35 Tricks To Create So Much More Storage Space In Your Home & Car

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I try not to hold onto more stuff than I really need — but even so, I find my home and the car can feel like a dumping ground. A few hacks have really helped me tidy without having to part with things I love and use every day. Amazon has everything you need to follow these 35 tricks to create so much more storage space in your home and car.

Utilizing wasted space — like vertical storage in cabinets or the backs of your car seats — can significantly increase your space. Most closets, cabinets, and drawers in homes are not going to be customized to your needs, but they can easily be made that way with a few purchases.

This list is packed with highly rated and reviewed products and bestsellers that will double your home’s storage space. With just a little creative thinking and a few good purchases, you’ll be on your way to a less cluttered home and car.


Hang Clothing On Sturdy Wooden Hangers So It Won't Fall Off

Swapping out your mismatched or old plastic hangers for these sturdy, wooden hangers will take your closet to the next level, for less than you’d expect. This pack of 20 is just $33 and these hangers are lightweight and have a 360-degree rotating hook. Each hanger features notches for sleeves and a non-slip surface to keep your clothes from sliding off and taking up precious space on your closet floor.


Add This Waterproof Box To Your Deck For Outdoor Storage

More usable space outside means less stuff to store inside of your garage, basement, and attic. This waterproof storage box is ideal for keeping on your back deck or yard. The vinyl material protects your belongings from rain, snow, wind, and even UV rays. The industrial-grade tarp features a rain-shedding lid, mesh vent, and adjustable straps, and it can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. Thus lightweight option is secured with metal poles that make an excellent place to store outdoor equipment or outdoor pillows when a storm rolls in.


Store Seasonal Decor In A Water-Resistant Case

Keep your holiday and seasonal decor looking its best year after year by properly storing it in your attic or crawl space. This water-resistant wreath bag is 30-inches in diameter to hold your seasonal wreaths without smushing them or exposing them to the elements. The PE material wicks away water and it has a durable zipper and convenient handles.


Use A Freestanding Organizer For Shoes

If your shoes and the shoes of every guest that enters your home are sprawled out all over the hallway floor, this is the attractive solution you need in your home — and it’s easy on your wallet, too. This freestanding organizer has six cubes for storing shoes, purses, and umbrellas. The foldable organizer is compact to sit on shelves, under benches, or wherever you need it most.


Swap To Nesting Food Containers To Make Room In Your Pantry

Storing your snacks in nesting airtight containers can make your pantry feel elevated and roomy without spending a ton of money. This set of 4 containers comes in two shapes and sizes, each made of BPA-free plastic. They’re designed for dry goods like sugar, coffee beans, cereal, or flour and are safe in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Snag a set with either red or white lids.


Make Room In Your Cabinets By Safely Storing Holiday Plates Away

This storage box is designed to keep your valuable china or holiday plate sets safe so you can store them away in the attic or hall closet. The non-woven basket is sturdy and easy to carry, with a removable lid and two side handles. Each box can hold 12 plates and features a clear PVC window so you can see what’s inside. Similar protective boxes are also available for flatware, mugs, and wine glasses.


Upgrade Your Storage With Better-Looking Baskets

If you’re on the hunt for versatile storage that also looks good, you’ve found it in these foldable storage bins. The set of two rectangular baskets is made of canvas — perfect for so many items, including toys and office supplies. The simple design and comfortable handles are stylish and practical, making this a no-brainer pick when it comes to upgrading your storage.


Add This Foldable Trash Can To Your Car

This may be the easiest solution to keeping your car less cluttered: a trash can. It’s foldable and designed to collect food wrappers, empty drink bottles, and more. It has a bottom support board to hold its shape, no matter how many bumps there are in the road — or how many messy kids you are transporting to and from soccer. Its adjustable strap can wrap around your gear shift, console box, or over the back of a seat.


Tether Car Essentials To A Seatbelt In To Avoid Spills

Keep the kids occupied in the backseat of the car with the help of this car seat organizer that provides plenty of neatly organized storage solutions for your car. This one has nine storage pockets: two main compartments, a rear zipper pouch, four built-in cup holders, and two mesh pockets for crayons, snacks, and toys. The entire container features two handles so it’s easy to lift out of the car and can be tethered with a seat belt to avoid spills and sliding. Plus, it collapses flat when it’s not in use so it’s a cinch to store.


Turn Unused Space Into More Storage With A Creative Car Seat Gap Organizer

Keep your most important items like your phone, wallet, and expensive sunglasses in the front seat of your car and safe with this car seat gap organizer. Not only does it prevent crumbs, coins, and chargers from slipping into the crack between your seat and center console, but it also provides functional storage in an otherwise unused space. These narrow pouches hold your essentials while remaining almost invisible and they’ve earned nearly 15,000 reviews.


Install Floating Shelves For Additional Wall Storage

Add these floating shelves to your cart for custom wall decor that creates new storage space in your home. The set of two modern yet rustic shelves is perfect for knick-knacks. This wall-mounted set features a geometric metal design backdrop for a unique look and a practical flat wooden surface for holding plants or photos.


Store Bulky Linens In Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags

If your closets are stuffed to the brim, you’ll love these budget-friendly vacuum storage bags. Fill them up with your thick comforters and winter clothes, and use a vacuum to condense them down to a compact, flat bag that takes up 75% less space than a standard storage container, according to the manufacturer. These cheap bags protect your stored items from dust, odors, mildew, insects, and moisture, plus they’re completely airtight so you can safely store them in your attic, garage, or shed.


Install A Plastic Bag Dispenser To Reuse Your Bags

Be honest: where do your plastic grocery bags really end up? Make it easy to reuse them with this grocery bag dispenser. You can mount it to the wall or inside a cabinet by using the accompanying adhesive tape or screws. The dispenser is made from sturdy stainless steel and allows you to store and neatly retrieve up to 18 bags. When you need one, simply pull it out — the other bags will stay neatly in place.


Reorganize Your Fridge With Stackable Bins

Increase the storage space in your refrigerator by simply organizing it with these plastic, stackable containers. This set of six comes with two wide bins for produce and meats, two narrow bins for yogurts and condiments, an egg holder that stores 14 eggs, and a drink holder that can store nine soda cans. This set can be stacked on top of each other to utilize more vertical storage in your fridge. The bins are shatterproof and BPA-free — but should be hand washed.


Safely Store Seasonal Shoes Like Boots

Double your closet space by putting away your winter accessories once summer arrives. These boot storage boxes are made specifically for tall shoes and store them neatly on their sides to prevent them from losing shape and getting damaged while stored in your attic or other storage space. The durable plastic bins feature ventilation holds and are transparent to quickly identify which pair you’re looking for. This set comes with five boxes that collapse flat when not in use.


Utilize Dual-Purpose Storage That Looks Nice

Decorative storage, like this cube ottoman, is an innovative solution for anyone who struggles to stay tidy. This is your go-to piece for storing everything from toys to towels and it has a classic faux leather design that fits right in with any home decor. The storage chest can support up to 250 pounds so you can use it as a footstool, bench, and of course, to stash items that don’t have a home.


Organize Your Vanity With A Makeup Storage Container

Keep your countertops clear of clutter with this vanity makeup organizer. With four compartments, you can fit nail polish, makeup, lotions, nail files, or anything else you regularly use. The clear acrylic design makes it easy to find your favorite product and it's a breeze to wipe clean.


Eliminate Clutter By Storing Emergency Car Tools In A Trunk Organizer

​​This folding car trunk organizer will come in handy for keeping all your emergency tools safe. Use it to store jumper cables, gas containers, wiper fluid, and maps so they’re ready when you need them. It has two large compartments, a few outside pockets, and four mesh side pockets. The affordable organizer boasts more than 53,000 reviews and is Amazon’s #1 bestseller in “trunk organizers.”


Keep Papers Accessible In A Car Seat Organizer

Give everything in your car a home with this car seat organizer. It slides over the headrest and connects under the seat to keep it secure. Store snacks, maps, chargers, or other devices safely in one of its mesh or zippered pockets. It’s easy to reach even if you’re the one driving, and you can adjust the straps for the perfect fit in your car.


Opt For A Collapsible Hamper That Can Be Stored Away

If your laundry room feels cramped, opt for one of these pop-up hampers that can be collapsed and stored away when it’s not in use. The basket is tall and lightweight and holds at least a full load of laundry. It has two handles on the side that make it portable and convenient for transporting clothes to and from the laundry room.


Keep Commonly-Used Spices In A Wall-Mounted Rack

Keep your commonly used spices nearby without cluttering up your countertop thanks to this set of mesh spice racks. The two-pack is made with alloy steel and finished with a black epoxy that looks sleek and modern. They can be mounted to the wall with the included hardware to hold about eight regular-size spice jars each.


Add A Hanging Shelf Organizer For Additional Closet Space

Add more storage to your closet with this hanging organizer, which requires zero tools for installation — simply hang it by its hooks onto your closet rod. It features 10 fabric compartments that are the perfect size for sweaters, shoes, towels, and accessories like hats. The organizer also has six mesh side pockets where you can stash smaller items like washcloths and handbags.


Hang Cleaning Tools On The Wall To Keep Them Dust-Free

Is your storage closet overflowing with cleaning supplies? Make your life easier by upgrading your storage for those mops and brooms with this wall-mounted holder. It can be hung high enough so your cleaning supplies don’t sit on the floor gathering dust and grime. This organizer will hold up to five tools and has six additional hooks for hanging towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. At this price, you’ll want a second one to store your sporting equipment or tools.


Get Rid Of DVD Cases And Store Them In A Binder

If you’re a music or movie lover with a large collection, you can minimize the footprint by eliminating the cases. This CD or DVD organizer securely holds 128 discs and even locks. Its fun briefcase look is whimsical and even makes a cool decor piece. Use it to keep your video games, movies, CDs, Blue-Rays, or other discs safe without taking up an entire bookshelf.


Hang A Clear Pocket Organizer Over Doors For Extra Storage

Functional storage can be tricky to find, but this affordable option is loved by shoppers because it’s so versatile. This pack comes with two clear hanging organizers that are 64-by-18-inches in size, and each has 24 clear pockets for storing spices, condiments, snacks, and more. The transparent design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly. It hangs on a standard door and requires no hardware or tools to install.


Lock Your Medications In A Storage Box Rather Than Your Drawers

Keep your medications safe in a locked box that also looks decorative on your vanity. This striped box includes elastic dividers to keep pill bottles upright. This inexpensive option clears your drawers while adding an extra level of security in your home.


Utilize Your Car’s Ceiling Space With A Cargo Net

If your car is packed to the brim, look up and store stuff on the ceiling with this cargo net. This storage organizer has a double mesh design that can hold snacks, blankets, and accessories and four secure buckles secure it to the grab handles of your car. The nine reinforced straps keep your belongings secure while still giving you easy access to them.


Employ Headrest Hooks To Add Sturdy Storage To Your Car

Is your car floor space full? Try these headrest hooks that easily secure to your car seat and provide a place to hang up to 13 pounds. This universal four-pack hooks to the base of your headrest and feature a narrow hook that is ideal for grocery bags, umbrellas, backpacks, purses, and more.


Install A Car Roof Carrier For Additional Waterproof Storage

This 20-cubic foot car roof bag is Amazon’s #1 bestseller in soft-shell vehicle carriers. It sits on the roof of your car, with or without a rack, increasing your storage capacity. It features 10 reinforced straps to ensure your belongings stay in place, the tarp material is 100% waterproof, and it comes with an anti-slip mat and a combination lock. Use it to haul gear, sports equipment, or even luggage.


Store Bulky Items In Large Capacity Bags

Store your seasonal clothing safely in one of these large-capacity clothing bags. The bin is large enough to hold seasonal items like bulky sweaters and jackets, as well as comforters and pillows. Each bag holds 90 liters and each set comes with three containers. They’re made from a fabric that provides ventilation to prevent mold and mildew and have strong handles and clear pockets that allow you to see the contents inside. They’re available in three colors: gray, blue, or black.


Customize Your Drawer Storage With Clear Organizers

Tidy up your junk drawer with these tray dividers and organize your keys, spare change, and other miscellaneous items that usually end up in a jumbled mess. They’re made of plastic and are perfect for desk drawers, vanities, or closets. This pack of 25 comes with a variety of different sized trays to fit makeup, hand sanitizer, and more. The smaller compartments make it easy to make your own configuration to best suit your drawer and your belongings. Just wipe them down with a wet cloth when it’s time to clean.


Maximize Small Closet Space By Hanging Pants On S-Type Hangers

These stainless steel hangers have an S-shape that allows you to hang up to five pairs of pants, as well as accessories like scarves and ties — the perfect solution to freeing up space in a small and cramped closet. They’re durable and won’t rust over time, plus they're a cult favorite with more than 10,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. Each pack comes with three hangers to save you money.


Declutter Your Cabinets With A Pan Rack

Spend less time looking for the right pan with this shelf organizer. The layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. It even comes with mounting tools to secure the unit into place while saving cabinet space. Snag one in bronze, silver, or white.


Control Cord Chaos With Discrete Cable Clips

This pack of cable clips is the much-needed upgrade your home office deserves and you’ll be shocked at what an impact they make. Now you can keep your tech cords tidy with these 16 clips. Each one features a strong adhesive that easily and securely mounts to desks or walls without compromising these surfaces. This pack has earned more than 48,000 reviews.


Stack Water Bottles In Your Cabinets

Water bottles can be a pain to store, but here’s a little hack: opt for a stackable water bottle holder to hold bottles in an efficient vertical way that saves space. It has three levels and each level holds three bottles in half-circle compartments. This pack comes with two organizers that stack on top of each other. They’re compact and fit in most cabinets, maximizing the space and encouraging you to stay tidy. Plus they protect your more delicate bottles that are glass or stainless steel and can dent easily.