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Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

The eternal question: are you a Rory or a Lorelai?

by Mary Kate McGrath
Rory and Lorelai from 'Gilmore Girls'

It wouldn't be Gilmore Girls without Rory and Lorelai, but the quirky ensemble cast is a large part of what made the series so special. If you're a fan of the show, there's a good chance that you've wondered which member of the cast you most resemble. There are plenty of personality quizzes you can take to find out, but we've broken down which Gilmore Girls character you are based on your Myers-Briggs type.

Myers-Briggs is a survey created by psychologist Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers based on the personality conceptual theory proposed by Carl Jung. If you missed those Intro to Psych seminars freshman year of college, you're probably not Rory Gilmore, but there are plenty of places to take the test online. The quiz will sort you into one of 16 personality types, which each have specific traits.

Once you know your type, you can use your results to figure out which Stars Hollow character you're most like.

ISTJ — Paris Geller

ISTJs are often called inspectors or logicians, and are characterized by both their hard work and love of honor, facts, and tradition. Paris Geller was one of the most driven students at both Chilton Preparatory School and Yale, and eventually achieved her dream of becoming a doctor. ISTJs are well-suited for the medical field, as well as law, which was always Paris' back-up plan. Paris is a bit intimidating, but like most ISTJs, she's often misunderstood. Though she initially clashed with Rory, another ambitious and sharp-minded character, Paris eventually became one of Rory's most loyal and trustworthy friends.

INFJ — Lane Kim

Lane Kim is one of the only INFJs in Stars Hollow, characterized by her quiet idealism, strong opinions, and creativity. Lane exhibits many of the hallmark INFJ traits, including an ability to connect with others easily. When Lane and Rory work through difficult personal situations, like Rory's fights with her mother, she always knows exactly the right thing to say. INFJs are cool and well-liked communicators, and some of their ideal careers include writing, design, photography, or music.

INTJ — Kirk Gleason

INTJs are knowledge-hungry and adaptable, and are known for their professional competence. Everyone knows that Kirk has many jobs: town filmmaker, T-shirt printer, gardener, electrician, mailman, dog walker, and cashier at nearly every store in Stars Hollow. What can't Kirk do? Well, besides stop his night terrors.

ENFJ — Sookie St. James

ENFJs are charismatic leaders who are passionate about their work. Sookie put her whole soul into her cooking, and her love for food was one of her key traits. She was also one of the show's most beloved characters for a reason: her charm is only outmatched by her clumsiness.

ISTP — Jess Mariano

ISTPs are creatives, and while Jess Mariano didn't follow a traditional path, he eventually founded a publishing house and wrote a book. ISTPs are known for their trial-and-error approach to life, so it's no surprise that Jess went through some difficult times with Rory. However, ISTPs also have a strong sense of righteousness and loyalty and pull through for their friends in the end. Jess, who encouraged Rory to continue her studies at Yale, proved that despite his unpredictability, he had her best interests at heart.

ESFJ — Christopher Hayden

ESFJs are known for their popularity and just want to be loved. This means they are eager to be appreciated and value their romantic lives. However, since they are social creatures, they can also be a bit flaky, like Rory's dad Christopher. He had several other positive ESFJ traits, though: he was able to learn from his mistakes and seemed to be very responsible with administrative matters and finances (at least he was later in the series).

INFP — April Nardini

INFPs are curious idealists, and while they may come across as shy or reserved, they're actually passionate people. April Nardini took a while to warm up to the people of Stars Hollow, but she eventually became a part of their quirky community. She was also incredibly smart — mediators often go on to have intellectual career paths, and April's love of science proves she's a true INFP.

ESFP — Miss Patty

ESFPs are entertainers at heart, and are likely spontaneous, musical people. Miss Patty is a quintessential ESFP, since she always made the other residents laugh, was performing a song, or volunteered for town events. ESFPs are definitely people-oriented, and Miss Patty made life in Stars Hollow much more whimsical for the other residents.

ESTP — Logan Huntzberger

Similar to ESFJs, an ESTP like Logan Huntzberger is a popular people-person. Logan's entrepreneurial spirit is very much an ESTP trait, since he's both sociable and action-oriented. ESTPs are also bold, spontaneous risk-takers, which is why it makes sense that Logan was a member of the Life and Death Brigade and that he made a good match for the risk-averse Rory.

ENFP — Lorelai Gilmore

ENFPs are free-spirits, which Lorelai Gilmore always was. She wasn't afraid to take risks in the name of freedom, which is why she broke away from her wealthy parents in the first place. ENFPs are also known for being enthusiastic and creative, and between opening the Dragonfly Inn and her many sewing projects, this fits Lorelai perfectly. A true ENFP, Lorelai was friendly and great at communicating, which made her successful in her career.

ESTJ — Emily Gilmore

ESTJs make great organizers because they enjoy rules, tradition, and structure. This made Emily great at planning events and running the Daughters of the American Revolution. That doesn't mean ESTJs are afraid to ruffle some feathers, though: ESTJs are also profoundly honest and strong-willed. These are traits that Emily Gilmore definitely taught her daughter, and it helped both of them succeed.

ENTJ — Richard Gilmore

ENTJs enjoy a life of achievement, and Richard Gilmore always put his career at the forefront. ENTJs are also strong-willed and strategic, which Richard was in his professional and personal life. And ESTJs are charismatic, which explains why Richard was a big source of inspiration for Rory.

ISFJ — Dean Forester

ISFJs are defenders, which means they are dedicated to their family and friends first and foremost. ISFJs are hard-workers — Dean always worked hard, whether it was at Doose's supermarket or on a construction site. They are also steady and reliable, and Dean was always practical.

INTP — Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is definitely an introverted and thoughtful INTP, who are characterized by their passion for knowledge. Rory's personality type actually means she has a lot in common with her mother, sharing her creativity, enthusiasm, and independent spirit. However, Rory was also very analytical, which meant her passion was always academics.

ENTP — Jackson Belleville

Jackson is an ENTP, who are energetic and original. Jackson and Sookie always had great banter, and ENTPs are known for being witty. They are also super charismatic, and this always made Jackson a key part of the Stars Hollow community.

ISFP — Luke Danes

Luke Danes is a true ISTP, which made him a perfect foil for Lorelai. ISTPs are unique and thoughtful, and while Luke had a gruff exterior, he was definitely sensitive too. He was also very passionate about his work, loved small-town life, and always put his all into running Luke's Diner.