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L.A. Style Influencer, Casey Goode Shares Her Monochrome Style Secrets (Including Her Favorite Summer Accessory)


In a feed crowded with capsule wardrobes and beige-on-beige styling, Casey Goode (aka @officiallyquigley) is a shining beacon of red-lipped, pop-color fun. She’s never far away from a burst of red or a killer pair of shades, which in her opinion are, “the easiest way to make an outfit feel current - especially when wearing an amazing vintage piece.”

The Los Angeles based influencer says her aesthetic is all about, “finding trends and indulging in them! I’m unapologetic about it...I love bright colors, eccentric prints, and loud patterns, they make me feel alive!”

So, who better than Goode to shoot some personality-packed heatwave style with the Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear collection? Her #ShowYourVogue confidence in this head-to-toe red look (“I adore a good monochrome outfit!”) is practically contagious.

“This floral two piece set is so fun for summer and these Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear Super shades in Opal Red complete all-red look while giving it a vintage vibe.”

What does that hashtag mean to her? “#ShowYourVogue means being fearless in your choices. Sometimes we live in fear that the world will judge us for our choices… so we don’t choose anything at all.”

Goode is also known for her mindful approach to style and self-expression. “Confidence is so unique for every person. It may be loud and bold, it may be quiet and refined. The one thing all confident people have in common? An inner sense of peace which creates effortless high frequency energy. That energy comes from a place of non-judgement and self compassion.”

Her second summer look is all about contrasts. “This outfit is mix of hard and soft. I chose the Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear Lafayette cat eye shades because they have a contrast between their metallic reflection and small, feminine shape. Also, it’s the time of year where the sun is the brightest and you’ve got to protect those eyes. Fashion and function go hand in hand!”

Want to get her look? The style setter says it’s as easy as, “pair a grunge tee with some soft elements, like flowy polka dots.”

So what does she have in store for the next few months? “I plan on spending more time filling my creative cup. I love Musical Theatre, and I’ve already been to two plays this summer. I plan on seeing more! I’ve been to one art exhibit (CAMP at the MET) and I also plan on going to more museums too.”

Sounds like Goode has a lot on her plate, along with some fabulous places to showcase her Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear collection.

Photo credit: Jordan Zobrist

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