Hacks For Repurposing Everyday Household Objects

by Toria Sheffield
Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

I've recently been getting very into organization hacks and repurposing household objects to meet new needs, and I've increasingly been finding that there are genuinely a ton of ways to reuse everyday items and save money. It's often just about taking things we already have lying around and using them creatively to serve new purposes.

As soon as I embraced using traditional objects in non-traditional ways around the house, I started to notice how much I throw away perfectly usable items. Or worse, how much I spend money unnecessarily on things I assumed had to be purchased, like jewelry organizers or super specialized cleaning supplies. The reality is, when it comes to things like cleaning, decorating, and organizing, you likely already have much of what you need in your home. You just have to think outside the box a little.

And it definitely doesn't mean my house is full of couches made from cardboard, or drawers made out of raggedy shoe boxes. In fact, my repurposed, or "double use items," are often some of the cutest accents I own as well as the ones that get the most compliments.

So it you're looking for ways to save money, or just want to minimize how much stuff you have around the house, here are 11 double uses for everyday household objects that will seriously change your life.

1. A Lazy Susan In The Fridge

A lazy susan in your fridge means you'll never have to dig around your refrigerator shelves again. It also saves a lot of shelf space and makes it way easier to locate expired items.

Try: OXO Good Grips Turntable, $21, Amazon

2. A Shoe Organizer For Cleaning and Office Supplies

An over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets is an awesome way to organize all sorts of items around your home. I like to keep one in my supply closet for things like sponges and cleaning supplies, but you can also totally use them in your bedroom for things like jewelry and hair accessories.

Try: Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer, $8.29, Amazon

3. Photo Corners For Gift Cards

Box of Scotch Clear Photo Corners, $19, Amazon

This is a tip I got from a compilation piece from Real Simple, and I'm kind of obsessed with it. If you use photo corners for sticking photos to your wall, think about using them for sticking gift cards or notes to the outside of a wrapped present. It looks WAY better than scotch tape.

4. Keep Plastic Bags In A Tissue Box

This is an awesome tip for storing all the many plastic bags you've accumulated under your sink. Check out the above how-to video from YouTuber Oceanside to see how it's done.

5. A Flat Iron For Wrinkles

According to Brit Moren, founder of Brit+Co, on a segment for TODAY, you can get wrinkles out of shirt collars by simply using a hair straightener. This is an especially awesome tip for when you're traveling.

6. Candle Jars For Storage

YouTube JadoreFashionxoxo provides an awesome tutorial in the above video for reusing the pretty glass jars that your candles come in. Once they're been cleared of wax and residue they make super pretty and convenient bedroom and jewelry organizers.

7. An Ice Tray For Small Jewelry

Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray, $9, Amazon

YouTube's TheSavingExperiment channel recommended using some super cheap ice cube trays for organizing your rings and earrings. I love this tip because it keeps things that can get easily forgotten in plain view, meaning you'll probably wear them way more.

8. Tuna Cans For Storage

Bumble Bee Tuna In Water, $36, Amazon

TheSavingsExperiment also recommended reusing, wait for it, old tuna cans for storing things like hair clips and bobby pins. And while it might sound gross at first, once you (thouroughly) wash and bleach the cans and remove all labels, they make for a super cool, industrial-looking container.

9. Old Pringles Cans For Spaghetti Storage

Moren also noted that old Pringles cans are the perfect size and shape for storing already-opened dry spaghetti, and helps keep the uncooked noodles fresh. She also noted that you can use them for things like rice and quinoa.

10. Old Jars As Tea Light Holders

This is one of my absolute favorite home decorating tips. Save old jars from things like pickles or mustard, and keep them around to hold tea lights (either real or battery-powered). A lot of people like to decorate the outside of the jars, but I actually think they're super cute without any embellishments.

11. Hydrogen Peroxide And Dish Soap For Sweat Stains

This is a game changer from lifestyle author and vlogger Jillee Nystul. Just mix hydrogen peroxide with dish soap (and a little baking soda if you'd like) and sweat stains be gone! This works WAY better than bleach.

Repurposing random household items is just about a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Plus, it usually prevents waste and saves you money. And who doesn't love that?

Image: Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images