38 Beauty Treatments That Usually Cost A Ton But Can Actually Be Done Cheaply At Home

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I always assumed that when it came to beauty routines, daily maintenance at home was fine, but the truly glowiest and glossiest skin and hair came from expensive beauty treatments done by professionals. I was wrong. Plenty of beloved beauty giants have affordable alternatives that give you the same glowing look at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re on the hunt for silky hair or smoother skin, there’s a budget-friendly alternative to love. Check out these 38 beauty treatments that usually cost a ton but can actually be done cheaply at home.

I’ve covered the basics and added plenty of options to replace your bi-weekly trip to the nail salon. You’ll find nail files, gel-polish essentials, and even a UV light to set your nails at home so that your DIY mani lasts up to 21 days. I think you’ll be surprised how affordable these tools really are. It’ll make you wonder why you spent all that money (and time) at a salon.

Skincare treatments can cost an arm and leg, so I’ve found some popular alternatives that reviewers love. I’ve included exfoliants, brightening treatments, waxing strips, and nutrient-rich serums. These skincare superstars have helped shoppers with oily skin, chronically dry skin, and everything in between. Some of these products have earned more than 30,000 reviews and high star ratings.

Take your beauty maintenance into your own hands to save a little money without sacrificing quality. Shop this affordable list for the best of the best when it comes to budget beauty finds.


This $13 Peeling Gel That Leaves Skin Sparkling

High-end ingredients like sparkling water and vitamin C-packed lemon join forces in this skin peel to gently, effectively rid your skin of dryness and get it glowing in no time. The pore-cleansing gel moisturizes as it exfoliates, leaving skin brighter and smoother after just one application. No need for expensive, in-salon treatments — you can do this at home.


The Scrubbing Glove That Exfoliates Dead Skin

One of the best ways to get smoother skin all over is by incorporating exfoliation into your weekly skincare routine. Some exfoliation treatments can be pricey, but this $9 scrubbing glove gives you similar results in your shower. The glove fits around your hand and is made of a natural rayon crepe fabric that gently exfoliates your skin with minimal effort. Not only does it eliminate dead skin, it deep cleans your pores, heals ingrown hairs and bumpy skin, and can prep skin for tattoos or self-tanning products.


An Ionic Facial Steamer To Deep Clean Pores At Home

Get the facial of your life right at home with this facial steamer — which is just as effective and much cheaper than a professional facial. It uses nano ions to penetrate even deeper into your skin, getting rid of the gunk in your pores that causes acne, all while helping to hydrate your complexion. The steamer also comes with a four-piece skincare set of extraction tools for stubborn blackheads.


The Heated Eyelash Curler That’s Portable And Fast

Here’s the secret to stunning, voluminous eyelashes: this rechargeable heated eyelash curler. It heats up in just eight seconds and has four temperature modes that you control with one button. Recharge the portable curler with a USB cord. It’s only $22, the price of just one eyelash treatment at a salon.


A Three-Pack Of Facial Serums To Rejuvenate Skin

This complete skincare regimen is cost-effective and loved by reviewers. This three-piece set comes with vitamin C serum to use in the morning, retinol serum that can regenerate your skin while you sleep, and hyaluronic acid serum to boost hydration. They’re made with other super ingredients like jojoba oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E to give you professional facial-like results at home.


These Heel Sleeves That Moisturize Dried Feet

These moisturizing gel heel sleeves are an affordable solution to dry or rough feel. They slide on over your heel to soothe your heels while you sleep. The gel-lined toeless socks are fuzzy on the outside, reusable, and can be hand-washed and air-dried. Skip the pricey pedicure and snag these budget heel socks.


An Electric Callus Remover That Files Feet At Home

Take care of dry skin on your feet with this electric callus remover that comes with three heads and is rechargeable. The waterproof design makes it easy to use in the shower to sand down calluses, smooth cracked skin, and exfoliates dead skin. The battery lasts for 45 minutes before it needs a new charge.


The ACV Scalp Serum To Moisturize And Clarify

Using apple cider vinegar on your hair can clarify your scalp and add shine to your hair. This scalp serum is infused with ACV and peppermint to soothe your scalp, reinforce shine, and remove product build-up. It’s designed for anyone with dandruff, an itchy scalp, or dull hair. For less than $10, you can give this viral hack a try.


A Pack Of 42 Flexible Rods For Heatless Curls

Heatless curls are all the rage and this pack of 42 flexible curling rods allows you to customize your ‘do. For $14, this set is a steal — it’s earned more than 30,000 reviews. The 7-inch rollers come in six thicknesses so you can create ringlet curls or full, beach waves. Put them in before you go to bed and wake up with your hair all done for the day.


This Mask Made With Nutrient-Rich Dead Sea Mud

It may seem counterintuitive to clean yourself with mud, but this facial cleansing clay is made with mud from the Dead Sea that’s packed with minerals that exfoliate, detox, and revive skin. It deep cleans your pores, absorbing excess oil and clearing acne quickly. Not only will your skin be clearer, but it will also feel soft, smooth, and look brighter without traveling across the globe.


A Remedy For Hair Dulled By Hard Water

If you live in an area with hard water and your hair is suffering as a result, this hard water hair remedy helps remove brassiness and mineral build-up that can decrease shine and hydration. Massage it into wet hair, rinse it out, and apply conditioner as you normally would. This pick has more than 7,000 reviews and one reviewer raved, “I’ve battled this disgusting slimy crunchy LA water situation my whole life - I’ve used vinegar, clarifying shampoo - you name it. These little crystals dissolve into a paste and then rinse out into the most amazing soft salon feeling hair.”


This Double-Sided Foot Scrubber And Pumice Stone

Get the smoothest feet of your life without dropping $30 on a salon pedicure with this double-sided foot scrubber pumice stone. The tool features a stone on one side that sloughs away dead skin and a charcoal scrub side to handle hardened calluses. This foot stone is also infused with hydrating aloe, shea butter, and vitamin E.


A Brightening Mask With Pumpkin And Honey

Brighten skin using natural ingredients like pumpkin, honey, vitamin C, and glycolic acid. This rinse-off mask is vegetarian and gluten-free, with the ability to both exfoliate dry skin and smoothen skin. This particular mask is ideal for combination skin, but the brand also makes masks for sensitive skin types.


The Streak-Free Self-Tanning Foam That Also Moisturizes

Skip the tanning salons and get golden color at home with this self-tanning foam that has more than 22,000 reviews. The formula promises to deliver a streak-free glow and is formulated with moisturizing coconut oil and aloe vera. This #1 bestseller comes in four shades that range from light/medium to ultra dark.


A Glass Nail File That Makes Your Nails Strong

Stop replacing those cheap foam nail files and invest in something that will last longer: a glass nail file. This glass nail file will make your nails stronger and shinier, plus they’re much easier to clean and re-use. They buff and file nails of any shape or size, so you can skip the salon.


This Shark Tank-Approved Home Hair Cutting Tool

Every time you go to a salon to get a simple hair trim or update your bangs, you’re spending at least $25 — and likely much more. This cost can add up, which is why this at-home bangs cutting tool has super high ratings. The clip and scissors duo won the approval of Shark Tank judges because it effortlessly keeps hair straight while you snip.


The Whipped Marshmallow Mask For Radiant Skin

Reviewers love the marshmallow texture of this face mask — it uses ingredients like marshmallow root extract and olive leaf to brighten and hydrate skin. The cruelty-free mask has an airy, whipped feeling and one reviewer raved, “It goes on so light and fluffy and then once I wash it off, my face feels extremely clean and looks brighter!!!!”


An Electric Gold Face Massager Set For A Soothing Facial

Add massage to your at-home facial with this beautiful gold two-piece electric face roller kit. One tool features double 3D rollers that relieve tension in your jaw, cheeks, and forehead, while the accompanying T-shaped tool is perfect for smaller areas on your face. The tools are powered by AA batteries (which are not included) and this set has earned more than 3,700 reviews.


The UV Nail Lamp To Cure Your At-Home Manicure

There are plenty of manicure tools, like this UV nail lamp, that you can have shipped to your house, completely eliminating the time and money spent at the salon. The LED and UV lamp quickly dries and cures gel nail polish. The automatic sensors turn the machine on and run it for 60 minutes.


This Base And Top Coat Duo That Reviewers Love

This gel top and base coat duo is Amazon’s #1 bestseller, earning nearly 50,000 reviews. The gel base and top coat are made without toxins and have a glossy finish. You get two 15ml bottles for just $9 to protect your favorite polish color for up to 21 days.


A Gorgeous Gel Polish Set Of Six That’s Only $15

This highly rated gel nail polish set offers the same opaque, intense color and duration as an in-salon gel manicure, albeit for about a third of the price. The set pictured above, “Shoot to the Heart,” includes a gorgeous mix of vibrant reds and neutrals with glitter and matte finishes; but you can also choose from eight more sets in equally festive color combinations.


The Supportive Bath Pillow For A Spa-Like Soak

Soak in your spa-like bath for longer with this comfortable and supportive bath pillow. The cushion is covered in breathable mesh and designed with suction cups that keep it in place in your tub, with a hanging hook to ensure it dries fast. The adjustable bathtub pillow has a headrest and a storage pocket where you can stash items like bath soap and sponges.


This Lavender Foot Peel Mask With A Cult-Following

Pamper yourself at home with this cult-favorite foot mask, which boasts more than 35,000 reviews and gets rid of dry skin on your feet. They’re made with exfoliating plant extracts and soothing lavender to treat dry and callused feet while offering a pleasant spa-like scent. Just slip your foot into one of the moisturizing booties, wear them for an hour, and wait a few days to allow the natural ingredients to do their work, gently exfoliating and renewing your skin.


An Ice Roller That Soothes Puffy Skin

This ice roller is a treat for tired skin. Roll it over your face or neck to cool down or reduce redness or morning puffiness. Just keep it in the freezer so it’s ready whenever you need it. It can also help to soothe pain from headaches or sunburn and it comes in nine colors.


The Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

This shampoo brush is popular because it's both a stress-reliever and a surprisingly effective technique for getting cleaner hair. The handheld brush features silicone bristles that massage your scalp while you shower. The easy-to-hold handle fits in your palm and it's perfect for relieving an itchy scalp, removing product buildup, and working your shampoo onto the roots of your hair. It stimulates blood flow to promote hair growth.


This Hair Removal Strip Kit With Soothing Oils

Cancel your waxing appointment and use these facial wax strips to remove hair and get smoother skin fast. This kit comes with 40 strips and four oil wipes made with jojoba oil and beeswax to soothe irritated post-wax skin and keep it hydrated. One reviewer explained how well they work: “I gave this product 5 stars because I've used strips like this before, but they never did as good of a job as these did. In one try, all the hair from my upper lip appeared to have been removed. I used a magnified mirror to take a look and see if there were any left behind that I needed to pluck, and there were none.”


The Ultimate Hand And Foot Hydration Spa

For less than $30, this paraffin spa system provides an intensely hydrating treatment that softens dry, callused hands and feet fast. Place your hands or feet in the warm, unscented wax-filled spa, leave it to soak for 10 minutes, and then allow the wax to absorb and dry before peeling it away to reveal glowing, soft skin.


The Extra-Strength Callus Remover That Works Fast

Skip the salon and grab this extra-strength callus remover for super smooth feet on a budget. It's made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and lemon to soften and heal dry feet in five to 10 minutes. This callus remover has more than 37,000 reviews, including one that noted, “This is an easy, fast way to essentially remove callouses and other dead skin from feet while leaving the living, healthy skin undamaged.”


These Chalk Brushes That Add Color To Your Hair

These hair chalk combs are an easy, inexpensive way to experiment with new hair color, without committing to permanent or semi-permanent dye and that price tag. With proper application, the color should only last for about three days. The comb shape makes application quite easy, too, since you can just brush the pigment directly onto your hair in downward strokes.


A Photon Light Face Mask For Various Skin Concerns

Laser light therapy sessions are expensive but very effective in addressing different skin concerns, according to many beauty enthusiasts. If those treatments aren’t in your budget, no worries — this photon light face mask offers red light for skin rejuvenation, blue light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and yellow energy to help lighten hyperpigmentation. Best of all: it costs less than $40.


These Kneading Foot Massage Rollers

Professional foot massages are great and all, but for you $13, this texturized foot massage roller kneads feet and can help decrease foot pain and discomfort. This roller is safe to store in the freezer or in warm water if you prefer cold or hot therapy and they have more than 1,400 reviews.


A Gentler Facial and Body Scrub That Is Still Effective

You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to get smooth, soft skin. This facial and body scrub is formulated with a number of kinder, gentler botanical ingredients like aloe, walnuts, Manuka honey, and vitamin C to slough away dead skin and boost hydration. It boasts more than 13,000 reviews and one raved: “As a facial scrub, I love it. The granules are small and not like rocks and the substance they are in applies easily and fluidly. [...] I have noticed that the little blackheads around my nose are disappearing, it rinses off easily, and my face feels so much cleaner feeling than it has with other cleansers I have tried.”


The Scary Mask With Amazing Results

This Zombie face mask gained a cult following and instant recognition because it dries to a scary, (Zombie-like) finish, but a bit of patience yields gorgeously soft and smooth results. This pack comes with eight masks made from albumin, an ingredient derived from egg whites, aloe vera, and other nourishing gems, and a brush to help apply the mask. It has nearly 8,000 reviews.


The Unique Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser

Combine the 3-in-1 benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, humidifiers, and essential oil diffusers in this unique diffuser. The pick can purify the air, release a soothing scent from various essential oils, and it features seven color-changing lights to create ambiance in any room. It’s pretty enough to display on any shelf or table and comes with a remote control.


These Clarifying Microdermabrasion Puffs

Microdermabrasion is a spa treatment that effectively exfoliates dry, dull skin, but can cost a small fortune. You can get similar results at home for just $11 with this set of 24 microdermabrasion puffs that are designed with ultra-fine crystals and gentle purifying ingredients. The pack has more than 15,000 reviews, and one five-star reviewer raved: “I am absolutely blown away. I didn’t expect this kind of result. I’ve never had microdermabrasion in my entire life. Pregnancy did a number on my skin as my dark spots and sun damage appeared darker because of hormones. I used this product once, saw immediate results in wrinkles on my forehead and dark spots appearing lighter.”


A Beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl Set For Mindfulness

Beauty isn’t just external, of course — and mindfulness is a big part of creating a calming sense of inner peace. Not only is this Tibetan singing bowl set beautiful, but the set is handcrafted in Nepal and generates a soothing sound that is ideal to use while meditating, during yoga, or when you’re relaxing before bedtime. It has a high 4.7-star rating and more than 18,000 reviews.


An Overnight Face Mask Made With Nourishing Rice

Give new meaning to the words “beauty sleep” when you apply this Korean beauty face mask prior to bed and wake up with radiant skin. The mask is made with brightening niacinamide and calming rice extract. It’s free of artificial fragrances and is vegan and cruelty-free. Apply a light layer and leave it to penetrate your skin overnight.


These No-Commitment Press-On Nails That Make A Big Impact

If you don’t have the time, patience, or budget to sit in a salon chair and get a gel manicure, try this set of 30 press-on nails that provide pretty results without the commitment and money. The kit comes with a prep pad, mini file, and cuticle stick. Choose from 13 colors that include light shades of pink and beige, as well as more dramatic scarlet and deep blue hues.

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