Sorry If You’re Shipping Asa Butterfield & Mimi Keene Too

Fans were hoping that their on-screen chemistry would translate behind the scenes.

Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Ruby (Mimi Keene) in 'Sex Education' Season 3
Sam Taylor/NETFLIX

With Sex Education’s third series finally out on Netflix (following filming delays due to lockdown), fans are keen to know more about the actors’ lives off screen. And with the intense chemistry between Asa Butterfield (as Otis) and Mimi Keene’s Ruby, many have began to wonder whether there might be something going on between the pair IRL. So, who is Asa Butterfield dating?

Well, according to several publications such as The Tab and HITC, the actor is currently single, and his relationship with Keene off-screen is purely platonic. That said, he has previously explained that he is “a relatively private person,” meaning he could possibly be dating behind closed doors and just keeping it on the DL.

In fact, when asked by GQ in a recent interview about his relationship status, the 22-year-old actor kept schtum. “Your fans are obsessed with asking if you're single. Do you want to answer that?” asked writer Willa Bennett, to which Butterfield responded: No, I want to keep them guessing.”

As far as his off-screen relationship with Keene, there has been no indication that the pair are romantically linked other than the odd rumour. Speaking at a roundtable event before the premiere of season three, the pair said that they were “already friends” before shooting their first kiss and that by the end they were “like professionals” when it came to the intimate moments.

Neither Keene nor Butterfield’s Instagram pages seems to point towards a romantic relationship between the pair, either.

Despite this, fans are keen to see Otis and Ruby stay together on screen. Sharing a snap of their characters alongside Raheem (played by Sami Otulbali) and Anwar (played by Chaneil Kular), Butterfield wrote the caption: “e… en.. endgame?” Although Otis and his on-again-off-again love interest Maeve actually end up together in season three, fans left comments such as “OTIS AND RUBY SHOULD BE THE END GAME.”