Over Christmas Might Be The Most Relatable Holiday Series Of 2020

Just when Basti thinks nothing else could go wrong, his brother shows up to Christmas with his ex.

Imagine having a rough week at work, then getting dumped by your significant other only to go home for the holidays and learn your ex has moved on... with your younger sibling. That's nightmare fuel. It's also the general plot of Netflix's Over Christmas, which will unfold over three, 45-minute episodes that you should savor because as a mini-series, it's unlikely to return for Season 2.

Originally titled Über Weihnachten, the show is a German production loosely based on the book 7 Kilo in 3 Tagen: Über Weihnachten by Christian "Pokerbeats" Huber, according to German news network RTL. It stars Canadian comedian Luke Mockridge, who also helped produce. "Many know this feeling when we return home and into the lap of the family at Christmas. There are high expectations of the security ... and then everything goes wrong," he told RTL. "I've wanted to make a story about this almost collective experience for a long time."

And it's finally here. Mockridge plays Basti, a musician who, after a promising gig falls through, gets an ominous call from his girlfriend, Fine. She breaks up with him, then shows up at his family's holiday celebration arm-in-arm with his brother, Niklas. As you can probably imagine, the experience is heartbreaking for Basti, who would rather be literally anywhere else in the world. And things only get worse when his parents reveal a troubling secret of their own.

Mockridge and his crew haven't confirmed or denied a renewal yet, but again, a reprise is unlikely because it's billed as a limited series. So, if you need a break from the typical holiday classics, this one is bound to get you in the 2020 holiday spirit where — let's be honest — cheer is hard to come by.