34 Clever Things On Amazon That Make Your Workspace Way More Comfortable & Effective

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You spend a lot of time doing your job. And regardless of whether you work from home or at an office, your workspace can definitely start to feel a little dreary after a while. As always, the internet rides to the rescue with things that make your workspace comfortable.

Now, I'm a loyal subscriber to the belief that productivity starts with just the right amount of physical ease. After all, if you're distracted by an achy back, you're not going to get a lot of work done. For that reason, I've included this memory foam lumbar support cushion that keeps your back feeling supported and comfy (even through hours of Zoom calls). And then there's this mouse pad with a built-in cushion for your wrist that will help alleviate strain caused by repetitive clicking and scrolling.

Keeping a smile on your face is also key (especially for those aforementioned Zoom calls), but that's not always easy in stressful moments. To keep frustration at bay, this list is also chock full of organization products that will keep your desk tidy. That way, you can concentrate on the work at hand instead of a mountain of clutter. And of course, to cut down on tension even more, I've included products aimed at relaxing you while you work — like a zen-inducing essential oil diffuser.


This Tablet Stand Can Be Used Horizontally Or Vertically

Suitable for use in either portrait or landscape mode, this tablet stand is crafted from titanium-aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry so it's both strong and lightweight. Designed for use with tablets as small as 4 inches and as large as 13 inches, it's fitted with rubber feet so that it does not scratch delicate table surfaces, and allows for charging while the tablet is in use.


A Desk Organizer To Keep All Your Stuff In Order So You Can Find It

Keeping all your paperwork organized can be a challenge, but this desk organizer makes light work of it. It incorporates literally everything you need to stay straight: Three side-load letter trays, a top-load organizer for hanging files, and a three-compartment drawer for your sticky notes and other smaller items. The mesh construction lets you see exactly what you're looking for and what's in storage, too.


With This Seat Cushion You'll Feel Like You're Floating On Air

With a gel core that's covered in high-density memory foam, this seat cushion helps ensure the proper alignment of the spine for comfort while sitting and relief of back pain and agonizing conditions like sciatica and herniated discs. Designed to encourage proper posture as well, this cushion is breathable so it stays cool, and features a rubberized bottom to stay put once you put it in place.


Stay Organized And Reduce Neck And Eye Strain With This Monitor Stand

Crafted from durable metal that's finished with a black coating, this monitor stand is perfect for getting your laptop or monitor to the right height to prevent eye and neck strain. Additionally, it's outfitted with a sliding drawer tray to hold notebooks, folders, and other paperwork, as well as four side pockets that are designed to wrangle your scissors, pencils and pens, and other office supplies.


These Headphones Deliver Plenty Of Quiet Or Bring In The Noise

Designed to reduce ambient noise whether you're in a room full of screaming kids or in a city full of sirens, these headphones deliver superior sound reproduction with crisp high end and full, dynamic bass. They're outfitted with deluxe earpads that swivel through 90 degrees and an adjustable headband for comfort that's on par with their superior sound quality, too. These headphones sync with any of your Bluetooth devices for maximum flexibility.


The Pad That Keeps Your Desk Scratch-Free And Works As A Mouse Pad, Too

Designed to protect delicate glass or wooden desktops from marring or scratching, this desk pad is crafted from durable polyurethane that's both waterproof and heatproof — so it acts as a coaster for your coffee or water bottle, too. Not only does it come in six fashionable color options, but it also doubles as an oversized mouse pad to offer you the ultimate in versatility.


An Ergonomic Mouse Pad That's Good For You And Fun, Too

Available in eight fun designs, this mouse pad has a built-in gel wrist rest that makes mousing comfortable and helps prevent repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist rest also helps prevent hand fatigue and tiredness, which is perfect when you're drilling down on those exhausting spreadsheets, creating a detailed PowerPoint, or, um, you know, gaming. The rubberized anti-skid base ensures that it stays in place while you work.


Mount This Task Light Anywhere Using The Included Magnetic Disk

The unique thing about this desk lamp is that it can be mounted not only on top of your workspace, but also on the side of a filing cabinet and even underneath a countertop — it's just that versatile, thanks to the magnetic mounting disk that comes with it and is configured to adhere to any surface via a super-strong adhesive. Its 20 LED bulbs provide daylight-quality illumination that's adjustable via its ultra-long flexible gooseneck to target the task at hand.


Protect Your Back With This Under-Desk Foot Rest

Support your back and legs while you work at your desk with this footrest that sits on the floor and is crafted from ultra-dense foam to keep its shape while it props up your feet. The bottom is fitted with a non-slip surface so you don't have to worry about it staying in place, and it has a removable, washable cover so you can use it with your shoes off or on, as you please.


Protect Your Back With This Lumbar Support Cushion

Crafted from memory foam that's ergonomically-shaped to fit the curve of your back, this lumbar support cushion supports spinal alignment and assists you in maintaining a healthy posture. Ideal if you suffer from back pain and the perfect choice if you want to avoid bringing it on, it's available in eight stylish color choices for its removable cover, which is made from a breathable mesh that keeps your back cool while you recline.


Use These Acupressure Rings To Relieve Stress

Roll these rings up and down your fingers and the tactile sensation will not only take your mind right off of whatever you're ruminating on, but they'll also apply pressure on sensitive fingers, which is great for sufferers of hand strength deficits and issues like arthritis and neuropathy. Made from 100 percent anodized stainless steel, they're super durable, and incredibly useful for those with OCD, ADHD, and those with anxiety also.


Keep Up With Your To-Do List Using This Dry-Erase Board

What better way to keep track of everyday goals and activities than with this dry-erase board that's also magnetic so it can hold receipts, recipes, or your favorite photos and memorabilia? It comes with a marker, an eraser, and a magnet, and adheres to the wall or any flat surface using included Velcro double-sided mounting strips so you're all ready to go as soon as it arrives.


These Dry Erase Markers Make Keeping Track Of Things More Colorful

Add some color to your list-making with this set of dry erase markers in a dozen delightful colors. These smear-proof markers are made with non-toxic ink that's low-odor, and they deliver both consistent color quality and precision writing with their fine point tips. Once you're done with what you've written, you'll notice that what you've written with these markers also erases completely and cleanly.


This Pen From The 80s Is Back So You Can Have Some Fun

I'm dating myself, but these pens give me all the feels from my junior high and high school days when they were super-popular with all the cool kids due to their really fun, four-color color-changing properties. Now they're back with a vengeance to add some fun to your workday, with the addition of a cushy padded grip for extra comfort while you write. What could be better!


Use These Monitor Side Panels For Your Phone And All Your Important Notes

With their handy shelves for your smartphone, these side panels for your computer monitor couldn't be handier — they keep your device in easy and constant view, while also providing you with a convenient place to post all those sticky notes with your most important notes-to-self. Made from acrylic, they adhere with adhesive and are easy to both install and remove — "Super handy," says one 5-star reviewer.


Protect Your Wrist From Injury With This Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Protect yourself while working and fend off repetitive stress injuries with this gel wrist rest that's so versatile with its ergonomically-designed shape. Lightweight yet ultra-durable, the unique design of this wrist rest promotes upper hand and wrist movement to support superior blood flow and distributed muscular activity. The gel construction provides firm, yet flexible, support that won't overheat during use and allows for natural movements to increase productivity.


A Ceramic Heater That’s Small But Mighty

Keep warm in variable weather or inside when the air conditioning hits full "Arctic blizzard" levels with this tiny space heater that way outpunches its weight class. Designed to plug into any standard wall outlet, it's quiet and operates simply with just one on/off switch. Ceramic heat adds plenty of direct, targeted warmth to take off the chill — it's especially great for under-the-desk usage.


A File Organizer For Use Over The Door Or Wall-Mounted Display

With 10 pockets, this hanging organizer is the perfect solution to handle all of your filing needs or organize your magazines for easy reference when you need to reach for some new reading material. Made from heavy-duty ballistic polyester, it's designed to hang over the door via its three hanger hooks that mount through corresponding non-corrosive grommets, but it can also be wall-mounted to suction cups for use over your desk if you like.


The Inexpensive Surge Protector That Gives You Six Outlets And Two USB Ports

Add four outlets to your standard wall outlet, plus two USB ports, and protect your delicate electronics on top of extending your charging capabilities, when you plug in this surge protector. The unique 3D design of this unit saves room on your wall, while the spacing of the outlets makes it easier to use for all different kinds of plugs. An integrated LED night light within this unit runs on a dusk-to-dawn sensor that triggers it in low-light situations to make it even easier to use.


Use This Essential Oil Diffuser To Stay Zen About It All

Not only does it come with 10 essential oils, but this essential oil diffuser can run for up to 7 hours on one tank of water. Its ultra-quiet operation makes it great for office use as well as for every room in the house including the kids', and it also features an optional colorful LED night light that cycles through a selection of relaxing colors.


A Sitting Ball That Actually Looks Like Fine Furniture

Most sitting balls just look like gym equipment, but this one proves that there's no need to sacrifice form for functionality: With its clean, minimalist lines, the Vivora Luno is just that good-looking. It's the covering that counts, available in 10 fashion-forward shades that are all machine washable and crafted with an extra-thick carrying handle. The inner core is highly durable and can accommodate a weight limit of up to 400 pounds.


You'll Just Say Ahhhhh When You Add A Himalayan Salt Lamp To Your Space

With its comforting orangey-pink glow, this Himalayan salt lamp is a delight just to look at, but it's also working benefits on your environment as it shines, said to be a natural ionizer that helps to purify the air around you. Others have said that these lamps are natural sleep-enhancers, but regardless of what you believe, there's no disputing that these lamps create a calming, relaxing effect wherever they're lit.


These Cable Clips Help Keep Your Space Organized

Sold in a 6-pack of juicy tropical melon colors, these cord keepers are a great way to keep your electronics cables organized and away from snaking around your desk and all over the place. Crafted from resilient rubber, they adhere to any flat surface via the adhesive on their reverse and accommodate cables up to 7.5 millimeters in diameter. Use them alone or together to keep your space straight!


Power Up All Your Devices At Once With This Charging Station

You don't need to have all your devices scattered around all over the house or all over your desk, with cords snaking around everywhere, when you have this charging station on hand. With space for four devices to receive a high-speed charge all at the same time, this station comes with five short cords — three Android-compatible cords and two lightning cords — designed for use with the base.


Add A Touch Of Luxe Texture To Your Office With This Fur Chair Cover

Crafted from high-density artificial wool, this fluffy faux fur chair cover is just what you need to add texture and a touch of luxe to your workspace. Available in a dozen colors, it can also be used as an informal throw across a sofa, as a table topper, or for many other purposes. Best of all, it's ultra-durable and machine washable, so it can be used for years.


These Glasses Are Like Insurance Against Headaches When You Spend All Day Online

Designed to block the blue light that emanates from digital screens including that on your computer and your smartphone, which can cause eye strain that leads to headaches, these glasses can allow for prolonged work hours without the side effects. In a favorite retro style, these frames are durable and lightweight, and are also great for filtering out glare when you're driving and adding detail and precision to close work.


A Lap Desk With A Special Space For Your Smartphone

Working from home presents special ergonomic challenges. If you're sitting on your couch — or on your bed — to work, this lap desk can make a big difference in how your back feels at the end of the day. The cushion conforms to your lap to lift your laptop to a comfortable height for work, while the work surface is outfitted with a silicone bar to keep your computer from slipping around while in use. A slot on the side keeps your smartphone right at hand while you work.


Keep Your Indoor Air Moist — And Your Skin, Too — With This Humidifier

Maintaining optimum humidity levels is important for respiratory health, and it's important to keep skin glowing, too — you want to look good for those video conference calls, right? With this humidifier, you can achieve all your goals in one fell swoop: It offers you both high and low mist settings and can run for up to 16 hours continuously without the need for a refill. It's also equipped with an optional night light so you can choose a reassuring glow in the dark.


This Felt Storage Basket Is Cute And Practical

The perfect solution for keeping all of your office accessories and random desk flotsam and jetsam organized in a manner that would make Marie Kondo proud, this felt basket makes even the messiest desk seem tidy in a flash. Available in a variety of colors and in sizes that nest neatly inside of one another, this basket is also a great solution for organizing closets, drawers, pantries, and kids' rooms.


The Flameless Candles That Can Run For Up To 200 Hours

Looking to add some chic lighting to your workspace? These candles are not only flameless, but they can run for up to 200 hours using just two AA batteries per candle (not included). The LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours so you don't have to change them, and each order comes with a remote that allows you to control them from the comfort of your sofa.


Use This Shoulder Wrap To Ease Tension And Aches

Filled with flaxseed and millet that are blended with a mixture of aromatherapy herbs including lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile, this neck wrap and eye mask duo is designed for use either hot or cold to relax you and to soothe away aches and pains in your neck and shoulders after a long day at the computer or looking into your smartphone. Simply warm it in the microwave, or freeze for a couple of hours to get your choice of pain-relieving modalities.


Get Your Office Accessories In Order With This Caddy

Available in four colors in addition to this clear model, this office caddy has room for all your small supplies like paper clips, thumbtacks, and binder clips, in addition to space for your pens and pencils, scissors, ruler and sticky notes — it's the ideal all-in-one command center for all those things you need to keep close at hand but don't want junking up your desk. A slide-out drawer stores everything else you need.


The Wireless Keyboard That Makes Working Better And Easier On Your Wrists And Hands

Designed to ensure that your hands, wrists, and forearms are in the most favorable position possible while you're typing, this keyboard enables hours of computer work without the danger of repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. The curved, ergonomic design of the keyboard includes a built-in wrist wrest for added comfort.


This Cord Control Box Can Totally Change Your Interior Landscape

There's nothing more unsightly than cords dangling all over the place, but this cord keeper is a fast, easy, and attractive way to remedy that problem — and it has an integrated notch for your smartphone. Sized to hide not only cords, but also your surge protectors and power strips, it's also great for preventing pets and kids from getting to the cords and damaging them or just meddling with them.

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