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Why Danielle Lombard Had A Hard Time Dating After Being On The Bachelor

"I feel like I spent a year where I wasn’t talking to any guys at all. I was just so traumatized.”

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Danielle L. from 'The Bachelor' and 'Bachelor in Paradise'
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After a stint on Nick Viall’s Bachelor season and a messy love triangle with Dean Unglert on Bachelor in Paradise, Danielle Lombard is still single and looking for the right guy. As she explained during a YouTube Q&A in June, returning to a normal dating life after being on reality TV was difficult for her. “Dating was honestly a little intimidating at first,” she explained. “People were really invested in your dating life, who you’re going out with ... so I was just really skeptical, and I feel like I spent a year where I wasn’t talking to any guys at all. I was just so traumatized.”

Now she’s “getting back out there,” but she’s not putting pressure on herself to find a relationship. “Honestly, I’m just enjoying being single, and if I meet the right person, then great,” she continued. She described her perfect match as “my partner in crime — the Jay Z to my Beyoncé,” because she’s an entrepreneur and “need[s] that equivalent in a man.” (Danielle was a small business owner when she went on the show, and has since pivoted to full-time influencing).

For someone who’s always on the go like her, quarantine has been discouraging at times, but Danielle has found new ways to be inspired through hiking, reading, and nature. “Went through a rough patch where I wasn’t motivated to exercise at all, or really even leave my place,” she wrote on Instagram, voicing concerns about job security. “But all worries aside I’ve found a sense of peace and clarity by reconnecting with the outdoors and enjoying the simple pleasures of nature.”

In the Q&A, she told followers where she sees herself in five years. “I hope that my next product line will be launched and hopefully on an international scale … I want to be a bigger platform for female empowerment and supporting women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses,” she said. “[And] hopefully in a relationship.”

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