Where Maria Marta's Husband Is 18 Years After Her Murder

Netflix's Who Killed Maria Marta? revisits the Argentine socialite's 2002 case.

Netflix's new docuseries, Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? re-examines the case of Argentine socialite María Marta García Belsunce, who was found dead in the bathtub of her gated Buenos Aires-area home in October 2002. Initially, authorities ruled her death "a fatal domestic accident," but after some prodding from her stepbrother, police exhumed her body and found that there were actually five bullets lodged in her skull. Suspicion then turned to Belsunce's husband, Carlos Carrascosa, who was arrested in 2003. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, prosecutor Diego Molina Pico alleged that Carrascosa killed his wife with two accomplices because she discovered he was laundering money for Mexico's Juarez drug cartel and wanted to cover it up.

Though Carrascosa has maintained his innocence regarding both claims, he was found guilty of aggravated homicide by bond in 2004 and sentenced to life imprisonment. His attorney denounced the indictment as a "fantasy," calling Pico “a spinner of fables.” And in 2016, Carrascosa was acquitted.

Since then, he's spoken to several Spanish-language news outlets. In a 2017 interview televised on Argentina's El Trece, he told the hosts that prison changed him as a person, in that he had the opportunity to see "the good part of the bad men and the bad part of the good men."

While on the program, Carrascosa noted he'd had a record number of visitors during his time in prison, with 140 different people coming to see him. He also released a book about Belsunce's death in January 2020 called Diario de Un Inocente: Un Amor, Una Causa, Una Vida (Diary of an Innocent: One Love, One Cause, One Life). He continues to maintain his innocence and is still hoping his wife's murderer will be brought to justice.