35 Mistakes You Don't Realize Are Messing Up Your Hair & Skin

Don’t worry, though — there are solutions.

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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Whether you’re the type to have honed your skincare game over many years or you have a more laid-back attitude, there are simple adjustments that can be made that reap real rewards. These mistakes — which are normal and usually easy to make — could be messing with your hair and skin, but they come with their own solutions that are sometimes downright ingenious.

From silk pillowcases that keep skin and hair hydrated to motivational water bottles that help you drink your eight glasses a day, simple and clever beauty solutions exist. Check out the list below that appeals to both the beauty impartial and enthusiast alike.


Mistake: Using Shampoos & Conditioners That Contain Harsh Chemicals

Solution: This Shampoo & Conditioner That Are Sulfate-Free

Skip the harsh chemicals and treat your tresses with this shampoo and conditioner set free of sulfates and parabens. The shampoo thoroughly cleanses using tea tree oil and is packed with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, argan, and coconut oil. The conditioner additionally includes keratin protein to strengthen hair and both are made with invigorating peppermint oil that’ll have you refreshed and ready to face the day.


Mistake: Letting Your Lips Get Chapped

Solution: A Pack Of 3 Hydrating Lip Balms Made With Cold-Pressed Oils

This trio of lip balms deals effectively with even the most painful chapped lips. They’re formulated with deeply hydrating, natural, cold-pressed oils including olive oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, as well as cocoa butter. Choose from three different delicious citrus-based flavors depending on your mood: red mandarin, sweet orange, and Italian lemon.


Mistake: Irritating Skin By Plucking Hairs With Dull Tweezers

Solution: These Pointed Tweezers That Pluck With Precision

Pluck every hair with absolute precision and minimize skin irritation with these perfectly calibrated pointed tweezers. They’re made of high-quality stainless steel and feature a non-slip grip for controlled plucking. On top of creating the perfect brow, the sharp blades are also great for extracting ingrown hairs as well as stubborn splinters.


Mistake: Forgetting To Exfoliate Your Body

Solution: A Body-Smoothing Lotion Made With Salicylic Acid

Sometimes simply moisturizing just doesn’t cut it. In this case, turn to this exfoliating body lotion that both hydrates and sloughs dead skin cells to create smooth skin. It’s made with a 2% salicylic acid formula that also contains glycolic acid to boost collagen growth. In addition to these powerful ingredients, you’ll find plenty of nourishing natural botanicals such as papaya, chamomile extract, green tea, and cucumber extract, yet all combine to still create a light and fast-absorbing formula.


Mistake: Causing Hair Breakage By Using the Wrong Brush

Solution: This Detangling Hair Brush That Gently Glides Through Knots

If you’re feeling like you might be doing serious damage by dragging your comb through knotted hair each morning, turn to this detangling hair brush to save your locks. It’s specifically designed to easily manage knots and tangles with its cone-shaped bristles that separate hair strands sideways as opposed to downwards. It’s made in an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand and is so gentle it can even be used on wet hair.


Mistake: Applying Expensive Serums At Home Without Prepping The Skin

Solution: A Facial Steamer That Uses Nano-Ionic Steam

Maximize your at-home skincare routine and get the most out of expensive products using this facial steamer that uses nano-ionic steam to open pores and deeply hydrate skin. It delivers a constant stream of steam that lasts for up to 30 minutes and even comes with a five-piece skincare kit for facials right from home. Conveniently, it operates as a humidifier as well as a towel warmer. Use it to help remove your makeup or just for a simple refresh.


Mistake: Going Outside (Rain Or Shine) Without Sunscreen

Solution: This SPF 30 Sunscreen With A Lightweight Finish

Take care of your skin every day, no matter how inclement the weather, with this mineral sunscreen that offers SPF 30 protection and a non-greasy texture for effortless daily wear. It’s made with non-nano zinc oxide that goes on the skin transparently with no residue. It’s free of oil, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, and can be worn underneath makeup or simply on its own.


Mistake: Not Blending Your Foundation With The Right Tools

Solution: A Pack Of Blending Sponges To Create A Seamless Finish

These adorable blending sponges that come in a pack of six work to brilliantly blend foundation into your skin to create a natural and consistent finish. They come in the cutest packaging that resembles an egg crate, and the sponges are made of non-latex material that can be washed and reused over and over again. Dampen before use and apply liquid, cream, or powder foundations with ease.


Mistake: Using Non-Ceramic Heated Styling Tools That Can Damage Hair

Solution: This Ceramic Hair Straightener That Adds Lots Of Shine

Have your styling tools work for you, not against you, when you use this ceramic hair straightener that releases negative ions to create smooth and shiny hair. It features one-inch plates that have rounded edges so that it can easily double as a curler in addition to a straightener. The cord rotates 360 degrees so you can maneuver with freedom and temperatures are adjustable up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mistake: Living With Painfully Dry & Cracked Cuticles

Solution: A Hydrating Cuticle Cream Made With Japanese Seaweed

There’s nothing as painful as cracked and bleeding cuticles, and that’s where this cuticle cream comes in to save the day. It’s made with mineral-rich Japanese seaweed in addition to shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E and features a narrow tip for precise application. The formula absorbs quickly with a gentle massaging of a few drops into the nail bed.


Mistake: Not Thoroughly Cleansing The Scalp Of Dandruff & Product Build-Up

Solution: This Hair Scalp Massager That Comes With 2 Scrubber Heads

Use this versatile scalp massager to both remove dandruff and work in shampoo for a deeper clean than fingers could ever deliver. It comes with two interchangeable scrubber heads – one with longer bristles and one with shorter, flatter bristles – with both being made of soft silicone. The massager can be used on wet or dry hair with the added benefit of increasing circulation to potentially encourage hair growth.


Mistake: Not Using A Color-Safe Conditioner After Your Expensive Salon Visit

Solution: A Color-Safe Conditioner That Prevents Fading

Make the most of those pricey salon visits by using this color-safe conditioner that’s both pH-neutral and sulfate-free to help the color stay vibrant. It works well on the full spectrum of color and is formulated with lots of antioxidants as well as vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to keep hair healthy and smooth. Beyond being cruelty-free and vegan, this conditioner goes one step further by being bottled with post-consumer recycled plastic.


Mistake: Using Elastic Bands That Pull & Tear Hair

Solution: These Scrunchies Made From Soft Mulberry Silk

Say goodbye to wincing every time you take an elastic band out of your hair. These pretty scrunchies are made of 100% Mulberry silk and wrap softly around the hair with a minimum of friction to keep strands smooth. They come in a trio of beautiful colors (charcoal, pink, and ivory) and are additionally made with eco-friendly OEKO-Tex-certified material.


Mistake: Not Using Shampoo Specifically Formulated For Thinning Hair

Solution: A Scalp-Stimulating Shampoo Made With Fortifying Keratin

When you’re dealing with hair that’s feeling a bit on the delicate side, you need a product that can treat it with the care it needs. This scalp-stimulating shampoo strengthens fine and thinning hair by using a keratin amino complex as well as pro-vitamin B5 to protect and thicken each strand. It’s made with an invigorating peppermint scent and is sulfate-free so it’s safe to use on color-treated hair.


Mistake: Waiting So Long Between Salon Appointments That Your Blonde Locks Turn Brassy

Solution: This Purple & Blue Hair Mask That Restores Blonde Hair

Stretch time between salon visits (and save lots of money) when you have this purple and blue hair mask at your disposal. It neutralizes brassy, orange, and yellow tones with its deep violet tones and conditions dry or damaged hair using keratin, argan oil, and jojoba oil. It restores cool blonde and gray shades to their original luster and can even bring faded highlights back to life.


Mistake: Using A Regular Bath Towel To Dry Hair

Solution: A Microfiber Hair Towel That Dries Faster & Leaves Hair Smooth

This microfiber hair towel is made of super-absorbent material that dries hair far faster than your average bath towel. But, even more than that, the texture of the microfiber dries with less friction, smoothing strands and cutting down on the time needed for styling. It comes in a large size with an elastic loop so it can be conveniently worn as a turban, allowing you to get on with your routine hands-free.


Mistake: Drying Out Skin With Toners That Contain Alcohol

Solution: This Alcohol-Free Toner Made With Certified Organic Ingredients

Sometimes it can be hard to find products that are gentle but effective enough to work with sensitive skin. Enter this incredible, classic toner that is free of potentially irritating alcohol, parabens, and propylene glycol. It’s made with certified organic aloe vera and witch hazel with the light scent of rosewater. It’s non-comedogenic and can be used on normal to combination skin types for clear and smooth skin.


Mistake: Forgetting To Remove Your Makeup At Night

Solution: A Deep Cleansing Oil Made With Nourishing Olive Oil

This nourishing deep cleansing oil uses organic olive oil to both wash away makeup and moisturize skin, so your face can feel ready for restorative slumber. The oil dissolves even waterproof makeup and additional ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil and vitamin E provide extra hydration, toning, and antioxidants. Massage the oil into dry skin and rinse the day away using warm water.


Mistake: Not Reapplying Sunscreen Throughout The Day

Solution: This Mineral Sunscreen Powder That Comes With A Built-In Brush

It’s easy to keep the face continuously protected from the sun when you have this mineral sunscreen powder that has a built-in brush for effortless application. It goes on the skin in a translucent, matte finish and can be brushed on by itself or seamlessly over foundation. It provides SPF 30 protection and is formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as sea kelp and white tea.


Mistake: Picking At Breakouts

Solution: A Pimple Patch That Protects Skin While Healing Zits

This completely genius hydrocolloid pimple patch provides a barrier to the tempting desire to fuss with breakouts while it works its magic. The patch itself is clear and matte so that it applies invisibly to the skin and requires only six hours or overnight to treat pimples effectively. It comes in a pack of 36 and is clearly popular with over 111,000 reviews on Amazon.


Mistake: Sleeping On Regular Cotton Pillowcases That Mess With Hair & Skin

Solution: These Satin Pillowcases For Smooth & Frictionless Beauty Sleep

Not only do these satin pillowcases add a touch of luxury to your bedroom game, but their smooth material also helps to create less irritation overnight to hair and skin. They’re made of satin polyester with a texture that helps the skin remain hydrated. They come in over 20 shades such as rich teal, glamorous burgundy, and luscious caramel. As an added bonus, you can conveniently toss them in the washing machine.


Mistake: Ignoring Broken & Damaged Hair Strands

Solution: A Repairing Treatment That Restores Broken Bonds

If you’re dealing with dry, damaged, or broken hair strands, don’t despair, because science has your back. This effective hair repair treatment strengthens bonds in hair strands from the molecular level. Apply it to your hair from the roots to the ends up to three times a week and let it sit for 10 minutes before going ahead with your shampoo and conditioner routine. It has over 111,000 reviews and one fan raved: “It really is a miracle, worthy [of] every penny!”


Mistake: Showering In Hard Water

Solution: This Shower Filter That Rids Water Of Minerals & Chemicals

Never again experience that hard, sticky residue left on hair and skin when you install this ingenious shower filter that removes both minerals and chemicals. Multiple stages filter out impurities like minerals, chlorine, and odors while other filtration layers actually add beneficial minerals back into the now pH-balanced water for nourished skin and hair. It’s easy to install and works with any shower type from handheld to rain showers.


Mistake: Not Taking Care Of Hair With At-Home Protein Treatments

Solution: A Treatments That Leaves Hair So Soft & Smooth

Skip the salon for hair triage appointments, because you can do all you need right from home. This hair protein treatment contains a powerful collagen ceramide coating to repair strands after the very first application. Work it into wet hair after you’ve shampooed and leave it on for five to 20 minutes to see dry, damaged, and over-processed hair restored to health.


Mistake: Not Matching Your Foundation To Your Skin

Solution: This Oil-Free Foundation That Comes In 40 Shades

Choose from 40 available shades to find your exact match when you opt for this liquid foundation that’s made with a matte finish. The oil-free, non-comedogenic formula is great for sensitive skin and, although a little goes a long way, you can layer it for heavier or lighter coverage. It stays on throughout the day and removes easily with makeup remover at night.


Mistake: Scrubbing Your Face With Harsh Physical Exfoliants

Solution: A Pack Of Glycolic Acid Cleansing Pads For Non-Irritating Exfoliation

These glycolic acid cleansing pads are a great alternative to rough physical exfoliants that can cause irritation on sensitive skin. The acid gently sloughs away dead skin cells and both witch hazel and blue daisy help to smooth and clarify skin. The pads come in an ample pack of 60 and additionally contain hyaluronic acid to further nourish skin with deep hydration.


Mistake: Neglecting To Treat Razor Burn & Ingrown Hairs

Solution: This Ingrown Hair Oil Made With Soothing Natural Oils

If you’ve ever dealt with razor burn or ingrown hairs, you know how painful it can be and how long it can take for the skin to heal. This ingrown hair oil is the perfect solution as it soothes the skin immediately post-shave to prevent irritation. It’s made with numerous natural oils such as jojoba, grape seed, castor, and chamomile oil, and can be used on any part of the body.


Mistake: Choosing Soaps That Strip Skin Of Moisture

Solution: A Moisturizing Body Wash Formulated For Sensitive Skin

Though able to clean effectively, some soaps can strip moisture along with grime. This moisturizing body wash is made with natural ingredients specifically intended to both clean and hydrate dry and sensitive skin so that no irritation occurs. Shea butter and aloe vera moisturize while chamomile and cucumber help calm any inflammation. The pH-balanced formula is soothing on the skin and is made with a light scent of relaxing lavender.


Mistake: Not Protecting Your Hair From UV Rays

Solution: This Sunscreen Mist That Helps Prevent Fading

Don’t let joyous time spent in the sunshine cause the vibrancy of your hair to fade away. This sunscreen mist with SPF 30 protection is designed to be used on both scalp and hair to protect color from UV rays as well as your scalp from potential sunburn. It uses plant-based ingredients like monoi oil and gotu kola extract in a non-greasy formula that’s also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.


Mistake: Not Nourishing Dry & Cracked Hands

Solution: A Hand Mask That Repairs Skin In 20 Minutes

Hands are put through a lot day to day and deserve some loving attention now and again. This hand mask comes in a pack of six, slips on easily, and nourishes skin in only 20 minutes. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, milk extract, and hyaluronic acid, and even has touchscreen capabilities so you don’t have to miss a trick while you're treating your hands to a home spa.


Mistake: Irritating Skin With Retinol Products That Are Too Harsh

Solution: This Retinol Cream In A Gentle Concentration

Derive all the benefits that retinol can give without the irritation you might expect by using this gentle retinol cream formulated with botanical ingredients. The lightweight and non-comedogenic cream absorbs into the skin quickly and can be used on any part of the face including the neck. Ingredients such as vitamin E, green tea, shea butter, jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid soothe inflammation and infuse skin with deep moisture.


Mistake: Washing Your Hair Too Often

Solution: A Shower Cap That Comes In Tons Of Cute Prints

Wash hair less often and keep it looking just as good using this adorable, waterproof shower cap in a retro design. It stretches to fit around most heads and comes in eight extremely cute prints like leopard, sunset tie-dye, and blush dot. It can accommodate even the longest of manes and is fully reusable.


Mistake: Irritating Skin By Squeezing Blackheads

Solution: These Nose Patches That Gently Extract Blemishes

These nose patches are made with medical-grade hydrocolloid and go over the nose bridge to ever-so-gently clear skin over a six to eight-hour period. They’re dermatologist-approved and safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin, as they’ll cause no pain or skin irritation when removed. Every pack comes with 10 patches.


Mistake: Not Drinking Enough Water Every Day

Solution: A Motivational Water Bottle That Includes Time Markers

If you have trouble getting in those eight glasses per day, you need this genius motivational water bottle that’s made with actual time markers to keep you on schedule. The BPA-free plastic bottle has a 32-ounce capacity and leads you to drink a cup an hour through the day from 8 am all the way to 7 pm with only one fill-up required in between. Encouraging phrases printed on the bottle help you along the way, but, most importantly, hydrated hair and skin will prove incentive enough.


Mistake: Letting Lips Get Burned By UV Rays

Solution: This Sunscreen Lip Balm Made With Zinc Oxide

Noses and shoulders aren’t the only parts of the body vulnerable to a little too much sun. This sunscreen lip balm is made with zinc oxide that goes on in a clear, matte finish and protects lips when you’re out in the elements. It’s formulated with a broad spectrum SPF 30 and is made with shea butter and vitamin E for smooth and silky lips.