30 Gifts For Men Who Are Hard To Shop For

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By Emily Estep
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Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for — unless their hobbies happen to align with yours, it's easy to feel clueless as to what they'd actually be excited to get. That said, there are a ton of genius gifts for men who are hard to shop for, whether you're on the hunt for a boyfriend, a brother, or just one of your favorite dude bros.

A lot of people (guys included) tend to keep quiet about what they want, and when they do want a shiny new toy, many just go ahead and buy it. And the search seems to go on forever, because it often feels like the gift-requiring occasions never end — from the holidays and birthdays to special events like graduations and work promotions, there's always presents to buy. So if you’re tired of giving ties or gift cards, there are some great alternatives out there.

Frustrations aside, when you find the perfect gift for the man in question, you'll know it, with a feeling of satisfaction rivaled only by the giddiness you'll feel when he finally opens your carefully curated choice. These gifts for men on Amazon cover a huge variety of interests, from the athletic mountain man in your life to the tech junkie who just wants to stay in with a drink.


An Echo That Brings Alexa Into Your Car — & It's 60% off Right Now

Add Alexa to your car with the Echo Auto, which syncs to your phone and plays directly through your car’s speakers. Use it to check traffic and weather, stream music, listen to books on Audible, and more — all hands-free.


This 2-Pack Of Stainless Steel Insulated Mugs Perfect For Any Activity

These insulated stainless steel mugs can each hold 14 ounces of coffee or any hot beverage and are tough enough for any outdoor activity. But even if the man you're shopping for doesn't like the outdoors, having a durable mug is super helpful indoors, too. He'll never have to worry about it breaking when it's dropped, it even comes with a spill-resistant rubber top and a five-year warranty. It's also dishwasher-safe.


This Set Of Soaps Made From Craft Beer

This pack of beer soaps is made with real craft beer, as well as skin-nourishing ingredients like oats, orange peel, and crushed walnut shells. Beer soaps are more than just a novelty, as hops are frequently used in skin products for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A combination of coconut oil, safflower oil, and more make these soaps particularly hydrating, too. This pack comes in scents like vanilla porter, hoppy IPA, and honey pilsner.


A Shaver That Makes It Easy To Maintain A Beard

This versatile shaver makes it easy to shave and trim facial hair with a built-in LED light and a head that pivots closely around the contours of the face — which delivers a closer shave while preventing ingrown hairs. It comes with three trimming comb sizes, charges quickly and easily with a USB charging cable, and the blades are made from German stainless steel. It also comes with a cleaning brush to prevent loose hairs from getting everywhere.


A Knife Sharpener That'll Extend The Life Of Your Kitchen Tools

This sharpening whetstone comes with a bamboo base to hold it and a knife sharpening angle guide, so even a complete beginner will be able to use the stone. Properly sharpening tools lengthens their lifespan and actually makes food preparation much safer, and this sharpening stone works for literally any blade in the kitchen. To use, soak in water for five minutes and get to work on all your tools. It even has a rubber grip to keep it from slipping.


A Fire Stick Lite For 40% Off (Includes An Alexa Voice Remote)

For less than $20 while it's on sale, get the new 2020 Lite version of the fan-favorite Fire TV Stick. Although it doesn't control the power or volume on your TV, this affordable little unit has you covered for effortless streaming you can control with your voice. It doesn't just work for Netflix and Prime video, either. Use it to play music, watch live TV, and more. It has a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 18,000 reviews, so you know it's a tried and true option.

For another great deal, check out the Fire Stick 4K that comes with a voice-controlled Alexa remote. It's on sale for $39, which is 20% off its original price of $49.


This USB Charging Port That Powers Up Anything

This charging station allows you to charge up to six USB devices a time in one outlet, identifying the specific power needed for devices. It's got a five foot long flexible cord, has an anti-slip base that's perfect for a desk or dresser, and is compatible with Apple, Blackberry, Kindle and Samsung devices. One reviewer writes: "It plugs into the WALL, and unlike standard USB hubs that can only charge while plugged in to a computer, it can charge devices from any of the ports or all the ports at the same time while plugged into the wall. Mind. Blown."


An Indoor Grill He Can Use When It Gets Too Cold Outside

This indoor grill has high heat capability, adjustable temperature control, a non-stick plate, indicator lights, and basically everything else you'd expect from an outdoor grill — but it's meant for indoor use. The searing grill ramps up to an incredibly high temperature to give those grill marks we all love, then cools down to finish cooking your meat or veggies without burning them. Best of all, you can straight up put almost the entire thing in the dishwasher, making it beyond easy to clean up after a food prep session. It even has an extra long drip tray to keep your kitchen safe.


Amazon's Most Popular Men's Running Socks, That Are Perfect For Any Workout

Socks may not be the most original gift, but they're a classic for a reason. Even the hardest to shop for men probably aren't replacing their socks enough. This popular pair of no-show socks are a best-seller on Amazon, thanks to their no-show ankle design, cushioned soles, and moisture-wicking properties. It comes in almost 20 colors you can choose from.


This Smart Plug That Extends Your Alexa To Other Rooms (& It's 60% Off Right Now)

If you're shopping for a man who already has a smart assistant, this smart plug is a must buy. Not only does it have a built-in nightlight, but it extends the range of his Alexa-enabled device, so he can ask questions, get the weather, or turn on smart lights and devices from wherever he is. When synced with an Alexa-enabled device, he can even make hands-free calls.


This Electronics Organizer That Keeps All The Small Things Together

This electronic organizer is a game-changer for anyone who loves to keep their day-to-day products accessible. The rubberized woven elastic straps of all sizes will firmly grip anything from a tiny lip balm to a computer tablet, and the entire organizer slips right into a suitcase or laptop bag easily. It's also water-repellent, a big plus when it comes to technology. Nearly 4,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this handy organizer.


These Indoor/Outdoor House Slippers With Memory Foam Soles

It's pretty likely that even if the man you're shopping for has slippers, they haven't been replaced in a while. These moccasin-style slippers are great because they are soft on the inside, but made with durable rubber soles that can be worn outdoors. The combination of a fleece lining and memory foam soles makes these some of the most comfortable slippers you can buy. And they come in a wide range of sizes and a few styles so you can find the perfect pair.


This Sneaky Multi-Tool That Looks And Feels Like A Credit Card

This credit-card-sized metal plate is actually a stealthy mini-tool. It looks like a credit card but secretly can perform 18 everyday functions, from opening bottles, to measuring things, to fixing eyeglasses. This multitool is ideal for outdoorsy types or anyone who likes to be prepared wherever they go. And not only is it small, it also weighs less than one ounce.


An Affordable Tablet (That's Currently 20% Off)

A tablet is a great gift to receive, particularly one like this which is portable and lightweight, but allows you to browse the internet, use apps, stream videos, and even has Alexa technology built-in to its design. Over 120,000 Amazon users have invested in this tablet and the reviews are glowing. This one has 16 gigabytes of storage and a seven-hour battery life.


This Magical Defrosting Tray That Speeds Up Food Preparation

This defrosting tray safely defrosts large cuts of meat in as little as thirty minutes with no chemicals, hot water, or preheating. Smaller cuts, pork chops, frozen shrimp, etc. defrost even faster, so you can put together last-minute meals whenever inspiration strikes, and the tray stays cool to the touch the entire time.


This Cooker That Perfectly Crisps Up Bacon In The Microwave

This microwave bacon cooker could truly change the life of a bacon fan — just place up to 12 pieces of bacon on the cooker and put in the microwave for perfectly cooked, crispy bacon that's drained of most of the grease and oil. Plus, you won't have to clean a messy stovetop afterwards or deal with a mess, and the cooker can be placed directly in the dishwasher. The rack is also removable, which is great for compact storage.


These Push-Up Stands That's Great For Any Home Gym

These push-up stands are designed to rotate just a little bit to engage more muscles, which increases strength faster and can help to create definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs. They have ergonomic handles that help distribute weight evenly, too, which can prevent injury to the wrist and ankles. The bottom of the handles have an anti-slip grip that's good for any kind of floor, and can support weight up to 400 pounds. It also comes with a Navy SEAL inspired 21-day workout program.


These Pouches That Eliminate Odor & Moisture Wherever You Stash Them

These gray pouches absorb both moisture and odor, making them great for stashing in gym bags to prevent the inevitable stench of gnarly socks and sweaty shorts that accumulates over time. The bags are packed with charcoal and other natural ingredients that simply suck up the odor and moisture from damp places. You can even stash them into shoes to entirely eliminate unwanted smells overnight. Reviewers love that they're great for removing mildew odors from closets and bathrooms as well.


This Phone Armband Compatible With iPhones & Androids

This cell phone armband is ideal for runners or anyone else who likes to listen to music when they workout. It securely keeps your phone in reach while keeping it safe from sweat and the weather. The armband is made of a stretchy, flexible material that means it works on any arm and will adapt to any form of movement, so you won't have to worry about your phone dropping. It's also got a secure, secret key holder to put in your house key, there are four different holes for headphones to ensure that one will fit your particular model.


These No-Tie Shoelaces Available In 31 Colors

These no-tie shoelaces can be placed in literally any pair of shoes, instantly turning them into a pair of slip-ons. Even with the no-tie shoelaces, running shoes and other athletic sneakers maintain their shape; you won't have to worry about your feet slipping out. It only takes about five minutes to install the no-tie laces, and they're available in 31 colors. They're made from a sturdy material that won't put pressure on the top of your foot, which can be the cause of foot pain throughout the day, and they're especially for work outs where you're concerned about tripping on laces.


This Vibrating Massage Chair That Delivers Heat And Pressure Right Where You Need It

This vibrating massage seat has three separate massaging zones that deeply massage into your back and thighs to help relieve stress, dig out knots, and ease sore muscles. It also offers optional heat therapy, with or without the massaging zones. Between its many massaging patterns and vibration frequencies, the seat is super customizable, and it's easy to move from chair to chair.


This Quick Meat Thermometer That Has 50,000+ Reviews

This meat thermometer gives you a precise temperature read in as little as five seconds, so you'll never risk overcooking meat again while you wait for a sub-par thermometer to reach its temp. The stainless steel probe of the thermometer is nearly 4 inches long, and its backside has a list of meats and their safe-to-eat internal temperatures, so you won't have to look anything up while you're cooking. The probe also folds into itself for easy storage. Over 50,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this meat thermometer.


This Minimalist Wallet That Holds Everything Securely

This slim wallet is ideal for minimalists or anyone who's trying to lighten the load in their pocket. It weighs less than an ounce, while still being able to hold up to ten cards as well as cash. The wallet is made of a combination of durable polycarbonate and silicone, so it's built to last and will hold up for years of daily use. It also works as a money clip on the outside, and reviewers love how durable it is.


A Mini Security Camera You Can Monitor From Your Phone

This plug-in security camera has two-way audio and a motion sensor that can ping your phone when something in its range of sight moves. Just hook it up to your Wi-Fi and download the Blink app. You'll be able to see what's going on in your home no matter where you are. More than 43,000 Amazon reviewers have added this security system to their homes.


This Heated Shoe Dryer That Keeps Your Boots & Sneakers Dry & Fresh

This shoe dryer removes the sweat, the smells, and the moisture from footwear, which will ultimately keep your feet way more comfortable. All you do is put your shoes on top of the dryer, and it silently does its job in a matter of hours — all while using less electricity than a standard light bulb. Not only does it eliminate odors, it preserves your shoes, deodorizes them, and prevents mold and mildew. Plus, it's safe for all types of shoes made of any material — from regular canvas sneakers to fleece to fancy leather oxfords. Reviewers say if you use this device every day for a month, it'll cost less than 3 dollars of electricity to power up.


This After-Shave Balm That Hydrates Sensitive Skin

This after-shave balm will keep your skin from becoming irritated and can eliminate razor burn, with a soothing and cooling feeling that never stings. The formula is totally alcohol-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin, and even though it's super hydrating, the after-shave balm isn't greasy. A little goes a long way, so you won't run out of after-shave for a long time. It's also got great ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, organic jojoba seed oil, aloe, and organic coconut oil. One reviewer rates it a five but notes: "Would give this product six stars if that was possible... This is one of those rare products that nails it, and could not possibly be improved. "


A Minimalist Alarm Clock That Reads The Indoor Temperature & Humidity

Outfitted with three brightness settings and both indoor temperature and humidity readings, this digital alarm clock does so much more than your standard model, and has a minimalist design reviewers love. The LED screen even has a "no-disturb" setting that'll turn it off at night so the brightness doesn't bother your sleeping, and it's entirely USB powered.


The Electric Bottle Opener That Removes A Cork In Seconds

This cordless, electric wine bottle opener removes the cork from any standard bottle of wine in just a few seconds with the push of a button., and it can open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge. It even has a foil cutter for removing the seals first, and a sleek recharging base to keep it in when you're not using it. Never again will you struggle to open your wine or find floating bits of cork inside a hard-to-open bottle. Reviewers say this is a sturdy product that will last for years.


This Set Of Resistance Bands That Will Amp Up Your Workout

This resistance band set comes with five bands of the same size that represent different weights, as well as a door anchor attachment, leg and ankle straps, and a waterproof carrying case to store it all in. Together, these make excellent workout enhancers that you can do hundreds of exercises in — many which work out all your muscle groups. It even comes with workout e-books, in case you need some guidance. The resistance bands can be used to punch up any workout or to create something totally new to your routine.


This Heated Vest For The Guy Who Is Always Cold

This heated vest is perfect for any guy who tends to get cold this time of year. Not only is it machine-washable, but it's smartly designed with two battery packs that can heat up for 10 hours on a single charge. Thousands of Amazon reviewers have invested in this winter essential, and the reviews are rave.