4 Reasons To Consider Adding Vitamins To Your Self-Care Routine

Adding vitamins was the easiest change in my self-care routine I could have ever made.

by BDG Studios
A hand putting Olly's vitamin gummies in the bag standing next to boxes of Olly vitamins, headphones...

If we have learned anything over the last couple of years, it is that life keeps you on your toes. Personally, when I’m thrown a curveball, it’s not uncommon for me to redirect all of my attention towards that one thing, letting other, equally important things fall by the wayside. For example, earlier this year I started a new job. In an effort to put my best foot forward, I focused all of my energy on that new job, and forgot to take time out of my day for my relationships, and more importantly, myself. One month in I was already burnt out, barely sleeping, and realized I totally failed at the whole work/life balance thing. I needed a change, and needed to implement a lifestyle that allowed me to feel fulfilled at work, while also bettering my personal well-being.

A huge part of that was creating a self-care routine. Now, I love the phrase “self care” as much as the next person who needs a reason to buy an expensive pair of shoes or bail on plans with friends when you’re just not feeling it. But in this case, I really needed a routine that was going to set me up for success — mentally, physically, and emotionally. It also meant finding habits and practices that naturally fit into my life, without disrupting it.

I began blocking off one hour of “unplugged” time on my calendar every day so I could workout or meditate. I promised my puppy “a nice long walk” every morning (it’s impossible to lie to a cute dog, that’s just fact), and I made a concerted effort to schedule (and keep!) plans with my friends and loved ones. Another easy and convenient way I stepped up my self care was by implementing a vitamin and supplement regimen into my daily routine.

After doing some research, I realized that a huge part of why my body began to betray me during that first month of work was because I wasn’t giving it the resources it needed to function at its best. So I enthusiastically added some vitamins into my routine and found that they helped take that fatigue and dread out of my exciting new job and give me a much more refreshed approach to how I tackled each day.

It Was So Easy

As I mentioned before, I knew implementing a self-care routine was important, but I didn’t want it to become my life. I am still a go-getter who thrives on just a little bit of chaos, and works at her best under pressure. So adding vitamins and supplements to my daily routine, an effort that added about a minute of extra time to my morning, was the easiest decision ever.

The best part is that every vitamin and supplement I added can come with me wherever, meaning I have a stash of vitamins and supplements at home, and I have a stash of vitamins and supplements at work. Wherever I am, I can simply grab and go, without having to put any real thought into it, but knowing the vitamins are doing the work for me.

It Helped With Daily Stress

A huge part of my daily stress is how much pressure I put on myself to crush it at work and in life. First of all, there’s no such thing as perfect, so that was a mental roadblock I had to come to terms with, especially at my new job. But to help put my mind at ease, I also started taking OLLY’s Goodbye Stress gummies which contain L-Theanine, an ingredient that helps calm the mind, and GABA, a supplement that helps with acute stress and anxiety. The best part is that GABA is fast-acting, so taking two gummies an hour before a big presentation has become a huge part of my daily self-care routine.

It Allowed Me To Find Balance

An unexpected, but welcomed, benefit to introducing the Goodbye Stress gummies was the added quiet time they gave me. Before, even in moments between tasks or when I was commuting, I found my mind racing with what I’ve done that day, and how much I still had to get done, and what I could do better next time. There was never a moment of peace. (And at night? Forget about it.)

But because the Goodbye Stress gummies also include lemon balm, which is a botanical that has helped quiet the mind for centuries (it’s an herb that kind of looks like mint!), I found myself being able to take those much needed deep breaths throughout the day and give my mind a necessary recess, even if for a moment before moving on to the next to-do.

It Improved My Sleep

Sleep is objectively great and I’ve always been a huge fan. But with a big life change like starting a new job, my 8 hours weren’t coming as easily as they used to, which of course affected my immune system and my body’s ability to reset. Being able to unwind during that first month on the job felt like a foreign concept.

However, when I started taking OLLY’s Immunity Sleep gummies 30 minutes before bed, I found myself getting much more restful night sleeps and waking up without the grogginess that sometimes comes from other supplements. That’s probably because the Immunity Sleep gummies contain elderberry, which has been a source of immune support for centuries, as well as a specific sleep blend of melatonin and L-theanine as well as immune system superstars like echinacea, Vitamin C, and zinc.

It sounds obvious enough, but remember the vitamins we took as kids? They were really onto something. After adding vitamins and supplements into my daily routine, I found myself able to take on the day with a clearer head, a healthy body, and a renewed sense of purpose. It encouraged me to continue to find the balance of work and life, while giving my body the means to enjoy the moments away from the office. A win win, if you ask me!