101 Clever Things With 5-Star Ratings On Amazon Prime

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The clock is ticking and you're totally out of gift ideas for the person — or people — on your list. Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, and you can't sleep at night. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it's enough to cause you a little panic, seeing as the gift-giving part of your brain seems to have gone completely dark. Not to fear; I've rounded up some gifts on Amazon Prime that are so good, you can put your brainstorming totally to rest.

The products on this list are what I like to call "no-fail" gifts. They're almost universally likable, so you don't have to stress if you're clueless as to what someone does or doesn't like.

They're also all highly-rated, which means you can rest assured that you're getting high-quality products... instead of crossing your fingers hoping they don't fall apart as the recipient is tearing open the wrapping paper.

And one more very crucial thing to mention: all the products you'll find here are available on Amazon Prime; that means they'll be delivered in two days — a godsend when you've already lost too much time racking your brain for gift ideas. What a relief.


A Hoodie That's So Soft, You'll Never Want To Take It Off

Give the gift of a new favorite hoodie with this hooded pullover made from soft and cozy terry. The lighter-weight material, dropped hem, and crossover neckline give this comfy classic a chic update, so it's perfect for running around town and lounging at home. It's machine-washable and available in colors, like olive, rose, heather gray, and black and white stripes.

  • Available sizes: XS-XL


These Bath Bombs That Relax The Body And Soothe The Mind

These colorful bath bombs are fun, but they're also pretty therapeutic. The bombs are made with all-natural ingredients, like moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. Mineral salts work to deeply relax muscles, while scents like lavender, orange, lemon tree, and rose work to deeply relax the mind.


A Face Wash With Ingredients Like Avocado, Broccoli, And Pumpkin Seeds

Give skin a shot of glow-promoting nutrients with this superfood face wash made from broccoli, avocado, and pumpkin seed oils. The rich, creamy formula is also stocked with prebiotics which work to lock in moisture, fend off pollutants, and strengthen the skin's microbiome. Wash with this for a face that's good enough to eat.


This 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer That Displays All Your Spices

With this three-tier kitchen cabinet organizer, you can actually see what's in the back of your cupboard without having to move everything out of the way, which means you can quickly reach for the cinnamon when you're mid-baking. It's prefect for spices and condiments and the non-slip lining keeps jars and bottles in place.


An Aromatherapy Diffuser With A Relaxing Built-In LED Light

Everyone could use a little aromatherapy to help de-stress, and this essential oil diffuser offers just that. The wood-grain diffuser operates for four hours in continuous misting mode and six hours in intermittent misting mode and shuts off automatically when the water runs out. It also features a built-in adjustable LED light with seven color options for a full sensory experience.


A Rose Quartz Roller And Gua Sha Tool For Brighter Skin

This rose quartz roller is a beauty tool that never runs out. The dual-ended roller promotes detoxification, boosts collagen production, and preps skin for serums and moisturizers, while the accompanying gua sha tool works to brighten and tone the skin. Plus, rose quartz is symbolic of love — which is a lovely touch for a gift.


This Rechargeable Hand Warmer That'll Revive Freezing Fingers

This might look like a computer mouse, but it's actually a USB-rechargeable hand warmer — an ideal gift for anyone with perpetually frigid fingers or hand stiffness. The rounded, palm-sized warmer heats up on both sides and features three adjustable temperature settings. It's made from aircraft-grade material and the smooth, polished surface is super skin-friendly.


A Therapy Lamp That Gets You Through The Dark Days Of Winter

Beat the winter blues with this therapy lamp that's compact enough to fit on a desk or kitchen table. The UV-free lamp offers full spectrum, bright white light that mimics summertime sunlight, making it super beneficial for anyone dealing with seasonal mood shifts. Using it at certain times of day can also help boost energy and regulate circadian rhythms.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That's Totally Eco-Sustainable

Anyone with a natural, understated aesthetic will appreciate this totally eco-sustainable bamboo bath mat. The non-slip "mat" is triple-coated to ensure a smooth surface and water-resistance and the extra-wide slats allow for faster drying. And so it's so durable, it can even stand up to the wheels of an SUV rolling over it.


This Skin Therapy Want That'll Give Your Complexion A Major Glow

This skin therapy wand offers major complexion benefits without the expense of aesthetician visits. The versatile wand releases high frequencies to boost cell metabolism, promote collagen, and spot treat acne. It comes with three head attachments for your skincare needs, along with a fourth attachment for your hair — use it to encourage faster growth.


This Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy Candle That Promotes Feelings Of Peace

The delicate ylang-ylang in this scented candle doesn't just make a living room smell good, it also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Jasmine, chamomile, and musk round out the scent profile for a totally comforting fragrance and the soy wax means the candle is non-toxic and biodegradable. Plus, the geometric, rose gold pot looks great on any night stand or coffee table.


A Clip-On Pot Strainer So You Can Use Both Hands To Drain

It's nearly impossible to drain a big pot of water without an extra hand, which is why this clip-on strainer is so brilliant. It attaches to any size pot, so you can use both hands to tip it over and drain off the water. It's dishwasher-safe and perfect for dedicated cooks and chronic mac and cheese makers alike.


This Alarm Clock That Gradually Wakes You Up By Simulating A Sunrise

For anyone who thinks alarm clocks are too jarring, there's this genius wake-up light that slowly wakes you up by simulating a sunrise right there in the bedroom. Of course, there's also a built-in alarm clock for when you actually have to get out of bed, and you can even opt for one of seven nature sounds to get you going. There are a ton of other great features too, like a digital clock display, adjustable brightness settings, different color options, and an FM radio.


These Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Keep Whites And Rosés Chilled

This triple-insulated stemless glass is the best way to enjoy a glass of rosé on the back porch. The 12-ounce "glass" is virtually unbreakable and keeps drinks chilled for hours, while the slide-and-sip lid prevents spills. Choose from colors like pink, turquoise, copper, and the sparkly, holographic "unicorn magic."


These Question Cards That Help Kickstart Conversations

Have more meaningful conversations at dinner or in the car with these question starters. Each card is inscribed with thought-provoking questions like, "What's the most beautiful place you've ever seen?" and "What kind of business would you love to start?" Draw from one of the 135 cards in the deck and see where the conversation takes you.


This LED Nail Lamp For At-Home Gel Manicures

The 33 lamp beads inside this UV nail lamp dry and set gel nail polish for a salon-grade manicure at home. Four timer settings help you keep track of drying time and the automatic sensor turns on when you insert your hands and turns off when you remove them, which means you don't have to mess with pressing buttons and risking smudges. The lamp is highly-rated, with reviewers writing it "works like a charm."


This Genius Way To Extend The Freshness Of Herbs

Keep parsley, cilantro, basil, and other herbs fresh for up to three weeks with this herb saver. This genius little invention lets herbs breathe and keeps them optimally hydrated, while the hardshell case prevents the herbs from getting crushed by other items in the fridge. Just rinse the herbs, put them in the pod, fill it with water, then place the case on top.


This Robe That's Like Wearing The Coziest Blanket Of All Time

Slip this cozy fleece robe on in the morning and you just might not mind having to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. Made from plush velour, the robe falls just below the knees and features two deep pockets, as well as inner and outer tie closures for a secure fit. It's available in 13 colors, like wine, coral, and light gray. Reviewers wrote the "cuddly robe" is "luxurious" and "great for putting over clothes to lounge when you don't feel like getting a throw."

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


This Station That Lets You Charge All Your Smart Devices In One Place

Charge all your smart devices in one place — instead of having to use outlets all over your home — with this charging station. The charging station is outfitted with six slots and six USB ports. Use it for smartphones, tablets, cameras, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets, and portable speakers.


This Filter Pitcher That Makes Tap Water Taste As Fresh As A Mountain Stream

A high-quality water filter pitcher actually makes a huge difference in the taste of the water coming out of your kitchen faucet. This 10-cup, BPA-free pitcher features a filtration system that removes chlorine, copper, mercury and cadmium for a glass of water that tastes fresh and pure. The filter will last for two months before needing to be replaced.


A Shiatsu Massager With A Heating Option To Loosen Up Tight Muscles

The heating mode on this shiatsu massager helps loosen up muscles for an even deeper, more relaxing massage. Contoured to fit comfortably around the neck, shoulders, and back, the massager is covered with breathable mesh and outfitted with a strap, so you can attach it to a chair. The four massage nodes change direction every 60 seconds and an automatic shut-off function kicks in after 20 minutes.


A Veggie Spiralizer With Options For 5 Different Types Of Noodles

Make noodles from sweet potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and more with this veggie spiralizer. The spiralizer is super easy to use; just choose one of the five blades to create the shape and size of the noodle you want, place the vegetable on the spiralizer, and turn the crank handle a few times. This is great for anyone paleo or gluten-free — or someone just looking to eat a few more veggies.


This Set Of 16 Sheet Masks That Covers All The Skincare Bases

This collection of 16 K-beauty sheet masks addresses just about every skincare concern there is. There's a vitamin C mask to brighten and smooth, a cucumber mask to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation, a charcoal mask to deeply clean pores, a snail essence mask (yep) to regenerate skin, and more. Every single mask is also soaked in moisturizing vitamin E and collagen to firm the skin.


These Affordable Makeup Brushes That Reviewers Say Are Just As Good As More Expensive Versions

Amazon buyers wrote these makeup brushes are "such a soft touch” and “I almost can't believe it.” The set comes with 18 brushes for foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips, and lashes, and the soft and silky bristles evenly deposit pigment and won't shed over time. And while they're affordable, reviewers rave they're also surprisingly high-quality.


These Vitamin-Rich Hair Serum Capsules For Glossy Hair

Pop open one of these keratin hair treatment capsules before blow drying to hydrate, tame frizz, add shine, repair damage, and protect hair from heat styling. The leave-in serum is formulated with strengthening keratin, nourishing vitamin B5, and moisturizing argan oil. The cruelty-free serum is suitable for all hair types and the capsule are biodegradable, so you can feel good about your purchase.


A Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt For Ultimate Coziness

As a #1 Best Seller with a 4.7-star rating after over 1,600 reviews, this oversized sweatshirt is the ultimate soft and cozy addition to your self-care routine. It's one size fits all so it's a super easy gift for anyone and any occasion. Plus, it's machine washable on cold and can be tumble dried on low for even more convenience. I mean, who wouldn't want a wearable blanket?


This Table Lamp That Looks Just Like The Moon

The surface of this 3-D-printed moon lamp perfectly mimics the topography of the moon, making for a lamp that's totally celestial. Use the included remote control or touch sensor to adjust the brightness and color of the lamp (there are 12 color options) and recharge it via USB when the battery runs low.


A Facial Cleansing Brush That Smoothes And Brightens Skin

Much more effective than just using your hands, this facial cleansing brush removes makeup and deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It operates at two speeds and comes with two brush heads for cleansing and exfoliating. The facial brush is waterproof so you can use it in the shower.


This Portable Charger For The Person Who Is Always Running Out Of Phone Battery

Know someone whose phone battery is constantly running low? This portable charger is the perfect gift. The compact and lightweight power bank is about half the size of a smartphone and offers up to three full charges before needing to be recharged itself. It's compatible with the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy and is available in four color options.


This Electronics Cleaning Kit For Your Phone And Tablet

Get rid of grime, smudges, and germs on your phone, tablet, and laptop with this electronics cleaning kit. The kit comes with cleaning gel, a microfiber polishing cloth, and 20 ammonia- and alcohol-free screen wipes. The kit rids germs on contact, so you don't have to feel gross about touching your phone screen again.


A Hair Straightener That Cuts Down On Breakage

This flat iron features floating PTC ceramic heating plates which prevent tugging, protect color-treated hair, and reduce breakage by up to 80 percent. Negative ions boost shine and adjustable temperature settings let you straighten according to your hair type. And since it's dual-voltage, the flat iron can be used anywhere in the world.


This Produce Saver So That Lettuce Doesn't Go Bad Before You Have A Chance To Eat It

Extend the life of veggies with this produce saver that uses FreshVent technology to optimize oxygen and carbon dioxide flow inside the container. The container is also outfitted with a crisping tray to keep produce away from condensation and promote circulation. This is great for anyone who has a hard time getting to all that spinach before it goes bad... i.e., all of us.


These Winter Gloves That You Don't Have To Take Off When You Want To Use Your Phone

These winter gloves feature touch-screen sensitive tips on the forefingers and thumbs, so you can actually use your phone without having to take the gloves off. Grips on the palms and other fingers give you a tight grip on your keys and other items, and since they're made with a blend of wool and Lycra, they'll stand up to even the most biting winter winds.


These Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers Come With Straws For Spill-Proof Sipping

This pair of 12-ounce double-walled 18/8 stainless steel tumblers include BPA-free lids and two stainless straws with silicone covers, which make these awesome for spill-proof sipping. The double-walled design means these tumblers remain sweat free. Whether it's for wine, coffee, tea, or a cocktail, these powder-coated tumblers come in an array of fun colors like mermaid sparkle, rose gold, or a faux wood finish. These are a great eco-friendly, reusable gift for anyone and any occasion.


These Reusable Food Storage Bags That Are Better For The Environment

While these reusable storage bags don't seem like the most glamorous gift, they're definitely the kind of gift that'll be used every single day. They replace one-time use plastic bags which are bad for the environment, and since you're not constantly going through them like plastic, they're pretty wallet-friendly too. Each set comes with 12 bags in both snack and sandwich sizes.


A Palm Leaf-Printed Bath Pillow That Supports Both The Head And Neck

Take a vacation in your bathtub with this bath pillow that’s ultra-supportive Made from dense, high-quality foam, the two-panel pillow fits right over the edge of the tub where it supports both the head and the neck. It's super-soft and cushiony and the six suction cups on the back keep it securely in place.


This Spoon Rest That Looks Like A Ravioli For The Chef With A Sense Of Humor

Your favorite Italian chef will love this spoon rest that looks just like a ravioli. Made from sturdy silicone, the spoon rest is heat- and stain-resistant — a necessity on those red sauce nights — and it's just the right size for spatulas and mixing spoons.


This Bath Oil That Deeply Hydrates Dry, Chapped Skin

Add this bath oil to the tub for a soak that's both cleansing and moisturizing. Made from cottonseed oil, it soothes and conditions extra dry skin — all while boosting the protective action of your skin's natural oils. The dermatologist-tested oil is free of fragrances, sulfates, and parabens, so it's ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.


A Jewelry Organizer That's Great For Home Or Travel

Not only is this travel organizer for your jewelry super practical, it's also cute and comes in prints like a botanical print, a classic quilted black, a floral bird print, and five other colors and prints. It weights under half a pound and measures 9 by 6 by 0.6-inches for a compact design that's great for traveling or storing in a drawer. The five compartments are specifically designed to accommodate rings, necklaces, and earrings along with a few zipper pockets for anything else you need to store.


This Genius Way To Chop Veggies In Just Seconds

Instead of standing at the kitchen counter for 30 minutes chopping vegetables with a knife, use this ingenious veggie chopper. Just place any vegetable — like onion, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato — on the bottom tray and pull the top tray down to chop directly into the 5-cup container. The chopper comes with four interchangeable stainless steel blades: a small dicer, a large dicer, a slicer, and a spiralizer.


A Colander That Looks Like A Bug-Eyed Spaghetti Monster

Cooking shouldn't be a serious endeavor, and this colander that looks like a yellow bug-eyed monster is proof of that. Those "eyes" on each side double as handles, while the feet on the colander let you place it directly on the bottom of your sink to strain. The colander is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


A Lazy Susan That Can Help You Get Organized

Measuring 14.25-inches in diameter, this lazy Susan is a great buy to help straighten up cabinets or any other shelving you (or a loved one) might need to organize. The nonslip lip means that products stay in place and upright where the nonslip feet protect any surfaces the turntable sits on, while still moving smoothly. Amazon reviewers absolutely love this pick and have given it a 4.8-star rating after over 1,300 reviews.


An Electric Wine Opener That Uncorks Bottles With The Push Of A Button

A perfect gift for the oenophile (read: wine connoisseur) in your life, this electric wine opener removes corks in just a few seconds with the press of a button. The rechargeable opener comes with a foil cutter and the charging stand is compact enough to keep on the counter. Plus — the charging stand lights up blue to add a little party atmosphere.


An Acupressure Mat That Reduces Stress And Relieves Headache And Muscle Pain

The hundreds of medical-grade acupressure points on this acupressure mat work to stimulate the body's natural healing response when you lie on it. Using it for 10 to 20 minutes a day can reduce stress levels, release endorphins, promote circulation, and relieve muscle tension and headaches. The highly-rated mat is filled with natural coconut fiber and covered in organic linen.


A Set Of Airtight Glass Food Containers That Are Great For Leftovers Or Packing Lunch

With nine glass containers and nine lids, this set from Bayco will help you with meal prep or storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer and the snap lock lids ensure an airtight seal. These glass containers, except the lids, are also oven safe, up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and microwave safe for easy reheating. The nine different sizes mean you'll have a container for everything you need to store; those sizes include three rectangular containers: a 1.3-cup, a 2.7-cup, a 4.4-cup; three square containers: a 1.4-cup, a 2.3-cup, and a 3.4-cup; as well as three round containers: a 1.7-cup, a 2.7-cup, and 4.1-cup.


These Racerback Tanks That'll Keep You Cool During Demanding Workouts

These ridiculously soft workout tops are made with breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking material to keep you cool during even the most strenuous of yoga sessions and cycling classes. The racerback tops fall just below the hips and are loose-fitting. Each order comes with three tops; choose from color combinations in neutrals and pastels.

  • Available sizes: S-XXL


These Flameless Candles You Can Operate With A Remote Control

With these flameless candles, you can set the mood without smoke, dripping wax, or the risk of actual flames. Each set comes with nine candles of different sizes, and since they're made with wax, they look like the real thing. A remote control lets you turn the candles on and off, set timers, adjust brightness, and even activate a flickering mode.


This Table Lantern That Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker lamp might seem like a totally weird product mash-up, but it's actually an amazing addition to late-night backyard hangs (and inside hangs too). The compact speaker offers stereo sound and powerful bass, while the built-in LED light flickers like a real flame to give off a warm, cozy glow. One reviewer wrote it's like having "a small fireplace right by my side."


This Tablet Stand You Can Use While You're Lying In Bed

Use your tablet in your lap or while you're lying in bed with this pillow tablet stand. The triangular-shaped stand offers three different viewing angles — just flip it over to get the one that works for you. Made from soft but sturdy foam, the stand is covered in polyester in 18 different color options.


A Lap Desk That Keeps Your Computer From Overheating When You're Typing On The Couch

When you get tired of sitting at your desk, head on over to the couch and use this lap desk to type away (or, you know, watch movies). The desk features a cushion on the bottom and is contoured to fit comfortably in your lap, while the flat surface on top prevents your computer from overheating — which can happen when you place it on a soft surface like a pillow. Choose from six colors, like black, indigo, and hot pink.


A Moisturizing Hair Mask That Also Promotes Hair Growth

This hair mask doesn't just give you soft, silky locks — it actually works to give you a fuller head of hair, thanks to these powerful ingredients: saw palmetto to reduce hair loss, caffeine to stimulate circulation at the hair follicles, red clover to promote thickness, and aloe to reduce scalp inflammation. The formula is rounded out with with super moisturizing coconut, argan, and jojoba oils for hair that's shiny, smooth, and resistant to damage.


This Weird Brownie Pan That Gives Every Brownie Crispy Edges

Make every brownie a perfect crispy-edged brownie with this zany-looking brownie pan. The unique, gridded design of the pan ensures that every brownie gets at least four crispy edges while also evenly distributing heat for consistent results. The compartmentalized chamber creates identical-sized brownies pan be evenly and since the pan is non-stick, clean-up is a breeze.


An Over The Door Organizer For 12 Pairs Of Shoes

The ideal gift for a shoe fiend, this highly-rated over the door organizer features 24 pockets for 12 pairs of shoes. Made from breathable mesh, the pockets are extra-roomy — which means they can even accommodate heels and ankle boots. This is so much better than keeping shoes in a pile on the floor of the closet.


A Phone Flash Drive To Increase Storage Or Transfer Photos, Documents, And More

This 128GB flash drive plugs directly into your phone, Android or Apple, to backup data, files, or photos and transfer them super easily to other devices. This drive even has the ability to password protect and lock files. Plus, this pick has a 4.2-star rating after nearly 20,000 reviews.


An Insulated Champagne Flute That Keeps The Bubbles In

Imagine sipping sparkling wine from this insulated champagne flute while lounging by a pool. Holding up to half a bottle of wine, the stainless steel, powder-coated flute is totally break-resistant and keeps drinks chilled for hours, while the flip-top works to keep champagne carbonated and bubbly. Choose from dozens of colors, like sea foam green, ice white, glitter blush, and walnut wood grain.


These Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Lights That Don't Require Wiring

Since these motion sensor lights are solar-powered, they don't require any wires or fancy installation. Each of the four lights features 28 LED lights that automatically turn on anytime they sense motion within 26 feet. The super bright lights are resistant to heat, water, and frost and provide eight hours of illumination after each exposure to direct sunlight.


Reusable Straws That Are Also Super Portable

With a stellar 4.7-star review after over 6,000 reviews, this set of 18/8 stainless straws are a great buy. All five of these straws are 0.8 millimeters thick, and 8.5 inches long. To better meet your straw needs for any drink, the straws are bent at an angle and have silicone tips covers. Plus, this kit comes with two scrub brushes for ultimate cleaning convenience.


This Mug Warmer That Keeps Coffee Hot For Hours

This mug warmer keeps beverages piping hot which is ideal for anyone who prefers to sip their coffee or tea rather than gulp it down. The warmer features three heat settings and turns on with the touch of a bottom. You can even set the warmer on a timer, so it turns off after four hours.


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Come With Their Own Magnetic Eyeliner

Take the mess out of applying false lashes, with these magnetic eyelashes with magnetic, smudge-proof eyeliner, which means you can say goodbye to messy glue. With a 4-star rating after over 9,100 reviews, this set is clearly a well-loved beauty buy among Amazon shoppers.


These Weird Gel Toes Stretchers And Separators That Help Relieve Foot Pain

Turn to this strange set of toe stretcher-separator gel inserts for relief from bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, and other foot pains, according to the manufacturer. Made of 100% medical-grade gel, these things fit virtually any sized foot. Handwash them between uses.


This Aromatherapy Diffuser That Plugs Into Your Car's USB Port

Everyone could use a little nerve-soothing aromatherapy in traffic and this car aromatherapy diffuser offers just that. The compact, USB-powered diffuser doesn't even require water to operate; just add a few drops of essential oil and plug in. It's whisper-quiet, operates on either continuous or intermittent misting modes, and automatically turns off after one hour.


This Apple Corer That You Can Also Use To Make Frosting-Filled Cupcakes

Place this stainless steel apple corer at the top of any apple and use the ergonomic handle to twist it all the way down. Then, pull up to effortlessly remove the core. It's great for making a baked apple dessert (or pears, if that's more your style) and you can also use it to make frosting-filled cupcakes.


A Desk Lamp With Adjustable Settings For Reading, Studying, Relaxing, And Sleeping

This desk lamp is outfitted with a control panel at the bottom; use it to turn the light on and off, set it on a timer, or toggle through five brightness levels and four lighting modes for reading, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. The lamp is angle-adjustable and the glare shield protects eyes from strain while the built-in USB port lets you charge your phone right there in the lamp.


This Flexible Phone Holder That You Can Wrap Around Things Or Stand Upright On A Table

This cell phone holder is an extremely versatile way to use your phone hands-free; loop it around your neck, tuck it under your mattress, wrap it around your steering wheel or bike handlebars, or set it up on a table or desk. The sturdy but flexible holder is compatible with all smartphones and the clip rotates 360-degrees for both horizontal and vertical viewing at any angle.


This Tortilla Blanket That Looks Good Enough To Eat

Pay homage to one of the most delicious foods of all time by wrapping up in this delicious burrito blanket made from super soft and cozy fleece. The blanket comes in both corn and wheat tortilla options because, well, preferences, and it's machine-washable in case you spill any hot sauce on it. P.S. You can also opt for a pizza or Belgian waffle blanket.


This Popular Panini Press That's Less Than $35

This wildly-popular panini press can be used to warm pizza, cook open-face sandwiches, or even grill your favorite foods. The top lid can even lock, and the entire thing can heat up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt That's The Coziest Thing Of All Time

Quite possibly the comfiest piece of clothing ever stitched together, this oversized blanket sweatshirt is made from super soft microfiber and lined in cozy sherpa material. Slip the hood over your head to keep your ears warm and tuck your hands into the front kangaroo pocket to keep your fingers toasty. Choose from colors like burgundy, blush, and gray.


A Bamboo Cheese Board With A Secret Built-In Drawer For Cheese Knives

This cleverly designed cheese board set is outfitted with a pull-out drawer in the base where you'll find three stainless steel cheese knives and a cheese fork. The scooped edges on the side are perfect for crackers and catching any runoff from that triple cream brie. The board is made from organic bamboo, which is a totally sustainable and renewable resource.


A Touch Sensor Lamp That Lights Up In All Kinds Of Colors

Tap anywhere on the top of this touch sensor lamp to turn it on and off, adjust brightness, or rotate through an array of vivid colors until you find a shade you like. You can even set it on an automatic cycle if you can't settle on just one color. The modern, minimalist lamp will blend in seamlessly with any aesthetic and it's perfectly sized for desks and side tables. Plus it comes with a remote.


A Powerful Water Flosser That Keeps Teeth Plaque-Free

This water flosser releases a powerful stream of water that works to massage gums and removes 99% of plaque in hard-to-reach places like the back of your mouth. The USB-rechargeable flosser works on three modes — normal, gentle, and pulse — and comes with two interchangeable tips.


A Clear Cosmetics Organizer With Compartments For All Your Makeup

Keep cosmetics organized in this countertop makeup and jewelry organizer that's outfitted with four big drawers, two small drawers, and specific compartments for lipstick, brushes, and eyeliner. The organizer is made from acrylic, which is easy to wipe clean, and since it's see-through — you can always find what you're looking for.


These Face Moisturizer That Locks In Hydration For 24 Hours

One reviewer says that this moisturizer is "immediately soothing" and that it "feels like your skin is drinking it in." The oil-free gel formula is made with vitamin E and fruit water antioxidants to lock in hydration and protect skin from the elements for up to 24 hours. Results are immediate, but they also get better over time, working to strengthen your skin's natural moisture barrier. Each order comes with two, so they won't have to be reordered anytime soon.


This Dry Body Brush That Gives You Softer Smoother Skin

Get softer, smoother skin with the help of these dry body brushes. Made from wood and natural boar bristles, these brushes buffs away dry, rough skin and eliminates toxins without the use of water or cream exfoliants. The second brush doesn’t have a handle but has a hand strap that makes it easy to hold in your hand. The brush with the long handle lets you exfoliate hard-to-reach places, like the middle of your back.


This Travel Makeup Case That Actually Keeps Cosmetics Organized And Easy To Find

Unlike regular makeup bags that quickly get disorganized, this travel makeup case keeps everything in order, thanks to the adjustable compartments and the flip-open top that lets you get a good look at everything. Makeup brushes fit neatly in the built-in elastic pouches and the zippered one is perfect for smaller items, like hair ties and bobby pins. The organizer is made from durable Oxford cloth and features a carrying handle on top.


These Packing Cubes That Compress Clothes So You Can Fit More Into Your Suitcase

Jet-setters and chronically heavy packers will love these packing cubes since they actually make it possible to fit more in a suitcase by compressing clothes when you zip them shut. Each set comes with four cubes: use the bigger ones for coats, pants, and sweaters, and the smaller ones for T-shirts, socks, and underwear. Choose from nine colors.


A Seed Starter Kit That Helps You Grow Exotic Vegetables

This at-home gardening kit will give you everything you need to grow lemon cucumber, red lettuce, spring onions, golden beetroot, and rainbow radishes, including seeds, pots, soil, markers to identify your budding veggies, and a growing guide. Turn these seeds into a delicious, brightly-colored salad.


A Water Painting Board That Reminds You To Stay In The Present Moment

This Buddha board can help even the most stressed among us conjure up some zen vibes. Just fill the base with water and use the bamboo brush to create inky strokes on the board. The simple act of painting is relaxing in itself, but here's the thing: whatever you paint will disappear within minutes — a good reminder to stay in the present moment.


This Brilliant Way To Roast Marshmallows Without A Fire

Thanks to this s'mores maker, you don't have to have a fireplace or access to a fire pit to enjoy a night of roasting marshmallows. Use the two roasting forks to toast marshmallows to a perfect golden brown over the flameless heater and keep the rest of your s'mores supplies — graham crackers and chocolate — in the surrounding compartments.


A Measuring Set With Pour Spouts And Spoons That Are Skinny Enough To Fit In Spice Jars

Upgrade someone's cooking game with these stainless steel measuring cups featuring no-spill pour spouts, engraved measurement markings on the sides, and metric equivalents. The set also comes with measuring spoons designed to be narrow enough to fit easily into spice jars. The six cups and six spoons are all BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


A Compact Waffle Maker So You Can Make Them At Home No Matter Your Kitchen's Size

This waffle maker from Dash can make so much more than traditional waffles; try hash browns, paninis, or any other wet batter you want to turn into a waffle. Weighing less than a pound, this unit heats up in just a few minutes. It conveniently has a nonstick surface for easy cooking and cleaning. Plus, it's compact enough to fit on any counter and with a 4.7-star review after over 183,000 reviews, this pick is a sure thing.


This Foldable Makeup Mirror That's Super Portable

This vanity mirror folds down to be super compact so it's great for home and travel. It also just looks beautiful since it's made of vegan leather with a textured surface so you'd honestly be happy to keep it out on your dresser at home all the time. This mirror measures 10 by 7 inches so it's big enough for styling your hair, but its lightweight design and the fact that it folds down means it can fit in your luggage or a drawer seamlessly.


A Super Lightweight Backpack That Folds Up Small So You Can Stash It In Your Suitcase

You don't need any extra weight on your back on a long hike, which is why this lightweight backpack is so great. The backpack features a roomy main compartment, a zippered front compartment, and two elastic side pockets. It's water-resistant and durable, with a double-layer of fabric at the the bottom for stability. And when you're not using it, it folds up into a small pouch for easy packing. Choose from 11 colors.


These Smart Light Bulbs You Can Turn On And Off From An App On Your Phone

Screw these smart light bulbs into any light fixture and you can use an app on your phone to turn them on and off, set them on a timer, and toggle between different colors from anywhere in the world — perfect if you want to make it look like someone's home. The bulbs are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can voice control them too.


The 3-D Memory Foam Sleep Masks That Won't Smudge Your Eye Makeup

These 3-D sleep masks feature contouring around the nose to completely block out light and cutouts over the eyes to reduce pressure — and keep your mascara from smudging. The mask is made from super-soft memory foam and features an adjustable elastic band for a comfortable fit. Choose from four colors: black, blue, pink, and purple.


A Toothpaste Made From Charcoal That Actually Whitens Your Teeth

Get bright, sparkling teeth with this whitening toothpaste made from activated charcoal. Charcoal binds and removes stains and impurities, while the addition of coconut oil and tea tree oil work to fight bacteria, plaque, and gum disease while giving the toothpaste a fresh, minty flavor.


These Makeup Sponges Will Help You Evenly Apply Makeup

For concealer, foundation, powder, and so much more, these latex-free makeup sponges. Great for wet or dry cosmetics, just dab your favorite product onto your skin for flawless results. Plus, with a 4.5-star rating after over 4,900 reviews, these blenders are a no-brainer.


These Thermal Boot Socks That'll Keep Feet Warm No Matter The Weather

These ultra warm socks from DG Hill are padded for extra comfort and work great in any boot. The manufacturer claims this blend of acrylic, spandex, and polyester are seven times warmer than comparable cotton socks. They're also moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and machine washable for convenient care. You get two pairs of these socks in your choice of solids, stripes, or a snowflake print in colors like black, gray, purple, and blue.


A Shower Curtain With Convenient Pockets

For a shower curtain or liner, this PEVA option from Maytex features mesh pockets. These pockets are great to store your toiletries for easy access in the shower or bath; just know each pocket can hold about a pound. It fits most standard-sized tubs or showers as it measures 70 by 72 inches and it's super easy to clean; just wipe with a damp cloth. Plus, this curtain has rustproof metal grommets to help your purchase last longer.


These Compression Sleeves That Support Arches And Reduce Pain

These compression arch sleeves work to relieve pain, stimulate circulation, and bring down swelling by gently squeezing and supporting the arch of the foot. The moisture-wicking sleeves feature targeted ribbing for maximum effectiveness, and they're thin enough to wear with shoes. These are great for runners, people who work on their feet, or anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis.


A Vertical Computer Mouse That Relieves Hand And Wrist Cramping

Prevent hand and wrist pain caused by repetitive movements with this ergonomically-designed vertical computer mouse that enables you to hold your hand in a natural position while you click and scroll. The wireless, rechargeable mouse features "page forward" and "page backward" buttons for easy web browsing, along with built-in left- and right-click buttons, a scrolling wheel, and a DPI switch. This reviewer wrote it's "a welcome relief" for "cramped wrists."


These Travel Shoe Bags That Keep Shoes From Touching Clean Clothes In Your Suitcase

Keep the dirty soles of shoes from getting over the clean clothes in your suitcase with these travel shoe bags. The zippered bags are made from durable but lightweight nylon, so they won't add any weight to your luggage, and each bag is big enough to accommodate women's ankle boots or heels or men's work or tennis shoes.


This Smart WiFi Plug That Lets You Control Any Appliance From Your Phone

Plug an appliance into this smart WiFi plug and you can turn it on and off or put it on a schedule from an app on your phone. It's a great way to control hard-to-reach appliances, make it seem like someone's home, or lower high energy bills by regulating consumption. And although there's no smart home hub required to use it, you can connect it to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana to enable voice control.


This Temperature-Regulating Silk Pillowcase That Stays Cool While You Sleep

Sleeping on this silk pillowcase will make anyone feel like royalty. Mulberry silk is a natural temperature regulator that keeps you cool all night long, so the pillowcase won't just feel luxurious, it'll also keep you comfortable on hot nights. The pillowcase is machine-washable and comes in dozens of color options, like ivory, apricot, and champagne gold.


These Gold And Collagen Eye Masks That'll Make You Look Well-Rested In Just 20 Minutes

Treat eyes to these opulent under eye collagen masks infused with 24-karat gold. Gold works to lift and brighten the skin, collagen firms and adds elasticity, and hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes to bring dry skin back to life. Wear these for 20 minutes to eliminate bags, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and fake a full night's sleep.


This Moisturizing Lip Treatment Made From Hawaiian Kukui Oil

Revive dry, chapped lips — and dream of the tropics — with this lip treatment formulated with kukui oil cultivated in Hawaii. The ultra-hydrating treatment is boosted by the addition of shea butter, along with antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and agave to keep lips protected. The gel balm is available in a clear version, but you can also opt for a punch of color with shades like rose and peach-pink.


These Gel Toe Caps That Prevent Uncomfortable Friction While You Walk

These gel toe caps are essentially tiny sleeves that prevent uncomfortable rubbing while reducing pain caused by blisters, corns, and other annoyances. The TPE gel caps are washable — so they can be used again and again —and since they're super slim, they can easily be worn with shoes.


A Travel Foot Rest That Lets You Put Your Feet Up On Any Flight

Airplane seats just seem to be getting smaller, but you can get a little more comfortable with this travel foot rest that allows you to kick back on any flight. The foot rest is outfitted with an adjustable strap that you can loop around the tray table, and the memory foam sling at the bottom essentially acts as a hammock for your feet.


A Flexible Electric Shaver That Follows Your Body's Natural Contours

Seriously cut down on shaving nicks with this electric shaver. The flexible pivoting head follows the natural contours of the body — like the knees and under the arms — and the three hypoallergenic stainless steel blades remove hair with just one pass. The rechargeable shaver can be used both wet and dry, and it also features a built-in pop-up trimmer.


The Tall Scrunchie Stand That Keeps All Your Hair Accessories Together

Keep. all of your hair ties safely in one spot so you can avoid losing them again. This transparent holder stands 11-inches, on its own, thanks to a sturdy base. Wrap large scrunchies around the tower and drop smaller hair ties, bobby pins, and other accessories in the middle of the cylinder.


This Callus Remover Gel That Helps Soften Feet In Just 10 Minutes

Remove unwanted calluses in minutes with this gel formula. This beauty buy is great to maintain feet in between pedicures and makes softening feet a cinch: just soak your feet in warm water, apply gel to the affected areas, and let set for three to seven minutes. Then all you have to do is scrub away the gel with a pumice stone. This pick is backed by Amazon shoppers who have given it a 4.3-star rating after over 1,500 reviewers.


This Dual Foot Massager That Deeply Relaxes Achey Feet

Soothe tired, achy feet with this dual foot massager. The massager's independent rollers spin for deep muscle relaxation. This roller features three rows of four wooden beads. It's contoured to fit the curves of your feet, so you can massage the entire foot — arches included — at the same time.

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