27 Brilliant Ways To Store 3x More Stuff & Make Everything Easier To Find

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Whether you want to make finding things easier or are just in need of some extra storage space, there are plenty of options to get your closets, kitchen, bathroom, and even car better organized. From collapsible hangers that store five times more in the same space to vacuum storage bags, here are 27 brilliant ways to increase your storage because when it comes to smart organization, it's all about making the most of the space you've got.

This list covers every room in the house — and even your car and luggage. There are lid racks, food storage containers, and other clever gadgets to help organize your kitchen countertops and cabinets. For the bathroom, there's a medicine cabinet system and a fan-favorite shower caddy that holds everything from toys to toiletries. When it comes to your desk, consider a well-designed monitor riser with built-in storage and phone holder. But it doesn’t stop there. You can even clear the clutter out of your car with trunk and behind-the-seat organizers.

With just a few of these genius storage solutions on Amazon, you'll be shocked by how much more spacious your home and car are about to become. And with Prime shipping, you'll be able to get started in no time.


This Set Of Airtight Containers Keep Your Food Fresh & Easier To Find

Vtopmart airtight food storage containers have easy lock lids to keep all of your pantry staples fresh. They’re clear so you can instantly see what’s inside without opening them, plus with this seven-piece container set, you get 24 reusable labels to organize your pantry better. Use them for everything from flour and sugar to nuts and beans.


A Hanging Closet Organizer For Sweaters, Tees, & More

When you need more space for your folded clothing, try this sturdy six-tier hanging organizer. It has six shelves and two heavy-duty hooks to hold bulky sweaters, shirts, hats, and more. The cloth shelf is foldable to store away when not in use, and is available in five different shades.


A Space-Saving Lid Organizer With Adjustable Dividers

The StoraLid organizer can hold both round and square container lids up to 9 inches in size so you can finally find just the lid you're looking for in a snap. It's super easy to set up, and this organizer is customizable with five adjustable dividers.


This Pan & Pot Organizer That Works Horizontally & Vertically

With the SimpleHouseware pan and pot organizer, you don’t have to dig into the cupboard to find what you’re looking for. This space-saving rack holder can store up to five pans. It’s also free-standing, making it ideal for both cabinet or countertop storage. You can install it vertically or horizontally, and all the required hardware is included.


A Compact Door Pantry Organizer That's See-Through

With over 2,000 five-star reviews, customers agree that the SimpleHouseware hanging pantry organizer makes finding the ingredients you need a breeze. This organizer hangs easily over the door and is 52 by 18 inches in size with 15 clear pockets so you can see exactly what’s being stored inside. Plus, it comes in a two-pack to double-up on storage space.


A Charging Station Organizer That Includes Space-Saving Cables

The Hercules Tuff charging station charges multiple devices at once while also keeping them neatly contained. It features six 2.4-amp ports to charge both cell phones and tablets, and it even includes six Apple Lightning cables sized to save space while plugged in. It also works with other cords, though.


This Underwear Organizer With Tons Of Little Pockets

Simple Houseware's underwear organizers give your underwear, socks, and bras their own place so they stay fresh for longer. Each of the four pieces has a specific use, and because of its non-woven fabric, this organizer is mold-resistant, too.


These Heavy-Duty Hangers That Hang 5 Times As Much Stuff

If you have limited closet space, House Day Black Magic hangers each hold five articles of clothing and cascade so those five pieces take up the space one normally would. With a set of 10, you can hold up to 50 garments, including heavy clothing like bulky sweaters, in total. Choose from black or white.


A Hat Organizer That Holds 10 Caps In A Row

The Lekusha cap organizer isn’t just for baseball caps; this hat organizer has 10 rust-resistant clips that work with toppers or all kinds and some shoppers even use it for accessories like scarves. The sleeve conveniently snaps onto any hanger you already have, and the durable nylon will last for years.


A Space-Saving Vacuum Storage Bag With A Hand Pump Included

Declutter and increase your storage space with SpaceSaver's vacuum storage bags which hold more in less space. This set of five medium-sized bags hold up to 10 sweaters easily in each bag, but these also come in a range of sizes like a large, perfect for comforters. All have a double-zip seal and triple-seal valve to remove air and keep it out. Plus, these sets include a hand pump so you can use them when you travel or don’t have access to a vacuum.


A Shoe Organizer That Fits Neatly Under Your Bed

Each of the Woffit under-the-bed shoe organizers hold up 12 pairs of shoes and conveniently fit under your bed to save space. It comes in a set of two, and this organizer is made of non-woven fabric and has a clear vinyl cover, so your shoes are visible. The side handles make it easy to pull out and grab your fave pair without searching or fumbling through your closet.


This Tea Bag Organizer That's Stackable

The mDesign tea bag organizer is a versatile holder for storing tea bags and other small items. It has a hinged lid and clear design, so you always know what’s inside. This organizer can also be stacked to save space on your kitchen countertop or cabinet. Plus, it’s available in an assortment of colors (though only the lid is clear) from pink to mint green.


A Dual-Sided Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The Misslo jewelry hanging organizer is dual-sided with 32 separate pockets and 18 hook and loop closures so all your pieces can be tucked away safely and tangle-free. Just attach it to a hanger and place it in your closet or on your door. The pockets are clear, so all of your jewelry is visible and easily accessible. There's also an earring holder, necklace loops, and pockets to store your bracelets, rings, hair clips, and other accessories.


This Foldable Monitor Stand Comes With Drawers Plus A Phone Holder

The Klearlook foldable monitor stand gets your laptop or monitor to a more comfortable height while also adding lots of storage. It has three adjustable widths ranging from 16.5 inches to 20.5 inches and can elevate up to 55 pounds. But perhaps most cleverly, it features a storage drawer and a phone or tablet holder. Plus, you can store your keyboard under the stand when not in use for even more space.


A Bag Organizer That Keeps Your Purses Free Of Dust & Scratches

The LONGTEAM hanging purse organizer makes it easy to organize all of your handbags neatly. This hanging closet organizer features 10 pockets and two heavy-duty stainless steel hooks. It’s made of breathable non-woven fabric and helps keep your bags away from dust and the jostling around that can lead to scratches.


A Purse Organizer Available In 6 Sizes To Suit Your Bag

The ZTUJO purse organizer insert has 13 pockets so all your valuables and must-haves have a place and are easy to him. This organizer is available in six sizes to fit any type of handbag from mini to large and slender. There’s also a detachable pocket in the middle that you can use as a wallet. Plus, you can get it in 15 different colors.


This Shower Caddy Holds Everything From Toys to Toiletries

The Tub Cubby bath organizer is a shower caddy with both suction and sticker hooks to easily attach to your shower wall. It has a mesh net to hold toys or toiletries, and it comes with two bonus hooks for hanging bath brushes, towels, and other items. More than 11,000 reviewers have given it a 4.6-star rating for being sturdy and helpful.


A Remote Caddy Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

The UnionBasic remote control organizer is a media caddy with five compartments for storing all your remote controls as well as cell phones and other small electronics. It has a swivel base that allows you to spin it a full 360 degrees, and since this caddy is only 6.9-inches wide, you can set it on any coffee table or desk. Choose from more than 20 colors and patterns including marble effect and solid black.


These Organizers For Your Car's Backseat That Can Even Hold A Tablet

The KNGUVTH backseat car organizer has pockets for storing water bottles, snacks, books, magazines, and even a clear pocket that creates a mini entertainment center when you add a tablet. This two-pack has adjustable straps to attach securely to the back of your front seats and is made of a sturdy polyester.


A Grocery Bag Dispenser You Can Tape To A Wall Or Door

The Greenco wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser makes reusing those old grocery bags easy and keeps your kitchen or pantry tidy until you need them. It can be mounted to your wall or inside a cabinet with the included adhesive tape or screws. Plus, this dispenser can hold up to 30 bags.


A Car Trunk Organizer With Hooks To Keep It In Place

Starling's car trunk organizer is an expandable and foldable storage box for your car trunk with handy hooks so it won't shift around even if you decide to use it in a car seat. It also has a nonslip waterproof bottom. And when you're done, it can be folded and collapsed.


These Bathroom Organizers Are Perfect For Your Medicine Cabinet Or Countertop

The iDesign bathroom cabinet organizers come in a set of three and can be used to organize your bathroom medicine cabinet or countertop. They’re clear, so it’s easy to see all the contents inside and each comes with compartments of different sizes so you can choose which ones best suit your cosmetics, toothbrushes, and medical supplies.


This Cult-Favorite Cutlery Organizer That Saves So Much Space

The Joseph Joseph kitchen drawer organizer has five individual compartments that are stacked and elevated for quick, easy access. Its unique design is also space-saving, since it maximizes vertical space. This organizer includes cutlery icons for labeling, too. With more than 5,000 five-star reviews, it's a customer favorite.


A Space-Saving Set Of Packing Cubes So You Can Fit More Into Your Luggage

Mossio's packing cubes are space-saving compression cubes for your luggage or gym bag so you can get more into your luggage. Each set includes three packing cubes, three laundry pouches, and a bonus shoe bag. It’s also water-resistant, foldable, and easy to store away. "I did about 3 months of backpacking abroad and these cubes were the best thing about my trip. I could stuff these bad boys to the point I would think "Okay, now this will bust the zipper" but it never did!" one fan raved.


A Magnetic Tool Organizer For Both Home & Garage

The CMS Magnetics Magnetic Tool Tray can be easily mounted to any toolbox, cabinet, pallet racks, or magnetic board in your garage or home. It’s 12 inches by 4.5 inches so it's perfect to hold small tools and keep them there. Reviewers even used them on the fridge to hold spices and other odds and ends.


This Battery Storage Organizer That Includes A Battery Tester

The Battery Organizer storage case can hold up to 93 batteries in a range of sizes including AAA, D, and even nine volt ones. Plus, it includes a removable battery tester, so you always know when a battery needs to be replaced. It has a clear see-through design that’s also flat, making it easy to store in a drawer, closet, or even mount on your wall.


A Heat-Resistant Styling Tool Holder That Can Be Hung Or Sit On A Counter

This styling tool organizer holds blow-dryers, curling irons, straighteners, brushes, and more safety thanks to the heat-resistant mesh and silicone material. It has a handy cord storage pocket and can be stored on the counter, hung on the towel bar, placed in a drawer or cabinet. It’s also available in five shades to match your bathroom decor.

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