Lady Gaga's No Makeup Selfies Show Off Her Natural Beauty

Lady Gaga's look is always so turnt up, with the exaggerated eyeliner, the white face paint, the bright lips, the statement wigs and styles. So when she dials it down and posts a makeup-free selfie, we're always like "Whoa." Gaga in her natural state is something else.

The singer took a break from sharing all those pics of her uber-adorbs, black French bulldog pup Asia – I get it, Mother Monster loves being a dog mom—to invite us into her bedroom. Hey now! Not in that way. She was curled up on crisp white sheets, with her natural locks gathered into a top knot, without a drop of product on her face. You actually notice that she has some rad baby blues.

There were a few online rumblings and whispers from the haters that this snap confirmed that she had some help from a surgeon, probably due to that protruding upper lip, but come on now. That's cray. Gaga has always had a pouty lip and a touch of buck on her teeth, which makes her smile unique. I wouldn't go as far as to diagnose this as "trout pout." Why not focus on how pretty she looks when bathed in natural light? Oh, right, because that would be too easy.

You can't help but feel for Gaga. Ever since ARTPOP landed, with an unfortunate thud, everyone wants to take her out on all levels. So what that she released an album without the same hits and hooks as Born This Way? 'Murrica loves a comeback and she is pretty much poised for one with her next album. So there.

She also posted another photo, sans makeup and rocking a Diana Ross-like wig of untamed, massive black curls.

While we can always count on celebs to post the obligatory bed selfie, they usually do so with a full face of makeup. Like "OMG, let me just pose like I just woke up, even though I have been in a makeup chair for a half-hour." Gaga's fresh-scrubbed, product-free selfies show off her unconventional and naturally pretty face.

In fact, the first selfie feels like we're getting an up close look at Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, not Lady Gaga. Applause, Gaga.

Images: ladygaga/Instagram