14 Aesthetic Kitchen Items From Drew Barrymore's New Home Collection

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There’s no denying the fact that social media has changed the way we live. Screentime aside, it’s made us prioritize our morning routines, write our way through a journal (or two), and turn everything about our homes and apartments into aesthetic, photo-worthy spaces. Before, our kitchens were fine — functional, a little messy — but now, they’re an opportunity to show off our personalities. Long gone are the days of basic toaster ovens and ugly microwaves, and Drew Barrymore is here for it.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore (available exclusively on Walmart) is truly the answer to our aesthetically-driven worlds. The collection reimagines kitchen essentials — appliances, cookware, and cutlery — in a gorgeous pastel color palette with thoughtful design details like gold accents, curved edges, touchscreen buttons, and non-toxic materials. Function, form, and a little touch of something more, Beautiful by Drew Barrymore has everything you need to create your dream kitchen. Shop a few of our favorite items below.

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