13 Crazy Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Lip Balm

by Miki Hayes
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I love lip balm. I'm always using at least five different ones at any given time. So I can't believe it took me this long to realize all of the weird things you can do with lip balm. Because you can actually use it for so much more than soothing chapped lips. While certain formulas may work better for certain tricks than others, you can still use almost any lip balm for all of these hacks. But because these hacks involve applying your lip balm to areas other than your lips, you may want to reserve certain tubes for these alternate uses.

And once you know all of the ways you can use lip balm to hack your beauty routines, you'll be happy you keep one everywhere from your vanity, to your purse, to your car. After all, you may never know when one will come in handy to touch up your hair or makeup, or even help heal your feet or legs. As if you needed another reason to stay stocked up on your favorite balms, here are 13 weird yet totally useful things that you can do with your lip balm. It's basically the beauty world's best multi-tasker.

1. Clean Mascara Smudges


If you find throughout the day that your mascara drifted onto your face, a little lip balm can help clean that up. Just apply a touch of balm to the smudge, and then use a clean cotton swab or tissue to gently wipe it away. The oils will help erase the mascara while even adding some moisture back to your skin.

2. Tame Flyaways

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For frizzy strands that won't lie flat, grab a little balm on your fingertips and gently run them over any flyaways to smooth everything down.

3. Soften Cuticles

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If your cuticles are dry or rough, just swipe some lip balm over them and gently massage it in. As beauty expert Michelle Phan wrote on her website, lip balm has loads of moisturizing ingredients, so it can get your cuticles back to being soft and hydrated in no time.

4. Soothe Shaving Nicks

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Nicked yourself while shaving? Petroleum jelly can actually help minor wounds heal more quickly. So use a clean cotton swab to gently apply some lip balm with petrolatum over the affected area. It will help stave off bleeding and protect and seal the wound.

5. Apply As Highlighter

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A shimmery balm will work best for this tip, but even the shine from a traditional lip balm can add that extra gleam to your complexion. Just use your finger to dab some product on the high points of your face: your cheekbones, brow bones, nose, and cupid's bow.

6. Use As A Mixing Medium

If you prefer a cream blush or eyeshadow (or want to make a lip color that you don't already own), just mix your favorite powder shade with a bit of balm before dabbing it onto your skin.

7. Soften Dry Feet

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Rough heels? Before you go to bed, smooth some lip balm over them then throw on a pair of socks. You'll wake up with brand new feet.

8. Protect Your Hairline

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Before you dye your hair, run some lip balm along your hairline. It will help prevent any dye that touches your face from coloring it.

9. Smooth Eyebrows


For wild and unruly brows, in lieu of brow gel or wax, just smooth some lip balm over your brows. Don't forget to go back over your them with a spoolie brush to shape your brows how you want before they set.

10. Heal A Dry Nose

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Even the softest tissues can dry out the skin around your nose when you're sick. Keep the tip of your nose from peeling by applying lip balm to it every so often. And if your nose becomes particularly dry during the winter, you can also apply balm to it before heading outside to prevent wind burn.

11. Protect Split Ends

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Whether your ends are looking dry or you want some extra texture, rub some lip balm between your fingers and then run your fingers through the last few inches of your hair, focusing on the tips.

12. Slide Off Tight Rings

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If a ring is stuck on your finger, apply some lip balm around it. This will help it slide right off.

13. Make Perfume Last Longer

Perfume sticks better and lasts longer moisturized skin. So before you spritz on your signature scent, apply some lip balm to the areas you plan on spraying.

I'm never going anywhere without a lip balm ever again.

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