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Michelle Young Is Back To Teaching After The Bachelor

She posted a selfie from her classroom in full pandemic gear.

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Michelle Young on 'The Bachelor' via ABC Press Site

During their seasons of The Bachelor, most contestants are quick to share their lives with their newfound Instagram followings, rolling out sponsored content and live reactions as the episodes air. But not Michelle Young; she’s been oddly quiet on social media since filming for Matt James’ season ended, and there are a few potential reasons why. 1) She’s new to Instagram, so she’s still getting used to creating regular content 2) She’s simply a private person and has been busy living her life or 3) She’s just been trying to avoid spoiling how Matt’s season ends (lord knows the Bachelor fandom spots even the tiniest of clues).

It wasn’t until April 2020 that Michelle joined Instagram, and since then, she’s only shared 12 posts. Most of them are high-quality selfies of her modeling outfits, sipping hot chocolate, or showing off her new sneakers, though she also shared a pic with a friend and a throwback photo with her mom. Her captions are typically short and sweet (i.e. “My weekend plans are to have no plans”), aside from a longer post she shared about the realities of teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. “Thousands of teachers are heading back into the classroom partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all,” the 27-year-old elementary school teacher wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing a face mask and shield while standing in her empty classroom in February. “So proud of my fellow teachers who have continued to persevere and provide both academic and emotional stability/support for our students! Teachers...WE’VE GOT THIS!!”

It’s likely that Michelle has merely been focused on work, and that’s why she hasn’t been online a lot. It seems like she only joined social media to help promote and follow along with Matt’s season, so it makes sense that she hasn’t been keeping up as much as her fellow, more Instagram-savvy contestants.

However, plenty of viewers are eager to see more of her. Though Michelle was one of the women who joined later on in Matt’s season, she’s since become a fan favorite, with one Twitter user observing “[I haven’t] seen someone so nice, unproblematic, and humble on this show since ... well Michelle herself.

Now, people are hoping ABC will name her the next Bachelorette. “Who else wants to see Michelle as the next bachelorette?” tweeted one fan, accruing over 1,600 likes. Wrote another, a bit more firmly: “No matter what happens, Michelle is my bachelorette! Period.”

Perhaps Michelle will get a little more active on Instagram if their wishes come true.

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