The Kylie Matte Metals Might Not Come With This

by Eliza Florendo

Unless you live under a rock, you likely know that Kylie Jenner has been the focus of the beauty world for quite some time now. Her Lip Kits sell out faster than hotcakes (no, really, they do), and now, she just dropped her Metal Matte Lipsticks on Instagram and Snapchat. Well, teasers of them at least. But will they come with a liner?

Jenner may only be 18 years old, but she's quickly become a beauty hero for teens and 20-somethings alike. Maybe it's her constantly changing hair colors or her enviable nails. Either way, her looks (both fashion and beauty) are constantly imitated. And Jenner, being the young business woman that she is, has capitalized on this. Smart move, lady.

And so came Kylie Cosmetics, pumping out her super enviable Lip Kits. Since their first launch, they've been sold out like crazy. With each and every iteration that's released, a huge hype follows. And on April 10, Jenner posted two videos onto her Instagram page showing off three new colors and finishes that she's releasing just in time for Coachella.

Named Reign, King K, and Heir, the three metallic lipsticks come in bronzes, golds, and rose golds, and they're perfection for a fun night out. I have no doubt that they'll soon be selling out as well.

Pretty, right? In her next 'gram, she posted a video of the three colors' packaging.

I mean, even the boxes are to die for. Minimal, simple, and pretty: Just like the shiny colors.

But the question remains: Will these come with a liner? Since her other lipsticks usually pair with a liner in the same hue, I cannot help but ask. But looking at her shared videos, it doesn't look like the new packaging has room for a smaller, narrower box of liner inside. See these smaller boxes within her glosses?

The new metallic hues seem most comparable to Lime Crime's Perlees metallic mattes, and those don't come with a liner (since they're malleable enough to wear sans one). All speculating signs lead to no: These likely won't come with liner. Of course, only time will tell.

If you're curious to see how they wear, Jenner also posted a Snapchat to help in that department.

Gorgeous. I definitely want to get my hands on these.

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