35 Clever Little Ways To Look & Feel Sexier (That Actually Work)

Let the fireworks begin.

by Christina X. Wood
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Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is a mood boost that cannot be underestimated. Put on a dress that feels amazing and it can take you from the doldrums to dancing. Or maybe it’s the scent of your favorite lotion on your skin that makes you stand up tall and sing your praises. Sometimes, changing the lighting or the look of your room will even make you feel your sultry best. It’s all about reaching that peak mood that feels so right.

Try these 35 clever little ways to look and feel at your peak (that actually work) and you’ll see. Let the fireworks begin.


Making Your Skin Glow With A Lightweight, Hydrating Oil Mist

When you step out of the shower — with your skin still warm and wet — spray yourself all over with this moisturizing dry body oil mist made with jojoba and oat oil. The oil and water will hydrate, the oat will soothe, and the jojoba will give your outer layer a soft suppleness that feels delicious.


Getting Softer Feet With A Glass Foot File

Skip the pumice stones and other methods and go straight to this glass foot file for a quick, effective, and gentle method of removing hard skin and calluses from your feet. Buff your hard heels dry or in the shower and you may be startled by the near-instant results. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to use the right tool for the job.


Giving Your Hands An Intense Moisturizing Treatment

Give your dry hands a pampering treatment to help boost your mood. Pull on these collagen-infused gloves and wear those mitts for a few minutes. The intense shea butter and botanical serum that lines the gloves help infuse your hands with intense moisture so they emerge softer and refreshed.


Dry Brushing Your Skin With This Massager Brush

Use this body brush to turn the moment before your morning shower into a moment of self-care that will help leave your skin soft, improve circulation, release toxins, and exfoliate. It also feels terrific. A loop makes it easy to hold the brush in your hand, the built-in massager nubs give deeper stimulation, and a long handle helps you access hard-to-reach areas.

“The [...] Body Brush not only [sloughed] off dry skin, it helped with blood flow and invigorated my skin. What a great feeling!” said one reviewer.


Going One & Done With Makeup Using This Multi Stick

Keep this multi-stick handy for a quick touch-up to cheeks, eyes, and lips, and give yourself a makeover without the need for an entire kit. The simple, blendable colors work as a monochromatic, all-over look or just as an easy blusher or lip color. The creamy texture is hydrating, too.

“This little blush stick is hard working and so convenient!” said one reviewer. “I use it as blush and lip color. It glides on and blends easily.”


Soaking In Some Moisturizer While You Bathe

Fill a hot bath, squirt in a little of this body oil, and soak in the relaxation and deep skin moisturizing all at once. Or apply it directly to your skin after a hot shower for a similar effect. The light sesame oil leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky, and pampered. Give it some nourishment and it will glow.


Mastering A Perfect Winged Cat Eye With This Stamp

If you love a cat eye, now you can get the perfect line — without having to redo it a thousand times to get there — with this winged eyeliner stamp. Get both eyes the same, in a quick and easy move. This is the winged eyeliner to accomplish it all in just a few minutes.

“This eyeliner took no time at all to apply, both sides were even, and I didn’t have to try again and again like I do with stick or gel liners,” said one reviewer.


Using This Ancient Remedy To Encourage Softer Hair & Skin

A mixture of cold-pressed olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender essential oil, the formula of this simple oil moisturizer will help cure what ails your outer layers. Skin and hair drink up the lightweight oils. The result is hair that is more manageable and skin that is soft.

“Even after the first use, my skin felt amazing,” said one reviewer. “It has completely replaced any and all moisturizers for me and my skin hasn't looked and felt so good in longer than I can remember.”


Pumping Your Hair Volume With The Power Of Polymers

Turn up the volume of your hair with this dry texture spray that helps plump, lift the roots, texturize, and separate your hair strands by adding modifying polymers. The result is a fuller look without the stiffness or crunch of hair spray.

“It's like INSTANT HAIR for those of us who were not blessed with thick hair,” said one reviewer. “I love the fact that the spray is so fine, and yet it holds your hair up, making it appear like you have much more hair than you actually have.”


Releasing The Smoother Feet Within Using This Foot Peel Mask

Want a complete reset on your feet? Slip them into these peeling foot masks. It’s like wearing socks while you relax and read or watch a movie. When you take them off, the magic starts. Like a snake, the outer layer of skin will peel completely off, uncovering the soft, new feet underneath. This is two pairs so you can do it with a friend or save one set for later.


Waking Up With Softer Lips With This Hydrating Overnight Mask

Give your lips a deep drink of moisture before you go to bed and wake up with softer, hydrated lips that you will want to take out on the town. Just apply this lip mask and let it work its magic while you sleep.

“I put it on before bed and wake up excited to smooch my partner," said one reviewer. “It isn't heavy or grainy, it's super light.”


Using A Mascara That Helps Condition As It Builds Volume

Build up the look of your lashes with this anti-clumping, volume-building mascara that has panthenol and ceramide-R in it so it helps condition your lashes while it makes them appear longer and lusher (up to four times more, says the brand). The curved brush matches the shape of your eyelid so it’s easier to apply and define each lash. This is a two-pack that’s ultra affordable.


Setting The Mood With These Scented Candles

Nothing upgrades the mood in a room faster than a delicious aroma and flickering candle flame. Light one of these scented candles and create the mood. The clean-burning soy promises not to smoke and the wood wick burns for up to 35 hours. There are 16 scents to choose from so you can enjoy eucalyptus and orange, several moods of wood, herbals, or florals.


Calming Your Face With This Genius Ice Roller

When your eyes are tired or itchy, your face feels puffy and tense, a headache looms, or you need to cool down for any reason, pull out this facial ice roller and give yourself a few minutes of cool, calming, facial massage. It helps reduce puffiness while creating a calming, cooling effect.


Painting Your Lips Red With This High-Gloss Finish

Do up your lips with this high-gloss finish when only liquid shine will do. This butter gloss packs a pigment punch, comes in so many gorgeous colors you will be spoiled for choice, and is so affordable, you don’t have to choose just one shade. It’s lightweight and shiny but not sticky so you can wear it all day and get as kissy as you like along the way.


Giving Yourself A Lacy Confidence Boost

Give yourself a quick boost of va-va-voom by putting on this cheeky-backed lace bodysuit and enjoying the view. The plunging back, stretch lace, and high-cut hip look and feel so smoking hot. It has delicate floral lace, a nice amount of stretch, and adjustable straps. Choose from sassy brights or sultry jewel tones.

“I put this on and my confidence went from 0 to 10 real quick!” said one reviewer.


Wearing These Comfy Lacy Thongs Under Any Fit

Make every day the day you wear your cute undies by stocking your drawer with this six-pack of cotton lace thongs with a wide lace waistband that won’t roll or dig in. The fabric is soft and washable. The cut is inobtrusive under clothing and adorable on — and the price is hard to beat.

“Very comfortable underwear and looks very [cute] as well!” said one reviewer.


Dialing Up The Vamp Of Any Ensemble With Fishnets

Add a fun, cabaret-style vibe to anything from a dress to shorts and boots by keeping this five-pack of high-waisted fishnet stockings — in five different patterns — handy. They can go easily from biker-in-leather edgy to ‘40s film star glamour without ever feeling too tight, too confined, or like too much coverage. The super stretchy fabric and open weave are always breathable and comfortable. Just pick the pattern that suits your outfit and mood.


Wearing A Fluttery Robe That Looks & Feels Luxurious

Not only is this long floral robe lovely to look at but it’s easy to pack, super silky against your skin, and comes in so many patterns you might want more than one. With internal ties to keep it closed and two inseam side pockets where you can drop your phone or glasses, it is as practical as it is pretty.

“I feel glamorous in this robe but the pockets make it functional too,” said one reviewer.


Adding Glamour To Every Day With Furry Slippers

Embrace your own film-star glamour by donning these furry slides with comfort soles that can go outdoors — because even the leading lady has to take out the trash sometimes. They come with a cute “pet brush” to keep them fluffy and there are so many colors to choose from.

“They’re so cute/glamorous, comfortable, and durable!” said one reviewer.


Getting Luscious, Detangled Hair Without Breaking Any Of It

Take care of your hair with this glide-through detangling brush that you can use wet or dry. The cone-shaped bristles don’t catch or rip your hair so you don’t end up with broken strands, though it effectively removes knots and snarls with ease. It comes in five colors and 50,000 people gave it five stars.


Using This Oil Diffuser & Speaker To Change The Vibe

Give the bedside table a simple update and update your bedtime and wake-up ritual with this elegant, four-in-one device. It is an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, cool-mist humidifier, and essential oil diffuser so you can dial in a relaxing — or invigorating — scent to help you transition and fall asleep to relaxing sounds while breathing air that’s not harsh and dry. It looks pretty in the room, too.


Getting Instant Volume With This Magical Powder

Amp up the volume of your hair in seconds with this volumizing and texturizing powder. Just spray it at the roots and go. “If you are looking for something that makes you feel like you have a lot of hair this is for you!! A little goes a long way too!! Awesome stuff!!” said one reviewer.


Treating Your Feet With This Rich Foot Cream

Let your feet go bare — even in some strappy sandals. Just treat them with this foot cream designed to heel and repair extremely dry, cracked feet. With high levels of allantoin to penetrate past the dryness, this cream sinks in and then creates a protective barrier so the moisture stays and does its work. Your feet will be ready for sandals in a few days.

“Amazing!” said more than one reviewer.


Preventing Bumps & Ingrown Hairs With An Exfoliating Brush

If razor bumps and ingrown hairs are thwarting your efforts to achieve silky-smooth skin by shaving or waxing, this little exfoliating body brush is the cure you didn’t know you needed. Just grip the brush in your palms and use it to gently exfoliate while you shower. The bumps, burn, and ingrown hairs tend to disappear.

“This handy little tool is amazing!” said one reviewer. “I use [it] before and after shaving and my skin is so smooth! Fewer razor bumps as a result too!”


Making Your Skin Glow & Smell Like Roses

Help your skin glow with this body lotion that’s loaded with botanicals and oils designed to provide deep moisture and bring out the light in your skin. Infused with Murumuru butter and rose, it smells wonderfully floral while nourishing your skin and helping protect its natural barrier to prevent moisture loss.

“Not only does this lotion smell great,” said one reviewer, “it's super moisturizing and really leaves my skin glistening.”


Using Press-On Nails For A Fast & Budget-Friendly Mani

You can have a stunning manicure in minutes — without dropping a fortune or waiting for your nails to grow — with these almond press-on nails. Choose matte black, fun crystals, French ombré, or whatever your mood is feeling today. Just use the included glue to stick them to your nails and you are ready to go.

“I absolutely love them!! They came out adorable. I love the matte finish and the length!” said one reviewer.


Getting Glamorous Lashes With A Magnetic Lash & Liner Kit

Give yourself dramatic lashes — easily, without mascara — with these magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner. Just paint on the liner, attach the lashes, and you have big-lash drama without going over the top. This kit comes with five pairs of lashes, a tool for applying them, and plenty of magnetic eyeliner. Over 21,000 people gave them five stars.


Dressing Your Bed In Luxurious Satin

Slide into the silky softness of these satin sheets and pamper yourself — and any guests — all night. With deep pockets and elastic around the perimeter of the bottom sheet, these dress your bed in luxury for a look that is elegant and indulgent and a feel that is pure decadence. There are 26 colors to choose from.

“Every time I attempt to arise and start my day, this voluptuous vixen will seduce [me] back into her succulent folds. ‘We'll call it a nap...’ she whispers, but before I know it, hours have passed,” said one reviewer.


Turning On The Amber Glow Of A Salt Lamp

Create a calm atmosphere in your room with this salt lamp that has been made from a chunk of pink Himalayan salt. It gives off a warm amber glow and has a dimmer switch so you can dial in exactly the ambiance you want.

“I'm such a sucker for mood lighting and this has added such a beautiful warm glow to my bedroom,” said one reviewer. “I love waking up to it.”


Wearing A Bold Lipstick That Lasts All Day

If reapplying lipstick is not your strong suit, this SuperStay liquid lipstick is here to keep things colorful with minimum effort. The gorgeous colors last up to 16 hours on a single application, according to the brand, so you can get ready once and forget about primping all day.

“I really put these to the test the other night!” said one reviewer. “Through drinks, wings, and dessert, it stayed on perfectly! I’m very impressed!”


Putting On A Slinky Chemise To Go To Bed

You can have the pleasant feeling that comes with putting on a pretty dress every single day of your life, with none of the shoe requirements or the effort of finding a coat to wear with it. Just sleep in this lace modal chemise. Every time you put it on — with its lacy cups, sheer waistband and back, and daring length — you will feel like you are headed for a party. But then you can just climb under the covers!


Stealing His Shirt, Only Make It Satin

This oversized, button-down sleepshirt features three-quarter sleeves, a long length, and so many color options. So you can have the cute appeal of wearing a big, comfy shirt with all the fit and softness of rendering that look in your size in satin. You can wear it during the day as a chic actual shirt, too.


Lighting Candles Without Getting Out Of Bed

Change the atmosphere in your room with none of the hazards, scents, or smoke of candles. You don’t even have to get out of bed. These battery-operated flameless candles have a remote control so you can push a button to turn them all on, adjust the brightness, set them to go off after you fall asleep, and change the way they flicker. The candles are real wax, the flickering is realistic, and they are poured into glass pillars so they look like the real thing. There are four colors to choose from.


Draping Some Faux Fur For A Wild Vibe

Throw this faux sheepskin rug over a chair, where your feet land after you wake up, or on the end of the bed. The thick, fluffy rug will give your aesthetic a luxurious vibe. Nearly 35,000 people gave these rugs — in 25 colors and 16 sizes — five stars.

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