3 Kids’ Bento Box Hacks That Your Family Will Love

by Cara Strickland

When it comes to making wholesome meals that your kids will actually eat, look no further than every mom’s holy grail: the bento box. It’s cute, it’s photo-worthy, and there’s just something about its little compartments that make whatever you pack for lunch so much more appetizing to even the pickiest little ones.

And with a Walmart+ membership, you can get fresh, organic groceries delivered right to your door for free*, taking the stress (and so much of the prep work) out of meal planning for your family. Keep tapping for the three bento box tips you’ll use again and again.

*$35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.

1. Prep Smarter

Fruit cutters in a variety of shapes and sizes make for seamless prep — and a lunchtime look that pops. Choose sturdy fruits and veggies (like watermelon and cucumber) and cut them ahead of time so all you have to do on the eve of a busy Monday is build out your kid’s boxes.

No Sunday scaries here!