21 Creative Stocking Stuffers That Aren't Socks

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a mini flask keychain.

by Karen Belz and Bustle Editors
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Amazing and cheap stocking stuffers can be hard to come by. Some people prefer giving out funny gag gifts — like coal — while others go for small, useful gifts that border on boring — like socks. But if there was a Venn diagram of amazing stocking stuffers, they'd overlap in the circles of practical, cheap, and fun. People don't always expect to be blown away by what's in their holiday stocking, but any kind of nod towards their personality can definitely be considered a win.

I discovered the gist of the perfect stocking stuffer last year, my husband filled my Christmas stocking with a light-up lime keychain (which is adorable, and useful for when I'm getting the mail in the early evening) and a bunch of black cat chip clips, since I like black cats and love Doritos.

Think about your loved ones' interests and the related accessories they might need or that fit their vibe. If you need some inspo, here are a couple cheap stocking stuffer ideas for you to give to your partners and family members, from hand-painted leather cord keepers for your tech-obsessed partner to a USB-powered hand warmer for your always-freezing sister.

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1. For The Christmas In July Person

No one turns down a fresh candle, especially these adorable and amazing smelling candles from Bath & Body Works. Get the holidays-obsessed loved one the Tree Farm scent, which has notes of pine needle, warm cedar, and spiced apple.

2. For The Music-Obsessed

Ideal for the music fan in your life, these handmade coasters will be an excellent stocking surprise. You get a lot of bang for your buck, too — each set includes six coasters.

3. For The Always-Cold One

Get the one who keeps posting old beach vacation pics on Instagram this adorable USB-powered hand warmer. It's a quick and cute way to heat up and brighten up.

4. For The Festive One

The most jolly way to stay safe, this pack of five reusable cloth face masks — with adjustable, elastic over-the-ear straps — comes in assorted holiday prints. Grab a matching pack and pose with your loved ones for your most festive Instagram photo yet.

5. For The Go-Getter

Who doesn't love a pencil with an encouraging saying? Gift these to a hardworking family member to remind them they're absolutely crushing it.

6. For The Whiskey Fan

Ice can water down whiskey, so those who crave a cold post-work drink often turn to whiskey stones, which can be thrown in a freezer and added to the glass. Plus, they make the drink look so much cooler.

7. For The Cyclist

On the topic of booze, everyone could always use a fancy new bottle opener. This amazingly cool bottle opener made of recycled industrial steel is shaped like a bike, and it's almost a work of art.

8. For The Healthy One

Give the gift of wellness with these travel-sized superfood latte pouches, featuring Turmeric, Matcha, and Cacao flavors.

9. For The Snack Connoisseur

Everyone needs chip clips, since everyone constantly loses or breaks them. They're like the bobby pin of the kitchen. These chip clips from ZoBeDesigns are technically clothespins, but will add a little touch of decor to the giftee's kitchen. For just a dollar more, they'll even add magnets to the back.

10. For The Wine Expert

Give the gift of preserved wine with a personal touch. These hand-blown glass toppers aren't just stunning — they symbolize your loved one's birth month.

11. For The Astrology Lover

Get the loved one who's always checking their horoscope this ceramic tile that represents their zodiac sign. Topped with a loop for hanging, they can put it on their wall — when it's not dangling from their Christmas tree, of course.

12. For The Entertainer

This Josephine Baker-inspired room spray from Harlem Candle Co. will fill your loved one's rooms with notes of citrus, jasmine, and sandalwood.

13. For The Pickle Person

Yes, it really smells like pickles — which, if you have a pickle lover in your life, is the gift that keeps on giving.

14. For The Fashionista

Get the most stylish person in your life this shimmering keychain flask. It just doesn't get any more chic.

15. For The Friends Fan

With this trivia deck, your Friends-obsessed loved one will turn into Monica and swiftly crush their competition.

16. For The Messy Techie

For the loved one who always seems to have a phone charger hanging out of their bag, these colorful, hand-painted leather keepers are a stylish way stay organized — and charged up.

17. For The AirPods-Wearer

We all have that loved one who keeps their AirPods in when they're talking to you. With this pretty case and a circular ring clip to attach to their keys, they'll have no excuses not to take them off.

18. For The Spontaneous Partner

You'll never run out of date night ideas with this bucket list kit for couples. Put it in your partner's stocking and then break out the birch wood sticks and start brainstorming.

19. For The Tarot Curious

Get the loved one who's interested in Tarot this card deck designed by artist Grace Duong. It comes with helpful illustrations and instructions that actually make senses for newbies.

20. For the Sleep-Deprived

This breathable silk sleep mask will help even your most tired loved one hit the hay. And thanks to its elastic band, their hair won't be damaged in the process.

21. For The Happiest One

Get the loved one who's all about positive vibes this smiley necklace. It's stylish, cheap, and cheerful.

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