35 Expensive Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making With Your Pets Around The House

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Nothing comes close to the pure joy of having a beloved pet in your life. But let’s be honest: your precious pooch or kitty can cost you major money. Whether you’re reupholstering that sofa after they’ve clawed it to bits or going through tons of disposable pee pads during training sessions, your pet is an expense. I guarantee there are at least 35 expensive mistakes you don’t realize you’re making with your pets around the house — but all are easily remedied by the clever products on this list.

Instead of wasting money on fixing furniture over and over again, opt instead for an elegant quilted slipcover that’s both reversible and water-resistant. Another option is to fortify your sofa with furniture protectors that deter cat scratching. You can save tons of money while being eco-friendly at the same time by investing in a reusable and washable pee pad. And, if there are accidents, don’t feel like you have to toss that pricey carpet out the window. The super popular enzyme-driven stain and odor eliminator spray on this list will give that carpet new life.

Browse the list below to find so many handy solutions that will both save you money and make your pets happy and comfy in their home.


Mistake: You Let Invisible Stains Linger

Solution: This UV Flashlight That’s Designed To Detect Pet Stains

Save precious upholstery and carpets from having to be completely overhauled by using this UV flashlight to detect invisible pet stains. The LED blacklight flashlight is so strong that it doesn’t even have to be used in the dark, which allows you to instantly detect and then treat trouble spots no matter the time of day. It also allows you to treat only those specific areas in need instead of spending money on cleaning an entire piece of furniture.


Mistake: Letting Cats And Dogs Scratch At The Door

Solution: A Door Protector That’s Fully Customizable

Save yourself the expensive hassle of having to replace or repair an entire door after your dog or cat has scratched it up by applying this door protector. Simply cut it to the exact dimensions you need and it will stick to the surface totally transparently, leaving no sticky residue behind. It’s constructed of industrial-grade vinyl that will protect your door from even the toughest of scratches.


Mistake: Not Covering Leftover Wet Food Correctly

Solution: These Silicone Can Covers That Keep Pet Food Fresh

If you’ve ever left pet food out overnight or popped it in the fridge to totally dry out, you know the pain of seeing pennies leave your pocket as you crack open a fresh can unnecessarily. These silicone can covers go on pet cans securely to extend the freshness of your cat or dog’s food. They’re non-toxic, BPA-free, and conveniently dishwasher-safe. Each pack comes in five different colors and the lids are a universal size to fit any standard can.


Mistake: Allowing Your Cat To Track Litter Everywhere

Solution: A Cat Litter Mat With A Honeycomb Design That Traps Litter

Protect floors (and save lots of money on your litter supply) with this cat litter mat that uses a honeycomb design to trap both litter and protect against potential accidents. The double-layer mat has a waterproof bottom layer and allows you to quickly empty extra litter right back into the litter box. It’s constructed of lightweight EVA foam that’s soft on your cat’s paws and can be easily mopped or wiped clean.


Mistake: Your Dog Tracks Mud All Over The House

Solution: This Dog Paw Washer That You Can Take Anywhere

If time is money, then hours spent cleaning up after your pup could cost you beaucoup bucks. Instead, if your pup has had a particularly muddy day out in the park, opt for this paw cleaner that uses gentle silicone bristles to wipe them clean. Just add water to the container and insert their paw, lifting up and down to scrub away any dirt or debris. You can take this portable cleaner on the road, preventing mess wherever you go.


Mistake: Allowing Pet Food To Spill Everywhere

Solution: A Set Of Food Bowls That Contain Mess

Save money on food that otherwise might have been relegated to the garbage by using this dog bowl set that’s designed to contain spills. The bowls are made of stainless steel and sit inside a food-grade, non-slip silicone mat that has raised edges to prevent mess on the floor. Choose from four sizes and five colors, and toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.


Mistake: Your Pet Has An Accident On The Bed

Solution: This Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector

Instead of admitting defeat and bidding farewell to that costly mattress after your pet has had an accident on it, take preventative measures by covering it with this mattress protector. It goes on in the style of a fitted sheet and has a comfortable and eco-friendly Oeko-Tex certified cotton terry surface, yet it still manages to be both waterproof and breathable. It’s available in six sizes — from twin to California king.


Mistake: Your Dog Sheds Everywhere

Solution: An Easy-To-Clean Dog Brush

If you can’t stand the sight of your pet’s hair everywhere but you loathe to spend time cleaning out their brush, you’ll love this dog brush that makes the process so easy. To prove its popularity, it has over 72,300 reviews on Amazon, and is loved for its ability to untangle even the knottiest of coats. The gentle bristles won’t hurt your pet and when you’re finished deshedding, just press a button and the bristles retract, allowing you to remove hair with ease.


Mistake: Not Offering Your Cat A Scratching Outlet

Solution: This Cat Scratch Pad With An Enticing Curved Shape

You can save thousands of dollars when you give your cat the option of this cat scratch pad instead of letting them go to town on your expensive sofa. It’s designed in a curved shape that cats will love to lie on and engage with. It also features reversible sides made of 100% cardboard that will greatly extend its future usability to last you a long time. It comes in several sizes to suit any and all cats.


Mistake: Letting Pet Hair Build Up All Over Your Bed And Furniture

Solution: A Cult-Favorite Pet Hair Remover

This pet hair remover is a serious cult favorite with over 105,000 reviews on Amazon and a high 4.6-star rating. Instead of utilizing sticky roller tape or batteries, it harnesses the power of static electricity to instantly pick up all errant hair from any piece of upholstery. As a bonus, all hair and debris go into a handy compartment that can then be emptied in a pinch.


Mistake: Wasting Pet Food By Letting It Go Stale

Solution: This Pet Food Container With An Airtight Seal

Instead of having to invest in more pet food than necessary, use this pet food container designed with a special sealing technology to balance moisture and keep food fresh. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, is fully stackable, and even includes a scoop. Choose from six sizes that range from 15 to 80 pounds. Over 66,000 reviews on Amazon prove it’s a popular choice with near perfect 4.8-star rating.


Mistake: Your Cat Jumps All Over Your Nice Furniture

Solution: A Cat Hammock That Offers Endless Entertainment

Keep your cat from lounging on high-priced furniture by giving them an even more enticing offer in the form of this cat hammock. It goes up in seconds and attaches via four suction cups to your window so your cat can relax and enjoy the exciting wildlife on display. The mat is made of waterproof and durable fabric material and can handle up to 40 pounds.


Mistake: You Let Waste Sit Too Long In The Yard

Solution: This Heavy Duty Pooper Scooper With A Large Capacity

If you’ve been seriously putting off cleaning up after your dog in the yard, then you need this large-capacity pooper scooper. It comes with a large tray so you can grab everything in one go, a rake to scoop waste off grass or gravel, and a spade that helps scoop waste off of concrete or other flat surfaces. The long handles allow you to clean up after your pooch without bending over, and when you’re finished, simply hose it all down for quick cleanup.


Mistake: Allowing Bad Odors To Set In From Accidents

Solution: A Pet Odor Eliminator That Leaves Behind The Scent Of Fresh Citrus

Target and obliterate those lingering smells from past pet accidents with this pet odor eliminator. It works hard to rid your house of annoying smells, leaving a bright and fresh citrus scent behind. The formula is safe and pet-friendly and is made with cold-pressed oil from oranges. It can be used on all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces — from tile and carpet to turf and non-leather furniture.


Mistake: Your Dog Or Cat Has Claimed Your Favorite Blanket

Solution: This Waterproof Blanket Made Just For Them

Instead of having to spend money replacing your favorite blanket over and over, give your dog or cat this blanket that’s designed specifically with them in mind. It’s made with soft microfiber on one side and plush sherpa on the other so they won’t be able to resist some serious snuggling. And, more importantly, it’s totally waterproof and leakproof so any water or urine will not soak through to the other side. Choose from four sizes and 15 colors and patterns like charcoal gray plaid or earthy taupe.


Mistake: Letting Your Cat Claw Everything To Shreds

Solution: A Set Of Claw Covers That You Apply To Individual Nails

If your cat loves scratching every item in sight, opt for these cat claw covers that provide a humane solution to a common and expensive problem. The nail caps are made of a soft vinyl resin material that doesn’t interfere with the way cats’ claws function and go on each nail with the help of safe and non-toxic glue. Simply trim the nails, add a little glue into the cap, and when the glue is half-dry, place it onto your cat’s nail. Your sofa will remain intact with no shredding in sight.


Mistake: You Feed The Dog Too Often

Solution: This Dog Food Tracker That Keeps You On Schedule

This simple yet effective food tracker mounts pretty much anywhere in the home and can help ensure that you don’t overfeed your pup by accident. It doesn’t require batteries and can even mount to the fridge with the included magnets. It couldn’t be simpler to use: slide the toggle to green to indicate that your pooch has been fed. You’ll save your dog discomfort from potential health problems and save yourself expenses from the vet.


Mistake: Letting Dogs Chew On Shoes And Pillows

Solution: A Set Of Fun Chew Toys To Keep Them Engaged

Your dog will love this set of dog chew toys so much that they’ll finally leave those expensive high heels alone. The set comes with 10 toys designed for aggressive chewing including four rope toys, two plush toys, 2 squeaky toys, and a rubber bone. The rope toys are made with natural cotton, which can also assist with the teething process. As a bonus, the set comes with a carrying bag for easy portability.


Mistake: Not Grooming Your Dog Often Enough

Solution: These Gloves Designed For Serious Deshedding

Slip on these grooming gloves to give your dog or cat the royal spa treatment, with the added benefit of not leaving hair all over your expensive furniture at the end of it. The gloves pick up loose hair or fur and provide a soothing massage to help calm your pet. The nubs are gentle and flexible and you can easily remove hair from the gloves when it’s time to clean them.


Mistake: Your Pet Is Wandering Into Every Room And Acting Destructive

Solution: A Set Of Durable Door Stops To Control Where They Roam

Keep your pet out of certain spaces by using these heavy-duty door stoppers that have superior floor grip. They’re made of durable rubber and will maintain a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, linoleum, or carpet. A clip is included that conveniently allows you to stack two stoppers for added height if your door requires it. It even comes with a holder that attaches to your door with adhesive to store the stopper when you’re not using it.


Mistake: Your Dog Feels Sick From Eating Too Fast

Solution: This Dog Bowl Designed To Slow Down Feeding

Prevent doggy tummy aches after dinnertime (and avoid spending money on medication) with this slow feeder dog bowl. It’s designed with special ridges that slow down eating by up to ten times. It’s made from BPA-free and food-safe material and includes a non-slip base that prevents the bowl from moving while your dog hunts down their kibble. Choose from several fun patterns and colors.


Mistake: Your Cat Kicks Litter Out Of The Box

Solution: A Litter Box With A Stepped And Grooved Exit To Wipe Paws

Keep litter where it’s intended to be by using this special domed litter box that features a multi-step entrance and exit that wipes paws clean. Each step has tiny grooves that catch lingering debris and keep it contained within the box as your kitty comes and goes. A charcoal filter is included to contain odors, and you have the choice of three different colors (brushed nickel, pearl white, or titanium).


Mistake: Buying Single Use Pee Pads

Solution: These Washable And Reusable Pee Pads

Save tons of money on replacing pee pads by investing in this puppy pad that can be tossed in the washing machine to be reused again and again. Perfect for training puppies, each package comes with two pads, each featuring four layers of absorbent material including a quilted top layer and a waterproof, non-slip bottom. You can feel proud of your eco-friendly choices with this pad that will absorb up to ten times more than a normal disposable pad.


Mistake: Letting Your Cat Destroy Your Couch

Solution: A Furniture Protector That Blocks Claws

Preserve that expensive vintage couch with this pack of six cat scratch deterrent furniture protectors. The strong, flexible, and transparent pads can easily be cut to fit the specs of your particular furniture. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to the sides of your couch. Use the included pins for a more secure fit if needed.


Mistake: Allowing Pets On Your Upholstery

Solution: An Elegant Sofa Slipcover That’s Machine Washable

Skip the cost of pricey furniture cleaning and, instead, go for this sofa slipcover that can be tossed in the washing machine whenever needed. It comes in an elegant quilted pattern and is available in 32 shades, each of which is reversible so you can change up your decor whenever the mood strikes. The cover is designed with water-resistant microfiber that keeps spills at bay and it features elastic straps to secure it in place.


Mistake: Not Regularly Combing Out Fleas And Flea Eggs

Solution: An Extremely Fine-Toothed Comb With Two Rows

Save on costly medication and grooming services by using this fine-toothed comb on your pet that has two rows for a precise and efficient grooming session. The double rows consist of metal pins in close formation that work to remove fleas, flea eggs, dust, and other debris. The comb is made from sturdy stainless steel and the rounded ends help ensure your pooch doesn’t feel uncomfortable while you’re combing their hair or fur.


Mistake: Not Providing A Safe Place For Your Cat To Chill Out

Solution: This Cat Cave That’s Made Of All Natural Wool

Instead of letting your kitty hide in boxes or bags that could be hazardous to their health, get them this cat cave made of 100% New Zealand wool instead. It comes in a large size and is available in 12 different designs so you can find the perfect match for home decor. The wool is durable enough to withstand lots of playtime and even collapses down to form a soft, warm bed.


Mistake: Your Pets Get Into Trouble The Minute You Leave The House

Solution: A Pet Monitoring Camera To Keep An Eye On Them

Are you stepping out for a while only to come home to a complete mess, courtesy of your dog or cat? This pet monitoring camera mounts easily to surfaces with the use of magnets to give you 1080p HD video quality as well as the ability to see in the dark up to 30 feet. The camera relies on motion and sound sensing and will send an alert straight to your phone if it detects any abnormal behavior. If you do see something that causes you to worry, the included app can hook you up with a qualified vet to answer any questions.


Mistake: Your Pet Spills Food And Water Everywhere During Mealtimes

Solution: This Large Feeding Mat With Raised Edges

Save money on cleaning supplies with this large feeding mat that comes with raised edges to contain messes and spills. It’s made of safe, FDA-grade silicone and adequately grips the floor with a non-slip base. Two bowls can easily fit on this mat and it’s conveniently dishwasher-safe.


Mistake: Your Pup Has Accidents In The House

Solution: Potty Bells That Are A Great Training Tool

Attach these potty bells to the door and your pet will learn to ring them (instead of scratching up the door) when it’s time to do their business outside. The adjustable straps are made of durable, woven nylon and include two groups of bells at different lengths to make it easy for your dog or puppy to reach and ring them. Choose from seven colors like black, white, or green.


Mistake: Your Cat Gets Bored And Knocks Stuff Over

Solution: This Automatic Laser Toy That Will Happily Distract Them

Instead of letting your cat knock over that priceless vase out of boredom, distract them with this automatic laser toy. It uses four AA batteries (which are not included) to create random patterns that your cat’s eyes and paws will track, which can help sharpen their instincts. The toy automatically turns off after 15 minutes to prevent over-stimulation and a mirror inside of it is adjustable — so you can set the laser in any direction. If you’re looking to incorporate more collaborative play into your routine, simply hold the laser toy to engage with your cat.


Mistake: Giving Up On Tough Pet Stains

Solution: A Stain Eliminator Spray That Uses Enzymes To Banish Odors

Don’t just toss that favorite carpet or chair after your pet does their business on it. Use this stain and odor eliminator spray to bring your favorite upholstery back to life. The formula utilizes enzymes that go to work when in contact with odors and stains by feeding on ammonia crystals and organic matter until the stain — and its nasty smell — are gone. It’s free of chlorine and is certified to be safe enough to use on favorite carpets, as well as around pets and kids.


Mistake: Your Cat Is Constantly Rubbing Against Furniture And Shedding Everywhere

Solution: A Self Groomer That Attaches To Your Wall Corners

This self groomer is made with soft plastic bristles and attaches via screws or adhesive to the corners of your walls. Your cat will love rubbing their face up against the massaging bristles and your furniture will thank you for it. And, to make your life even easier, it’s easy to remove loose hair from the grooming tool and it’s washable. Each set comes with two groomers.


Mistake: Your Dog Gets Into Your Cat’s Stuff

Solution: This Adjustable Door Strap That’s A Pinch To Set Up

If you have both a cat and a dog, you know the importance of keeping them out of each other’s things, especially when it comes to your pooch and your cat’s litter. Instead of setting up intrusive gates or installing costly cat doors, use this adjustable door strap that goes on in seconds. Just peel the strong 3M adhesive and attach either end of the strap to the door and door frame of the room where you keep litter. You can easily latch and unlatch it from either side of the door. The straps are adjustable to give your cat just enough room to get in, but not enough for your dog to gain entry.


Mistake: Doggy Drool Gets All Over Your Furniture

Solution: A Drool Towel To Keep Your Pup’s Face Clean

For those dogs with a healthy saliva production, cleaning up after them may cost you a pretty penny in laundry or dry cleaning expenses. Turn to this drool towel, designed specifically for the job, that’s made of soft and absorbent material. The gentle towel attaches to your bag or belt for on-the-go clean-ups and even has drool pockets to catch drool. Toss it in the washing machine so that it’s ready for the next drool fest.