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5 Theories About The Zebra On The Masked Dancer

From a Broadway alum to a Euphoria star.

Zebra on 'The Masked Dancer' Season 1 via FoxFlash press site

We're only two weeks into the first season of Masked Dancer, but the judges already seem to have their eye on the Zebra as a potential frontrunner. In a preview for the Jan. 6 episode, panelist Ken Jeong said the black-and-white fringed figure "may be a trained dancer who is hiding his moves." Brian Austin Green agreed, adding that they could be "a performer who moves really well," noting that Zebra was constantly moving. "People that dance, dance all the time," Green said. "They always have that rhythm going."

On Instagram, The Masked Singer gave one clue about the Zebra's identity — that one of their favorite Christmas songs is "Feliz Navidad." Based on those observations, here's who fans think is in the costume.

Mario Lopez

Lopez is no stranger to professional dancing. He's performed on Broadway and placed second on Season 3 of Dancing With The Stars. Redditor BurtMacklin_FBI__ also pointed out that he recently starred in a film called Feliz NaviDAD, which tracks with the first clue.

Kevin McHale

A former Glee cast member *would* be an ideal candidate for a show like this. There's no doubt that McHale has rhythm, and he even iconically performed "Feliz Navidad" as Artie Abrams. This also wouldn't be his first celebrity talent show — in 2019, he competed on X Factor: Celebrity.


Some viewers think the zebra costume may be a clue in and of itself, and that the "Z" could stand for Zendaya. She'd definitely be classified as a trained performer: she rose to fame in the dance-themed Disney Channel series Shake It Up and went on to flex those muscles on Dancing With The Stars and in The Greatest Showman.

Chris Rock or Jason Derulo

Multiple comments under the Zebra's first Instagram clue guessed actor and comedian Chris Rock could be behind the mask, mostly because he played Marty the zebra in Madagascar. A few others guessed Jason Derulo, who is certainly a trained dancer and Ashley Tisdale says his name in a preview.

Hopefully the Zebra's clue package will provide a little more insight.