Indian Matchmaking’s Vinesh Is Still Single After Season 2

Sima has yet to find his true match.

by Kadin Burnett
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Vinesh Vasnani

It’s been a long two-year wait, but Indian Matchmaking is finally back with new episodes on Netflix. And with its return comes another season’s worth of dating and relationship, alongside matchmaker Sima Taparia. Love is tricky business and often requires some extra help to find it, which brings us to Season 2 newcomer Vinesh Vasnani.

Vinesh, aka Vinny, spent the latter half of Season 2 looking for his perfect match with Sima’s help. The Miami-based bachelor described the woman of his dreams as “5’8”, family-oriented, ambitious, equally extroverted as introverted, and would have to get along with my dog [Baags].” His list of standards made matchmaking complicated for Vinesh, but Sima persevered and set him up with two women that mostly fit his criteria. He first went on a date with Mosum Parikh, but despite how much they enjoyed each other’s company (even his family liked her a lot), Vinesh didn’t feel a romantic spark. He moved on and went on a date with Sima’s other match, Meena Rai. He immediately liked Meena, but unfortunately, she didn’t return his feelings.

Vinesh tried to reach out to Meena after getting her phone number during their date, only for her to rebuff him. He said the rejection felt “like getting stabbed in the heart with a plastic knife. I definitely feel it, and I haven’t felt this in a long time. Yeah, I mean, it sucks.” That said, he is still hopeful and maintains his plans to find a wife. “I think everyone has their own journey, and… Maybe [Sima Aunty and I] could have a chat,” he said at the end of Season 2.

Since filming, Vinesh appears to be still single. His latest Instagram posts don’t show that he has a romantic partner. In a recent post, he all but confirmed his single status by referring to himself as the “Third Wheel of the Year.” However, he’s not without companionship, as he and Baags have been spotted at Miami restaurants. It also looks like he’s been partying on boats down the Florida coast and finding time to go on a trip to Iceland. He and Mosum still follow each other on social media, but romance doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Hopefully, with any luck, his romantic endeavors will end up slightly more fruitful than they did in Season 2.

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