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Even Demi Burnett Hates This Bachelor Contestant

Matt James' season may already have its villain.

Victoria 'The Bachelor' Season 25 via ABC Press Site

When Victoria showed up to The Bachelor being carried on a literal throne and wearing a crown, she certainly made an impression. But it may not have been the one she was hoping for: Twitter wasn't her biggest fan, and neither was a certain Bachelor Nation alum.

After making her way inside the resort, Victoria stole Matt every chance she got, confident that she would receive his first impression rose. Obviously, that didn't go over well with the other women, considering many of them had yet to talk to him at all.

Victoria continued to get under everyone's skin — especially Kit's, who she called "princess" — and no one was happy when Victoria received a rose at the first rose ceremony. But it's clearly only the start of drama to come. "Queen Victoria is definitely more of a drama queen," Anna says in the season trailer. Katie adds, "Victoria has been a mean girl since day one." And later, Victoria yells "Sarah sucks" before the video cuts to Sarah crying. Needless to say, Twitter is already pegging her as this season's villain.

Even Demi Burnett, a beloved castmate from Colton Underwood's Bachelor season who made some aggressive moves of her own, jumped in. "Victoria already made herself an enemy tonight. It’s me. You don’t know sh*t about being the queen you just got here. You gotta earn your crown," she tweeted.

Here's to hoping she's de-throned before too much damage Is done.