22 Odd But Brilliant Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything

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by Taylor Fuller
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I never know what kind of presents to get some of my friends. They don't really need anything. They kind of have it all already. And that just makes shopping hard. You have to think outside the box, in order to figure out what to get the person who has everything.

I find that the gifts that my friends who seem to have everything like, are the ones that are kind of random, and are things they would never buy for themselves. I like to hone in on one characteristic that really embodies who they are and buy something that they'd like based off of that. You could have a friend who loves to travel and get them a travel wallet, or maybe you have one that loves to cook so you get them something for their kitchen.

I think it just makes it easier and your friend will probably enjoy the gift so much more if you make it something they'll actually use and love. Because really, when you think about it, what would the person who has everything even want? Buying a random or weird gift that they never thought of before is the best option for whatever gift the occasion calls for. Now presenting, 22 odd but brilliant gifts for when you don't know what to get the person who has everything.


A Colander That's Shaped Like A Fun Monster

There's always one friend in the group who loves to cook for everyone else. Get that person this fun monster colander. It's shaped like a "Spaghetti Monster," and it's absolutely adorable. Use it to strain veggies or pasta with ease. One reviewer says, "My wife received this as [a Christmas] gift from myself, and she smiles every time she pulls it out from its home in the cabinet. That alone makes it worth five stars in my book, but it's also sized nicely (just slightly smaller than a "standard' colander,) is made of very strong plastic, and has extremely expressive eyes which make for great handles. What's not to like?"


A Flexible Phone Tripod With 17,000+ Reviews

This best-selling phone tripod really ups the game for anyone looking to take photos or videos. With its flexible design, it can be wrapped around tree branches or railings to take photos without anyone holding it. It also has a universal design that'll fit most smart phones, one big reason why so many Amazon reviewers rave about it. According to one fan, "Works great. Highly recommend. Can tighten and lock down so it wont move on any angle. Remote works great so the phone [won't] move when using camera."


This Genius Avocado Slicer That Is A Cult-Favorite Kitchen Tool

Even if who you're gifting has everything they probably don't have this avocado slicing tool. In fact, plenty of reviewers say they didn't even know they needed this tool, but now love it. This tool performs three functions: slicing into the peel, removing the pit, and slicing the avocado. It's so simple but so genius, which is why it's racked up 14,000 Amazon reviews. One fan raves, "I bought this for a Christmas gift for my best friend who eats [avocados a lot]. She said absolutely loves it. I'm so glad I got this for her family."


A Smart Assistant/Speaker That Has A Sleek Design

This brand new Echo Dot is one of Amazon's most popular speakers, and has built-in Alexa technology that can read you the news, tell you the weather, or play music. It also can act as a smart home hub that connects all of your smart devices. Many reviewers say this is a great upgrade for anyone who owns a previous generation Amazon Echo, so even if you're shopping for someone who has one, this makes for a great gift.


A Wildly-Popular Hand Cream Gift Set

A general rule? You can never have too much hand cream, especially when the colder weather hits. These popular hand creams are formulated with shea butter to hydrate and soothe dry hands. This set comes with 8 different hand creams, including lavender, rose, blueberry, and lemon. This pack also has a foot cream and a lip balm included.


A Baking Pan That'll Make The Crispiest Brownies

If your baker pal has a soft spot for brownies — as long as they're crisp at the edges, that is, — then this bizarre but brilliant brownie pan is the perfect gift. Never get that last reject brownie with soft edges again, as this pan ensures each square has a crispy golden edge.


This Snowflake Multi-Tool That Can Perform 18 Functions

This multi-tool comes in handy when you need it, and can perform 18 different functions all in one design. It's a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a wrench, and so much more. And, at just $11, this makes for a great gift for anyone that they probably wouldn't have bought for themselves. Over 1,800 Amazon reviewers have invested in this popular multi-tool.


A Microwaveable Popcorn Popper That You Can Bring With You Anywhere

Okay, hear me out: This microwaveable popcorn popper is kind of amazing. The glass is BPA-free and hypoallergenic, and fits up to a quart of popcorn. Just measure out the popcorn kernels in the top lid and pour them into the jar. Put the entire popper in the microwave and cook for three minutes. You'll have the perfect snack-sized amount of popcorn already in a jar you can bring with you anywhere.


This Wooden Digital Clock That Reads The Room's Humidity & The Indoor Temp

A good clock may seem like a practical gift, but this one comes with a bunch of features sure to make it an upgrade from whatever clock is on their desk right now. This one displays the interior heat and humidity levels to give you an accurate read of the environment around you. It comes in this sleek dark gray tone, as well as a few other neutrals sure to blend in any home office or bedroom.


A 6-Pack Of Wine-Shaped Lipstick

These wine-shaped lip tints make for a great gift, and come in six different colors for every person's style or taste. In a range of purples, pinks, and reds, these lip tints last for a really long time and are even waterproof. One reviewer confirms, "I am in LOVE with this set. Not only does it include a great range of usable colors that look awesome on, it’s easy to apply, very long lasting and doesn’t dry out my lips."


A Wine Or Beer Holder That Suctions To Your Tub Or Shower

There are few combinations that go as well together as an alcoholic drink and a warm shower or bath. That's where this genius shower caddy comes in. It suctions to the side of your tub or shower and can hold your favorite drink of choice (non-alcoholic ones as well), so you can suds up with your favorite drink at arm's reach. No wonder more than 2,600 Amazon reviewers have added this to their bathrooms.


A Window Herb Garden That's Super Easy To Use

If you have a friend who loves to garden but lives in an apartment and doesn't have access to one, get them this windowsill herb garden. It contains everything you need to grow fresh herbs year-round: It comes with nine planters, labels, seeds, and nutrient-rich soil discs that expand to fill the pot with water.


A Smart Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Drink (& Can Play Music!)

This smart water bottle is a super fun gift to receive for a few reasons. Not only does it glow to remind you to drink water, but it also can play music if you connect it via Bluetooth to your phone or computer. One Amazon fan says, "I love this water bottle, I’ve had it for a few months now and I haven't had to charge it or had any issues with it. I began drinking more water as it is easy to carry around and very light. 10/10 would highly recommend. Looks cool and is super helpful."


A Quirky Pencil Cup That Fits Inside A Hand

Your eclectic friend will really appreciate this pencil holder that features a hand holding up a cup. It comes in white, orange, green, yellow, or black, and is a great place to store supplies on a desk. It's a bit more fun than your basic pen holder and will surely be a conversation piece on anyone's desk. "I love this pen holder... I never tip it over, as it has a sturdy base and large cup for highlighters, pens and pencils," one Amazon user says.


This Bluetooth Speaker & Touch-Activated Lamp

Not only does this lamp have five different color options and three different brightness levels, but it's touch-activated so you can tap it to turn the light on. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so it can play all your favorite music — a perfect gift that for music lovers or smart-home fanatics.


This Genius Toilet Light That'll Illuminate Your Bathroom At Night

This best-selling toilet light will light up your bathroom at night, so you aren't stumbling around looking for the toilet or sink. It's super easy to install and can even be customized to one of 16 different lights. Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers have added this to their bathroom with many calling it a "great gift."


An Attachable Camera Lens That'll Improve Their Photos

If you know someone who loves Instagram and takes their posts very seriously, give them a three-in-one pocket lens that they can attach to their phone. It'll actually help improve the quality of the photos that they take on their phones. They'll be able to take macro, wide, or fish-eye angles, and then add a bit of variety to their feed. At just $24, this makes for a fantastic tech accessory that instantly upgrades a phone.


An Easy-To-Use Homemade Ice Cream Maker

This best-selling ice cream maker is a fun kitchen tool that most people don't own, but that is truly a good time. You can make your own ice cream with this dish, simply by pouring mixed ingredients into the fast-freeze pan. Pop it in the freezer for a few hours. You'll have homemade ice cream that's delicious, even more so given how easy it was to make.


A Smart Picture Frame That Can Showcase All Of Their Favorite Photos

This digital photo frame has a 10-inch full HD screen that can clearly display favorite photos or videos in a slideshow format. The convenient remote that allows you toggle through the media you've uploaded. Upload photos via a USB and plug it in and you'll be able to see precious memories rotate through. Or if you'd rather, upgrade to the Wi-Fi digital frame, which allows you to send photos from your phone or computer to the frame. At just $85, this is one of the most affordable digital frames out there.


A USB-Rechargeable Lighter That Goes On Your Key Chain

This tiny lighter is a great accessory to have hanging from your keys. It works simply: Charge it via USB and it'll work for about two hours of continuous use. It's also waterproof, and comes with its own lanyard so you can hang it from a camping backpack or a purse if you need. Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this rechargeable lighter and the reviews are largely rave.


A Plush Heated Blanket Made With 5,000+ Reviews

A heated blanket is one of the best home upgrades anyone could make, and comes in clutch during the winter months. This one is made with a micro-plush exterior that is soft to the touch and so warm, even without the heating settings on. This blanket even has built-in technology to determine it heats evenly, and it has a three-hour shut-off feature that's super great for forgetful people.


These Egg Rings Perfect For Making Breakfast Sandwiches At Home

This unique kitchen appliance takes all the work out of making delicious breakfast sandwiches. Crack an egg within one of these rings and it'll cook without spreading throughout the rest of the skillet. It also has stainless steel handles and is dishwasher-safe. Hundreds of fans swear by it.

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