The Anatomy Of A Perfect Jewelry Stack

By Oona Kyung

Nothing pulls a look together better than a little bit of sparkle. And while striking that perfect balance between tasteful and *extra* might seem like a headache, we see it as an excuse to be a little playful in our day-to-day style. (Hey, it’s the little victories that count.)

The selection of bracelets and rings you have to work with matters just as much as how you style them, especially when it comes to stacking. A healthy mix of statement pieces and minimal everyday styles is key: The more options to play with, the more freely you can flex your stacking creativity. With a little something for everyone, Pandora has all the pieces you need to create a personalized look no matter your style — minimal and full-on glam alike.

Stacking doesn’t necessarily have to mean excess. You can actually create an expertly-styled combination with even the simplest of options: minimal silver rings, chain-link bracelets, and dainty star details. Mixing a variety of understated pieces together creates an effortless look. Start with an understated statement ring (maybe a pearl setting, if you’re feeling fancy) and layer on a few surrounding rings to complete the look.

Catching the light and turning heads, opulence done well can completely transform an otherwise simple look. Keep metals in the same family to be adventurous with the sparkles. Opt for a few bracelets to stack and a couple of rings to pull it all together. Less is more here.

Whoever said you can’t mix your metals? Gold and rose gold stacked against one another might be an uncommon combo, but proves to be an ultra-cool look. Pro tip: Pair them with a neutral wardrobe palette and let that jewelry do all the talking. The quantity here is less important, so have a little fun.

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