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Not Finding Love On The Bachelorette Couldn't Have Worked Out Better For Emily Maynard

She actually met her husband years *before* the show.

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Emily Maynard’s time on The Bachelor and Bachelorette may not have ended the way she’d hoped, but it did lead her to the love she was looking a roundabout kind of way. After things didn’t work out with Bachelor Brad Womack or entrepreneur Jef Holm, who she got engaged to during her 2012 Bachelorette season, Emily reconnected with someone from her hometown, Tyler Johnson. The two got married in 2014 and are now living in Charlotte, North Carolina with their three children. They're also raising Emily's 15-year-old daughter Ricki from a previous relationship.

Emily's family is a big part of her identity. Her Instagram bio proudly declares she’s a "Mommy of 4" and the "wife to [the] hot guy from church." It also mentions her New York Times bestselling book, 2016’s I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love, which details her Bachelor and Bachelorette experience as well as her relationship with race car driver Ricky Hendrick, who tragically died in 2004. Emily’s new husband, Tyler, shares a birthday with Ricky, and Emily opened up about what that coincidence means to her in an Instagram post last year.

“April 2nd used to be a day of sadness for me, as it's the birthday of Ricki's dad and it would remind me of all the celebrations his family and I missed out on,” she wrote. “But because of God's redemptive love, I'm able to celebrate on this day again."

This June, Emily celebrated six years with Tyler, though she's joked in the past that "with all these kids it seems like way longer." They welcomed three sons between 2015 and 2017: Jennings, Gibson, and Gatlin, who are so close in age that they almost look like triplets.

Meanwhile, Emily's daughter Ricki is now 15 and even taller than her mom. Last year, the two did a photoshoot together for Charlotte's South Park magazine.

For the most part, Emily has left her Bachelorette days behind. She pops up now and again for various Bachelor specials, but it makes sense that she doesn't want to stay super involved with Bachelor Nation. She got her happy ending outside of the show, and now she’s busy enjoying it.

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