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How Two Real NYC Sisters Keep Their ‘90s Holiday Nostalgia Alive

By Audrey Williams

It's easy to get nostalgic around the holidays. Everything is aglow with cheer, your favorite holiday albums are on repeat, and you're spending more time with family reminiscing over memories of seasons past.

In celebration of those cherished childhood memories, it’s only fitting to go through some of your favorite throwbacks — and maybe even recreate a few! In partnership with Aerie, we asked sisters Lakeisha Rush and Sade Williams to take us back through their most memorable holiday times together.

Whether they were dressed in head-to-toe matching outfits, or just sporting similar accessories (and teddy bears!), these sisters have always been close — and they have the '90s throwback pics to prove it!

Thanks to their mom, Lakeisha says she and her sister were always dressed alike for special occasions. She also vividly remembers trying to sneak a peek at her gifts ahead of time. “Every year I tried to convince my mom to let us open presents before we ate breakfast,” she says, but it never worked. When they did get to open presents though, she and Sade would play together all day.

“To this day my sister and I still celebrate the holidays together,” Lakeisha says.

“Granted, it may not always be exactly on December 25th, but we still try to keep the same traditions that happened when we were children.”

Lakeisha is wearing: Boucle Cardigan, Real Soft Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee, Plush Harem Jogger, Mukluks Pennley Slipper; Sade is wearing: Oversized Chenille Turtleneck, Plush Pajama Legging, Minnetonka Chrissy Boot, apparel all Aerie.

Another thing that’s changed as adults is that now, their holiday celebrations extend beyond just the two of them. Each year Sade and Lakeisha do a gift exchange, go ice skating in Central Park, and share their favorite West Indian and southern meals with their close circle of friends.

Even though Sade loved getting to dress up like her older sister, these days she says they both prefer cozy loungewear that reflects their individual styles. “I love lounging in festive pajamas and staying cozy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” she says. “It makes me feel very relaxed.” Oversized knit sweaters and soft, fuzzy socks are high on her holiday must-have list.

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