32 Clever Fitness Products That Give People The Biggest Results With The Least Effort

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda and Lisa Fogarty

Getting in shape always seems like a good idea, but if massive amounts of gym equipment look overwhelming and classes feel like they’re off the table, you might sense the motivation start to drain from your veins. Thankfully there exists more feasible options outside of just the gym or classes and many of them can be utilized within your own living room. As you’ll see on the list below, there are at least 32 extremely clever fitness products out there that will give you the biggest results with the least amount of effort.

Starting from the all-important foundation of improving balance and increasing strength in stabilizing muscles, there are simple but smart products like foam exercise pads, exercise balls, or a stability disc that activates your core. If you’re aiming to go for pure strength or speed work then the pushup handles on this list with slight rotation will be sure to engage every muscle in your upper body, as will an agility ladder that will get those feet moving as fast as they can. But don’t neglect the important results you can get from rehabbing muscles with products such as a high-density foam roller or a small but mighty massage ball that targets pressure points.

Whether forcing you to keep your balance, improving strength, or restoring your body for the next workout, get ready because this list will give you tons of clever options to do all that and more — and the only effort needed is to click “add to cart”.


A Weighted Hula Hoop You Can Disassemble

Is there anything more fun than hula hooping? It’s the fitness trend that never fails to make you forget you’re actually exercising. And this weighted hula hoop kicks things up a notch. The comfy hoop is padded and, when fully put together in eight pieces, weighs a little less than 3 pounds. This hoop can easily be disassembled for travel or to make it the perfect fit for children. It boasts more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon.


The Stretch Strap With 10 Loops For Better Flexibility

You already know that stretching your muscles is important to prevent injury, and this yoga stretching strap makes it so much easier, thanks to 10 loops that are perfect for targeting all muscle groups. The sturdy strap measures 75 inches long and one inch wide, comes with a helpful workout guide, and has earned a high 4.8-star rating.


A Pair Of Touch Screen Gloves For Early Morning Runs

If you love hitting the pavement early in the morning or later in the evening, when it may be a bit colder than you’d like, this pair of warm and comfortable gloves are breathable, moisture-wicking, and feature four-way stretch. The knit gloves also have anti-slip palms and fingertips that make them ideal for holding onto your bike handle or touching screens so you can choose new songs and podcasts for your run, walk, or cycling trip. They have more than 35,000 reviews and come in 13 colors.


An Under-Desk Bike To Strengthen Calves While You Work

Your relatively new WFH situation may have left you wondering how to fit exercise into a busy routine. This under-desk bike is the perfect solution: it sits snug on the floor under your desk and features adjustable resistance so you can decide how much of a workout you want to give your calf and leg muscles that day. No one on your Zoom will even know you are working while simultaneously building strength.


A Stability Disc That Activates Core Muscles

Keep your core muscles strong and help improve your posture while you work or sit around enjoying your favorite Netflix show with this balance cushion. The “active seat” cushion arrives to you partially inflated and comes with an inflation needle to achieve a firmer seat. It measures 16 inches in diameter, comes in three colors, and has more than 10,000 reviews.


These Arm Workout Accessories To Help Strengthen Your Grip

Increase your upper body muscle strength with these award-winning grips for free weights that can boost grip strength, which can allow you to add even more weight to your routine. The 2.25-inch grips wrap around weights and are made with medical-grade material. They have a 4.8-star rating, with one review writing, “These things made my grip strength go through the roof! They make everything harder but in a good way. I couldn't recommend these more for anyone who wants to take their workouts to the next level!”


A High-Density Foam Roller For An Intense Massage

So you’ve enjoyed an intense workout and now you are faced with intense muscle pain — what to do? Grab this high-density body roller and give yourself an equally intense deep tissue massage. The 3D-textured roller is ideal for all areas of your body and has more than 10,000 reviews. It comes in seven colors.


The Easy-To-Hold Medicine Ball In Five Weights

Ranging in weight from four to 12 pounds, this medicine ball provides strength resistance but is also easier to grip than many free weights. The ball is made from sturdy rubber with a light texture so you can hold it while working on any muscle group. This hugely popular ball has more than 10,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


A Pilates Ring For Added Resistance

Whether you are engaged in a pilates or yoga practice, this pilates ring offers added resistance, whether you are targeting your inner thigh muscles, core, or working on improving your balance and flexibility. The lightweight ring measures 12 inches and is made from firm thickened fiberglass, so it won’t bend or break, no matter how much pressure you place on it.


An Affordable Fitness Tracker With All The Bells And Whistles

Maybe you’re coveting a fitness tracker, but would rather not spend $100 on one — this affordable pick costs less than $25 and features many of the same bells and whistles as pricier models. It tracks your heart rate, sleep quality, calories, and running stats. You can also connect its data to your smartphone and it comes with a USB charging cable for easy charging. Choose from seven colors like light green, blue, and pink.


The Compression Sleeves To Ease Foot Pain

Applying gentle compression to your ankles and feet can help relieve pain and discomfort, whether it results from an accident or workout injury. And these ankle sleeves can also be worn while you are walking, hiking, and running to support you during workouts. The non-slip sock sleeves are moisture-wicking, come in four sizes, five colors, and have more than 34,000 reviews.


These Comfy Weights That Wrap Around Wrists

Even if you’re going on a simple walk around the neighborhood, these wrist weights add resistance without getting in your way and while still freeing up your hands. Each of these bands provides two pounds of resistance, for a total of four pounds, and they wrap comfortably around the wrists, staying in place with secure Velcro and featuring a thumb grip. Choose between black and pink.


The Balance Board For Stability Training

Working on your stability? Snag this balance board and use it in conjunction with free weights during an intense workout or while simply standing around and watching a film. The board has a non-skid surface with 360-degree rotation and can help you work on your balance while strengthening your core, posture, and coordination.


This Clever Grip That Transforms Weights Into Kettlebells

Turn any free weight into a kettlebell with this clever little accessory: an adjustable weight grip that can hold weights up to 55 pounds. The grip has an easy-to-hold handle and weighs less than one pound, so it’s perfectly portable. It has more than 6,000 reviews and one reviewer raved: “I was looking for a product that would allow me to swing 30-50lbs when a gym didn't have kettlebells or only light bells. This works perfectly for that and doing Turkish Get Ups. I've had this for a week and haven't had any issues with it.”


The Small Textured Massage Ball That Targets Pressure Points

Target every pressure point and uncomfortable muscle with this compact textured massage ball that features raised tips that deliver instant relief. The ball measures just two inches, so you can pack it in your gym bag, and it has a 4.6-star rating. One reviewer who said they suffered from chronic pain wrote, “Although I work out regularly to mitigate most of it, this has been awesome for getting some knots out. I basically lay on it while watching TV. The texture prevents it from rolling away and also creating multiple points of pressure.”


These Resistance Bands That Work With Your Body Weight

The next time you’re on the fence about investing in a set of free weights (only to wonder where you’ll store them all), consider these resistance exercise bands instead. The set of five bands range in resistance levels from extra-light to extra-heavy and work with your body weight to strengthen and tone muscles. Use them during pilates workouts in conjunction with weights and kettlebells to kick your resistance training up a notch. They include a carrying bag.


An Ab Roller Wheel For Core Strength

This ab roller wheel looks low-tech, plus it’s simple to store, but don’t be fooled: it delivers real results when it comes to boosting your core muscles and strength. It features a durable stainless steel shaft and comfy grips covered in an EVA cotton handle. And it has more than 14,000 reviews to prove it’s an effective and popular fitness pick.


A Tool To Improve The Strength Of Your Grip

The muscles in your arms and legs aren’t the only places on your body that benefit from strength. This grip strength gripper has adjustable resistance from 22 to 132 pounds to help you improve your grip strength and rehabilitate your hand after an injury. One reviewer wrote, “I really like this hand gripper not only because of the adjustable weight resistance but also the handle. They are firm but not too firm. It also comes with two squeeze balls to help with finger strength. Since I have been using it, I have increased the weight resistance and noticed my forearms a bit tighter.”


These High-Waisted Leggings With Convenient Pockets

Your leggings may already have small pockets in the waist that are great for hiding keys. But what about those times when you need a roomy pocket or two for your smartphone or wallet? These are the high-waisted leggings that deliver: they feature two large side pockets and a moisture-wicking and stretchy blend of polyester and 12% spandex — and they boast more than 29,000 reviews. Choose from 35 colors and prints in sizes X-small to 3X-large.


These Pushup Handles That Rotate For A Challenge

As one of the gold standards of fitness, the trusty pushup will help with upper-body strength, and these pushup handles take that one step further with slight rotation built-in. Treads on the bottom of each handle help them securely stay in place and ergonomic grips distribute weight evenly, reducing wrist or joint strain. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, the slight rotation due to a steel ball-bearing system engages more muscles and greatly increases strength across your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs.


An Exercise Ball With Extra-Strong Material

With over 19,000 high ratings this heavy-duty exercise ball is great for both non-impact strengthening as well as gentle stretching. Made of a latex-free PVC, the surface is non-slip and extra thick for durability. Available in six shades and sizes ranging from small to XX-large, a pump is included and even if punctured, the ball will deflate slowly and safely. Great for yoga, strengthening, balance, and stability exercises for all-over conditioning.


This Beanie With A Built-In Headlamp

Perfect for outdoor activities in chilly weather, this beanie combines into one clever product the need for head warmth and a headlamp. The beanie is made of soft acrylic and features a built-in LED light that, with a quick adjustable flip, can be used with the cuff up or down. Available in 15 shades and USB rechargeable, it has three adjustable brightness settings and can run for eight hours so you can go on a nighttime jog, walk the dog, hike, chop wood, or engage in any other physical activity that requires a little light and warmth.


These Exercise Discs That Slide For Full Body Workouts

Incredibly low-profile and portable, these exercise discs may seem like they won’t do much, but in fact, engage your entire body in high-intensity exercise but with low impact on your joints. Dual-sided, the smooth thermoplastic side can be used on carpets while the high-density foam side is perfect for hardwood or laminate floors. With an included mesh pink carrying bag for convenience, whip these out wherever you’d like to get a quick but intense workout.


A Pair Of Ankle Weights To Effortlessly Increase Difficulty

Up the ante of your regular workouts by strapping on these ankle weights which will provide great strength training with barely any effort. Available in different weight amounts ranging from .5 pounds to five pounds each, the breathable material is soft and moisture-absorbing, and the adjustable strap allows for a custom fit. Able to be used on the wrists as well as the ankles, the versatility of these weights and the ease of their use will be sure to put them in constant rotation.


This Massage Ball That Rolls To Ease Sore Muscles

Taking up little space but having a big impact, this massage ball rolls along your muscles to ease tightness and soreness, getting you up and running for your next workout. On top of reducing sore shoulder, arm, and leg muscles, it also improves blood circulation to kickstart the body’s healing process. Available in four colors such as blue and pink, the ball can roll 360 degrees and glides in any direction you want to target specific tight areas.


A Therapy Bar To Heal Your Tennis Elbow

Maybe you’ve been hitting the court like a real Serena Williams or perhaps you’ve been practicing your best PGA Tour golf swing. If you’re feeling any inkling of the fearsome tennis elbow then this therapy bar will be your new best friend. Perfect for wrist, forearm, and hand rehabilitation, the bar aims through specific exercises to reduce pain and increase strength. At 12 inches long, it is made of dry natural rubber and requires six pounds of strength to bend it into a U-shape, thereby stretching and strengthening those muscles so you can step back onto the court pronto.


An Agility Ladder To Increase Speed And Strength

Great as a way to improve your strength and speed for sports such as football, soccer, or basketball, this agility ladder measures 20 feet and comes with 12 durable plastic rungs and nylon straps. Fun as well as effective, complete any number of drills like a hopscotch drill, lateral feet, or a tango drill to improve performance. The ladder folds up easily, and there’s an included carrying bag for ultimate portability.


A Pack Of Fitness Cards To Jazz Up Your Routine

If doing the same old workout circuit is a serious motivational drain, then this pack of fitness cards could be the perfect way to spice things up and get you back on the mat. Each deck includes 50 different exercise cards that you can choose at random or customize to your heart’s content by mixing and matching. Every card comes with detailed illustrations and directions and is made of a moisture-resistant plastic material that won’t tear or crease with repeated use. Choose from 11 different decks on offer from exercises based on bodyweight to dumbbells to pilates.


This Foam Exercise Pad To Efficiently Increase Balance

Frequently used by physical therapists, this foam exercise pad does an amazing job at instantly forcing you to engage muscles used for stability, which will greatly improve your strength in all kinds of physical activity. Coming in either a large or X-large size, the pad is anti-slip and constructed of high-quality TPE foam. With a choice among four colors, use this comfortable pad for more than just rehab, as it’s great for yoga, pilates, ballet, or any other low-impact exercise.


A Foot Rocker To Give Calves And Ankles A Deep Stretch

This ingenious foot rocker anchors your foot into a particular position then rocks back and forth to give your ankles and calves an incredibly deep stretch. Great for preventing injury and day-to-day stretching, it’s also effective to relieve the pain of Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. The rocker has non-slip rubber strips on the bottom to prevent slipping, while a raised heel plate locks the foot in place.


This Resistance Parachute For Supreme Speed Training

If speed is the name of your game, then this resistance parachute will harness the power of nature to greatly increase your acceleration. Simply strap on the adjustable belt and set off at a sprint with the parachute increasing resistance behind you. A 360-degree rotation belt allows you to move in any direction and built-in mesh panels help stabilize the chute and keep strings untangled.


A Massage Stick That Works The Fascia

As many massage therapists will tell you, it’s all about treating the fascia right, and with this massage stick, you can roll out and smooth any soreness or knots in the comfort of your own home. With a comfortable foam handle, the three spiked balls roll easily to break up knotted deep tissue and provide much-needed circulation. Available in four shades such as mint green and pink, use it anywhere from shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and more.