey Watson

Titletown High describes Zoey as “The Girl Next Door.” Her Instagram shows off the life of a typical high schooler, with game day photos and pictures from school dances. She’s seen in the trailer looking unamused with Grayson’s inability to commit, describing their dynamic by saying sarcastically, “it’s fun.”


Lenley Gross

We don’t see much of Lenley outside of her relationship with Grayson in the trailer, but her Instagram hints things don’t work out between them: her latest posts include her kissing and hugging someone who’s clearly not Grayson.

Lenley also appears to be close with Morgan, with whom she appears in a recent candid shot from filming.


Kaili & Malia Spells

Kaili and Malia appear to be Lenley’s confidants. The Titletown Instagram describes Malia as “the friend who has your back no matter what” and Kaili as “Someone who’s always looking out for you.” They’re seen in the trailer chatting with Lenley as well as making some appearances at football games.

The three are obviously close. Kaili recently posted a photo hugging both Lenley and Malia in a river. Malia shared the same picture on her page, as well as some behind the scenes footage of her, her sister, and Lenley during a day of filming.


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