Here's Where Rose West Is Now

The notorious serial killer moved prisons in 2019 after a threat was made to her life.

South West News Service/Shutterstock

Rose West and Myra Hindley are two of the more notorious serial killers in British history. Their crimes have been detailed in books, films, and documentaries and any true crime fan worth their salt will know that they ended up in prison together. Legendary broadcaster Trevor McDonald will explore their dangerous relationship behind bars in ITV’s Rose West and Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story tonight. But what happened to Rose West after she was arrested, and is she still locked up with Myra Hindley?

The conviction of the Rose wasn’t straight forward. Rose was initially arrested alongside her husband Fred West in 1992 – Fred for the rape of their 13-year-old daughter and Rose for child cruelty. However, the case fell through. In 1994 they were arrested again after police found signs of torture and human remains in their home. Rose said her husband had committed the crimes but maintained her innocence and distance from the situation. During questioning, Fred confessed to the murder of up to 30 people. She said he had committed them alone and she had also been a victim.

While waiting for conviction in 1995, Fred committed suicide. In November the same year, Rose was found guilty of ten murders and imprisoned in HMP Low Newton in County Durham. She appealed to the High Court but was rejected. This is where she met Myra Hindley.

Rose and Myra were placed in an area nicknamed the ‘Hell Wing’ and “grew close in jail, bonding over their similar crimes, then had an affair, which cooled as they became rivals to be ‘prison royalty,'” writes ITV. However, in June 2019 Rose was transferred to New Hall Prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, after another infamous British serial killer, Joanna Dennehy, reportedly threatened to kill her. It appears Rose has remained there to this day.

Rose West and Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story will explore Rose's crimes and her time in prison, including her “terrifying flashes of rage” and her love for Strictly Come Dancing. Trevor McDonald spoke to former inmates and visitors at HMP Low Newton for the documentary, giving viewers unprecedented access to the minds of two of the country's most terrifying killers.

You can watch Rose West and Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story on ITV at 9 p.m on September 21.