The social-media world we live can be harsh—negative comments, unrealistic expectations, FOMO. But it can also be better, because we can be better. It’s time to rise above the haters and share kindness. It’s time to #GoGentle.


How To Get Your Healthiest, Softest Hair Yet

Hair has the endurance of your average marathoner. Just consider how much stress we put it through on a regular basis, from wrangling it with a straightening iron, to blow-drying it at the highest heat possible, to washing it with harsh shampoos that…
By Deanna Pai

I Found Positivity In The Most Unexpected Place—Social Media

Before last month, if someone had asked me to describe the place on the internet where I felt the happiest, I likely would have mentioned my favorite site for food porn or self-care tips. Social media would have never factored into the conversation, …
By Maria Del Russo

Priyanka Chopra Is Done With The Internet’s Harshness

If you were a famous actress, would you be willing to read negative comments about yourself, out loud, on camera? Priyanka Chopra was — and did. "'I would call Priyanka fish-lipped but don’t want to insult the fish,'" she reads in a video created for…
By Lexi Novak

6 Head-To-Toe Gentle Cleansing Tips

Spring is (hopefully) en route, which means you're probably coming to the annual realization that you can no longer hide beneath your cute beanie or giant sweater. As soon as the puffy coats go into retirement, skin and hair get their time in the sun…
By Deanna Pai

Being Optimistic Really Can Lead To Better Mental Health, A New Study Says

How would you rate your mood right now? It's an interesting question, and depends on a lot of different factors, from the obvious (going through a lot of stress at work) to the less obvious (being really invested in finding out what will happen on Th…
By JR Thorpe

Why 'Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Wants You To Say Nice Things To Your Hair

"Have you ever heard of that Japanese water study," Jonathan Van Ness, Los Angeles stylist and one of the stars of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot asks me, "Where they took all of those different water samples and looked at them under the microscope, and…
By Amanda Richards

Habits Optimistic People Have In Common

I would consider myself a glass-half-full kind of gal, but there are definitely optimistic people who could put me to shame. These are the eternally sunny folks who, somehow, always manage to see the positive in things — even when life isn't going 10…
By Carolyn Steber

22 Powerful Random Acts Of Kindness Day Memes

In today's uncertain political climate, it's become easy to feel isolated from others. That's why Random Acts of Kindness Day couldn't have come at a better time. February 17 stands as a reminder that kindness can connect us in ways so much more powe…
By Sarah Fielding

11 Ways To Stand Up For Yourself In The Most Intimidating Situations

If you've ever been in a situation where you had to stand up for yourself, then you already know it can make for a super stressful situation — and sometimes even one that ends up backfiring. When things don't go according to plan, experts say it may …
By Carolyn Steber

8 Surprisingly Effective Hacks For Getting That Negative Voice Out Of Your Head

Most of us are familiar with that negative voice in our head: The one that tells us we aren't good enough, that we should stop trying, that we aren't worthy. But just because that voice exists doesn't mean we are stuck with it, and there are a number…
By Carina Wolff

11 Old-Fashioned Ways People Showed Kindness That We Should Bring Back

It seems our schedules are so jam-packed these days, there's very little time left over to slow down and be kinder to one another. This is evidenced by our collective bad habits, like running into coffee shops, grabbing our drinks, and running out ag…
By Carolyn Steber

Little Acts Of Kindness To Help In These Dark Days

During these dark days of the Trump presidency, outrage, anger and sadness come easily. Kindness? Not so much. But little acts of kindness can make a big difference when it feels like angry feelings might be threatening to spill over into other areas…
By Brandi Neal

Priyanka Chopra Won't Be Boxed In

Breaking down stereotypes and shifting mindsets in Hollywood is a tall order, but Quantico star Priyanka Chopra refuses to accept roles that are typically offered to Indian actors. In doing so, she seeks to actively inform the public on the range, de…
By Alexis Paige Williams