Why BDG Staffers Are Loving This Fashion-Meets-Function Accessory For Fall


Here at Bustle Digital Group, we’re all for discovering hacks that make our work and personal lives easier. From project management tools that keep our teams aligned to apps that make splitting a dinner bill 15 ways feel like an effortless task, these simple additions save us valuable time and energy that we can dedicate elsewhere.

With that said, form is just as important as function. There’s nothing better than a tool that looks just as great as it works, which is why we partnered up with Fossil to share how three busy BDG staffers accessorize their fall wardrobe with three hyper-functional smartwatches. Clean and sleek in design, these watches pack a punch — offering text, email, and calendar notifications (as well as some health tracking perks) — without any unnecessary bulk. Fossil’s smartwatches are proving to be one of the most valuable tools (and most stylish of accessories) in the constantly-evolving creative media landscape.

Senior executive assistant to the CEO and founder of Bustle Digital Group, Liana’s personal style is heavily influenced by her job. “I’d love to wear ripped jeans and a tee every day,” she explains, “but my responsibilities push me to come off a little more polished because I face clients, investors, interviewees all day.” Her favorite day-to-day look is one that’s edgy yet comfortable and professional. “Not that I'm a tomboy,” she says, “but that’s the closest phrase I’d use to describe my style. This look is perfect because it kind of has an edge to it but is still flowy and easy to move around in.”

Liana’s go-to accessory, Fossil’s Sloan HR Smartwatch, is clean and classic with a rose gold-tone stainless steel bracelet. Like her own personal assistant, the Sloan HR Smartwatch provides payment on-the-go with Google Pay, connects to her best playlists on Spotify, and keeps her up-to-date on all her notifications (like calendar events, texts, and emails). “If I’m out running errands and holding 16 bags at once and there’s an emergency back at the office, I can quickly check my watch, see what’s going on, and know if I need to run back or not.” And, although it looks great, Liana explains, “It adds a level of efficiency to my outfit. It's not just for style, it’s for function.”

“My personal style is very dependant on my mood,” says Kelsey, a junior designer at Bustle Digital Group. “Most of the time, I gravitate towards very clean-cut, put-together pieces that are still bold enough to represent me as a person.” Kelsey’s describes her Fossil smartwatch — the sleek Julianna HR with voice commands and speaker features through Google Assistant — as “the best finishing touch. Its slim stainless steel band fits seamlessly into her polished wardrobe and keeps her work life in check.

Our branded content producer, Nancy, is the organizational force behind many of our sponsored projects and photoshoots. Her style is practical, polished, and comfortable — wide-leg trousers, easy knit tops and and a great leather jacket are just a few of her wardrobe staples. “I’m always on the go or running around on set, so I need something I can easily move around in.” Her ideal accessory is one that’s subtle, but packed with practical use — nothing too over-the-top or flashy — which is why Fossil’s Sport Smartwatch, with a rose gold frame and interchangeable wristbands, is her favorite pairing piece. Not only does it keep her most valuable documents on-hand, its Google Fit integration keeps her up-to-date on her health stats (like workout tracking, fitness rings, and heart rate) each day. “Since I’m not always in front of my computer, being able to stay plugged in, easily track where I am in a project, and stay connected is a huge time-saver.”

Photo: Lauren Perlstein; Prop Stylist: Alex Brannian; Hair/Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci; Art Direction: Hannah Chua/BDG; Creative Lead: Molly Kugelmann/BDG; Branded Fashion Lead: Jenna Wexler/BDG; Branded Fashion Editor: Kate Marin/BDG; Production: Kat Fry/BDG