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Here's When This Is Us Season 5 Will *Finally* Be Back

And all the questions it needs to answer when it returns.


This Is Us Season 5 has been a bumpy ride. Following a delayed Season 5 premiere, the show returned for just four episodes in October before going off the air in mid-November. And fans have a few more weeks to wait until the Pearsons are back onscreen: This Is Us won't come back until Jan. 5, and it has a lot of explaining to do when it does. Here are all of the unanswered mysteries so far.

Randall's Mom Might Be Alive

The biggest reveal of Season 5 thus far is that Randall's birth mother, Laurel, actually survived her overdose in 1980. We don't know what's happened to her since then, if Randall's birth father William knew that Laurel survived, or if she's even still alive in the present day. These are all questions that Season 5 will need to answer in 2021.

Hai Holds a Piece of the Laurel Puzzle

The third episode introduced viewers to an older man named Hai who seems to have had a relationship with Laurel after she and William split up. Hai also knows who William is, because he saw Randall make a speech and mention William (and he proceeded to rewind and play that part over and over again). Perhaps Hai will seek Randall out now that he knows about him and help fill in a lot of the blanks about Laurel's life after William.

Kevin & Madison Are Engaged

There's also a lot going on for the other members of the Big Three. For one, Kevin and Madison are kind of engaged after quarantining together ahead of the arrival of their twins. As they prep for being parents, they're falling more in love with each other. However, there are still several fan theories that suggest Madison and Kevin won't be together long-term.

Kate & Toby Are Adopting

Things are moving quickly for Kate and Toby to adopt a baby girl, but the process has reminded Kate of one of her past experiences with pregnancy. Fans learned in Episode 4 that Kate got pregnant when she was a teenager while in her abusive relationship with Marc. What happened with that pregnancy will need to be explained in the rest of Season 5. Fortunately for fans, the wait for more episodes isn't that much longer.