10 Burns Night Recipes To Help You Celebrate At Home

Of course, haggis is on the menu.

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As we speak, a packet Haggis has been launched to the edge of space in preparation for Burns Night, 2021. It's not a sentence I expected to write today. Organisers say the unusual event is "lifting the spirits of the general public" this year and I would agree. Meanwhile, Scots everywhere are also preparing to celebrate the life and works of national poet Robert Burns with a traditional Burns Night supper. While it's not exactly a space launch, I've found 10 Burns Night Recipes to help you celebrate at home.

As we currently observe a countrywide lockdown, it's likely this Burns Night celebration will feel a little different from previous years spent with family and friends. However, at least, a feast is still more than doable during the lockdown period. I mean, we're all definitely in need of a reason to celebrate at the moment. Whether you're a haggis traditionalist, a veggie looking for alternatives and or expecting a Whisky dessert, I've found some traditional and not-so-traditional recipes to attempt.


Baked Haggis

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Of course, no Burns Night celebration is complete without haggis. BBC Good Food describes its recipe as "pure heaven" so this feels like a great place to start. Using just one ingredient, 450g of baked haggis, set aside an hour for this to cook (kinda like a baked potato), and serve up with some tatties.


Vegan Haggis

Haggis is a dish that couldn't be less vegan if it tried. And yet, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian alternatives to make this Burns Night — luckily, you more than likely to find a lot of the ingredients in your cupboard. For this recipe, the main ingredients include lentils, vegetable suet, barley, and porridge oats, as well as some assorted veg. Who knows, this may be a winner with your meat-eating house mates.


Roasted Tartan Veggies

Roasted veggies are just as important as the main dish, amirite? Blogger Lavender and Lovage's roasted “Tartan Veggies” recipe sound good enough to eat by itself. The parsnips, potatoes, and carrots, are seasoned with smoked sea salt, honey and thyme. The filling dish takes about an hour to prepare and cook, and is recommended as a lovely veggie meal for a light lunch too.


Cock-a-leekie Soup


Spruce Eats blogger Elaine Lemm offers up their version of Cock-a-leekie soup, a Scottish dish that dates back to the 16th century. This recipe, they explain, uses a whole chicken cooked in a pot, but no prunes. 'If you like a sweet and savory combination, either add 12 pitted prunes to the pot 40 minutes before the end of the cooking time or garnish with some sliced stewed prunes," they explain.


Scotch Broth

This January is calling out for a hearty and wholesome Scotch broth to help warm your insides. British Chef Richard Corrigan's Scotch broth is described as "delicious yet frugal" using simple ingredients. The recipe features Welsh lamb necks, carrots, leeks, celery, turnips and more left to simmer for two hours before it's served.


Scottish Tablet


Scottish Tablet is like fudge but better, says BBC Good Food. I'm certainly happy to volunteer for a taste test. Made with butter, lots of caster sugar and condensed milk, the sweet treat also makes a great Burns Night gift to make for family and friends. Also, it only takes 25 mins to make.


Bramble Trifle

This tipsy trifle recipe serves 6-8 so if you're doing Burn's Night for one or two this year I'd suggest pace yourself. Nonetheless, enjoy these glorious tiers of whisky-soaked Victoria sponge, custard and blackberry jam.


Scottish Cranachan


The Cranachan is arguably Scotland's most famous dessert and this Burns Night seems like the perfect time to have a crack at making this pretty simple Mary Berry recipe. Made with lashings of double cream, mascarpone, oats, raspberries, and whiskey, it's something sweet to look forward to. As the famous baker recommends, don't hold back on the whiskey.


Honey and Whiskey Mousse

Food writer Victoria Glass is a big fan of what she describes as "Scottish comfort food," especially the sweet stuff. Glass' not-so-traditional Honey and Whiskey Mousse recipe is a lighter pudding full of Scottish flavours that is also gluten-free.


Whiskey Sour


No party menu is complete without cocktails. Keeping in the Burns Night theme, try this simple Whiskey sour recipe made with Bourbon, lemon juice, and egg whites. If you're feeling fancy, garnish with a slice of orange and cherry on a stick.