43 Products So Weird & Cool That They've Reached Cult Status On Amazon

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Wall charger block with blue night light and an orange sandal

If enough people back a certain product — regardless of what that product is (or what problem it's trying to solve) — it usually fosters a group mentality. "If they all love it, then I will love it," right? Amazon is ripe for this kind of bandwagon. With rave product reviews and five-stars galore, it's no wonder why even the strangest items create impressive followings. This list of Amazon products so weird and cool they've reached "cult status" will make you believer.

These products can solve the problems you never knew you had — or better, they'll fix those small annoyances you assumed were inevitable. Shop for items like versatile avocado slicers, electric boots to keep your feet warm, and memory foam pillows with built-in cooling layers. You'll hit "Add to Cart" as soon as you see the command strip for your blow dryer, the soap pack made with different kinds of beer, and the LED lights made for your car.

With thousands of orders and incredible word-of-mouth followings, these products sell out fast — but they're always restocked to keep their followers happy. Because once you use one of these items, you'll want to tell all your friends so they can also purchase them.


A Microneedling Facial Roller With 18,000 Five-Star Reviews

This easy-to-use facial roller is packed with 540 microneedles across its surface — excellent for helping rejuvenate the skin, and perfect for using before applying serum. Simply roll it over your face, no added pressure is needed, and let all those tiny needles do the work. Reviewers even tout it for helping with scars.


These Motion-Activated Lights To Illuminate Your Toilet

There will be no more stumbling through the dark in the bathroom at night, thanks to this toilet night light. With eight unique colors, this battery-operated LED attaches to any toilet bowl and is motion-activated. Plus, it's easy to install and clean. With more than 2,000 five-star reviews, Amazon customers can’t get enough of the handy solution to a common problem.


A Repair Cream That Uses Snail Mucus To Heal Skin

Made with 92% snail mucus extract, this snail repair cream can help address blemishes while rejuvenating your complexion — and shoppers cannot get enough of it (over 1,400 of them, to be exact). This "snail slime" can be used on sensitive skin, because it’s fragrance-free and made without artificial colors or parabens.


This Arm Massager That Doesn't Require Any Batteries

Find relief from elbow soreness with this massager. It requires no batteries or plug-ins, but instead rolls over muscles to release tension and relieve pain as you move your arm back and forth through the system. With suction cups and rubber feet, you can be sure that it'll stay in place while you use it at your own pace. One customer wrote, "I use this every evening, to massage the muscles and release any knots or tension, just the same as I use a foam roller for the rest of my body."


The Heat-Activated Mask That Moisturizes Dry Eyes

This eye mask gets rid of dry eyes while you relax. Just heat it up in the microwave and place it over your eyelids for a soothing, moisturizing effect. It helps treat pink eye, sinus headaches, styes, and more — and it comes with a storage pouch to carry with you while traveling for on-the-go relief.


This Kit That Literally Helps You Grow An Avocado Tree

Grow your very own avocado with this easy-to-use kit. This small plastic gadget holes an avocado pit above water — and all you have to do is patiently watch your avocado tree grow. According to Amazon reviews, shoppers love watching this superfood come to life. Just change the water every two weeks and you’ll see your tree start to grow.


A Crackled Phone Charger You Can Spot In The Dark

Consumers can't get enough of this LED charger. The unique crackled design lights up and makes it easy to find your phone in the middle of the night — and it just looks really cool. The charger uses high-temperature, fireproof plastic for added safety. It also features dual USB ports to charge multiple devices at once.


These Reusable Food Wraps That Are Made From Beeswax

Replace plastic and wrap your food in these chemical-free beeswax food sheets, which are essentially non-synthetic food wraps that are made with added jojoba oil and tree resin. With multiple sizes available, you can secure any food inside these natural alternatives. When you’re done, just rinse each wrap with cold water and soap — and then, you can reuse them.


These Reflexology Slippers That Massage Feet

With massaging dots along the sole, these sandal slippers feel amazing on your feet, but they’re also functional. They have a water leakage design that makes them perfect for wearing in the shower and they come in more than 25 colors.


A Face Wash That's Made With Real Egg Whites

Reduce the appearance of your pores and smooth your complexion with this egg white pore foam. The face wash is packed with vitamins B3 and B2, as well as magnesium, calcium, and more. The egg whites (aka albumen) included within the mixture will help clear oil and dirt from your complexion. With over 500 positive reviews, it's clear that people are enjoying it.


This Foot Massager For Hot Or Cold Therapy

Give yourself a quality massage with this highly rated foot massage roller. It has nodules that provides a deep foot massage and can be placed in hot water or your freezer to give your feet hot or cold therapy to relieve aches and pains.


The Roll-Up Storage Container For Jewelry

Never worry about losing your jewelry again with this roll-up travel jewelry case. It features three stackable compartments that are perfect for storing rings and earrings. They all roll up in a long, narrow case that fits in most purses, backpacks, or suitcases. Plus, the synthetic leather and velvet lining is durable on the outside and protective on the inside.


A Monster-Inspired Pasta Spoon That Stands On Its Own

The cutest pasta spoon to ever exist is here, and it looks like the Loch Ness Monster. This spoon is nearly 1 foot tall and stands on its own in pasta or on your countertop. The long neck of “Nessie” peers out for an adorable surprise that your dinner guests will love. Plus, this new design is larger than before — so scooping your favorite spaghetti, fettuccine, or other pasta dish is so simple and fun.


These Beer-Inspired Soaps Made With Actual Hops

Apparently, beer is for more than drinking. It also makes delicious soap. In fact, this pack of soap comes with six natural scents, all of which are made with authentic beer hops: Honey Pilsner, Belgian Witbier, Apricot Wheat, Hoppy IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and Vanilla Porter. These suds clean your skin without drying it out, all thanks to ingredients like orange peel and oats. Each bar also contains vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to keep your skin glowing.


The Silicone Tea Infusers That Are Shaped Like Hippos

Steep your favorite teas with these adorable hippo-shaped tea infusers. Each silicone hippo sits perfectly on the rim of your mug while the tea inside the infuser steeps without any leaves getting through. This BPA-free unit is dishwasher-safe and guarantees you’ll smile with every sip.


A Travel Pillow With a Built-In Hoodie For Extra Privacy

Sleep on-the-go with this travel pillow, which also blocks out the light with a built-in hoodie for better rest on planes or in cars. It’s filled with pure memory foam for optimal cushion, and it holds your neck in a natural position. The attached hood is made of high-tech fabric that creates privacy, blocks the light, and keeps cold air out for a cozier snooze.


This Relaxing Ice Roller To Curb Inflammation

Amazon reviewers love this ice roller, which can be used over your complexion, eyes, or body. Just keep the roller in the freezer and glide it over your face for an easy-to-use cold compress whenever you need to. The roller also helps reduce the appearance of pores while calming irritation. You can even use it to massage sore muscles or calm headaches.


The Lavender Eye Pillow For Cold Or Hot Therapy

This pretty lavender eye pillow may look a little unconventional, but it's the one thing you’ll want to use when a headache hits or you are experiencing dry eyes. It is filled with organic flax seeds that provide a gentle massage and can be used hot or cold. Choose from nine colors.


A Tank Top With A Hidden Front Pocket For Valuables

This sneaky tank top is a unique solution to keeping your valuables protected. It features a zippered pocket on the front to keep passports, credit cards, and other important documents safe (and out of reach from others). The shirt is made of mostly cotton — and it's lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

Available in sizes: XS - XXXL


These Toe Socks That Help Moisturize Dry Feet

Slip on these moisturizing toe socks to heal dry, cracked feet. Each one is lined with gel that's infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter to soften calluses and cuticles. These spa-worthy socks are washable, and they'll give you softer feet in just 20 minutes. Plus, you can use them every day.

Available in sizes: Small - Large


The Toe Separators That Help Stretch & Realign Your Toes

Help relieve achy feet with these gel toe separators. By wearing them for just 15 minutes each day, you can help straighten your toes, increase flexibility, and even improve circulation. This squishy, gentle gel can give you relief from hammer toes, bunions, and overlapping toes. And yes, they are perfect to use for pedicures too.


A Cooking Plate That's Made With Himalayan Salt

Add some extra flair to your meals by cooking on this Himalayan salt plate, which comes with its own holder. Use it for stovetop cooking or grilling up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (which is the recommended temperature by the seller). You can also use it as a serving plate by cooling it down. And since it's made with Himalayan salt, your food’s flavor will be intensified.


These LED Lights That Look Cool In Your Car

Add these LED lights to your car for vibrant atmosphere on the road. These bulbs are soft and shouldn't distract you while you drive. As long as your car has a cigarette lighter, you can plug them in — and the double-sided tape will make installation easy. Plus, they're waterproof and designed to stay at extremely-low temperatures, so you can always feel safe using them.


A Whitening Toothpaste Made With Activated Charcoal

Get a whiter smile with this activated charcoal toothpaste, which is vegan and free of sulfates and fluoride. Its key ingredient is activated charcoal, which provides a whitening, brightening effect, and it has a fresh mint flavor.


This Body Scrub That's Made With Coffee Grounds

Exfoliate your way to smoother skin with this coffee scrub. By using real coffee grounds, coconut oil, sea salt, and more, you can naturally massage away rough skin while reducing inflammation. Use it on your body, face, lip, hands, and feet for a vegan and alcohol-free cleanse.


A Faux Fur Rug That Can Also Be Used On The Couch

Add a little glam to your home with this faux sheepskin throw. The high-quality Mongolian faux fur works as a seat cushion, a couch cushion, or as rug. The bottom of the rug feels like leather, and it won’t slip. With 7 centimeters of plush faux fur, it’s a comfortable and beautiful addition to any home decor. Plus, it's available in over 10 colors.


This Command Strip That Holds Your Blow Dryer In Place

Shoppers have fallen in love with this hair dryer holder, which attaches to the wall with a Command strip. The satin nickel finish is sleek and holds a spiral shape — and the large, water-resistant strips are strong and durable. Hang your blow dryer on your bathroom wall so it’s easily accessible without taking up counter space. The strips keep your surfaces safe, because they don't leave residue when they're removed. No tools are required to install the unit, either.


The Round Power Strip That Fits Right On Your Desk

This power strip is the perfect desktop charging station for your home or office. With three rubber mats on the bottom, it stays in place while you use one of the three outlets (or three USB ports) that are available. With a 15-inch power cord wrapped around the charging station, it’s easy to store and small enough to pack for travel. It even comes with important safety features to protect against over-charging.


This Sandalwood Bath Bomb With A Calming Surprise Inside

Drop this bath bomb in your tub the next time you’re feeling frustrated. It's made with relaxing sandalwood, and it comes with a surprise inside. The globe won’t stain your bathtub, so just sit back and enjoy its stress-relieving properties. Here's a hint about the surprise: it’s in the bath bomb’s name.


This Phone Stand That Gives You The Thumbs Up

This adjustable phone display is affective and incredibly cute, because it gives you two thumbs up when it's in place. The unit is ideal for mobile phones, tablets, and even computers. Its matte finish is non-slip, and the hands secure your device for easy viewing. Plus, it stretches up to 8 inches to accommodate whichever device you're using. Choose from different color combinations.


A Memory Foam Pillow That Has A Cooling Gel Lining

This memory foam pillow is cooler than the other side — literally. It features temperature-regulating cooling gel on one side to diffuse heat and keep you comfortable all night long. The included memory foam supports your head and neck, all while relieving pain in the process. Remove the pillow case for easy washing.


This Electric Boot Pillow That Keeps Your Feet Warm

Keep your feet warm and pain-free with this pair of fast-heating electric boots. Slide your feet into the sherpa-lined foot warmer, select one of the four temperature settings, and then relax. These electric boots are machine-washable and fit most shoe sizes comfortably. The two-hour automatic shut-off feature helps keep your home safe, and the adjustable drawstring keeps heat in for longer.


This Collapsible Colander Set That Saves So Much Space

Most colanders clutter up your kitchen cabinets but not this convenient collapsible set. The colanders fold down to just 2 inches tall so you can store them in drawers with ease. Plus, the sturdy, dishwasher-safe material can handle temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. One fan raved, “Super easy to clean and take up so much less space in our drawers!”


The Cold Brew (& Iced Tea) Maker That Crafts The Tastiest Cuppa

If you’re anything like me, a delicious cold brew coffee is a drink for all seasons. Enter this cold brew maker that’s so simple, you can always have a fresh cup on hand. Just pour your grounds into the fine-mesh center (easy thanks to the included scoop and funnel), pop in the fridge overnight, and voila — you get a full liter of cold brew that stays perfectly fresh (in the airtight carafe) for up to three weeks.


This Foot Rocker That Safely Stretches Your Calves

Easily stretch your calves and relieve pain with this foot rocker. The ergonomic unit secures your foot while the non-slip bottom keeps everything sturdy. Rocking your foot back and forth evenly stretches sore calf muscles and improves circulation. It also helps to increase flexibility in heels, ankles, feet, and legs.


The Massage Glove That Has 9 Rotating Roller Balls

Give your loved one the massage they deserve (or just treat yourself to one). This palm-shaped glove massager has nine roller balls that move freely for continuous pain relieve while they glide. The adjustable buckle fits most hands, making it easy to slide on and begin massaging. The backside even features soft PVC bristles for in-shower use. Plus, the small size makes it perfect for traveling with.


This Surprisingly Versatile Tube Pillow That’s Great For Travel

This tube pillow from Cushy Form is made of supportive foam, and you’ll find yourself reaching for it constantly. Use it at night for neck or leg support, or position it in your office chair during the day for lower back support. It’s perfect for travel too since it can fit in a standard-sized carry-on, and it bends so you can find that just-right angle while trying to sleep on a plane. One shopper reported, “I love the size of this pillow, easy to put under my knees while in bed, easy to travel with!”


The Collapsible Water Bottle For Easy Storage

If you’re tired of carrying around empty water bottles that just take up space, then you’ll love this collapsible bottle. The BPA-free container holds 22 ounces of water, and it rolls into a compact size when it's empty. It's dishwasher-safe and can be used for hot or cold beverages. Plus, the leakproof lid easily screws off so you can fill it with ice. The silicone body is also shatterproof, and it features a carrying loop.


This Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You Perfect A Cat Eye

This eyeliner stamp will help you score even-looking cat eyes every time you do your makeup. The waterproof cosmetic comes with two pens (one for each eye). However, each one has a "stamp" side for the winged look, and another side with liquid eyeliner. Choose from three wing sizes to customize your final design.


A Cooling Eye Mask That's Filled With Ceramic Clay

This reusable clay eye mask is ideal for relieving headache pains. Unlike other cold eye masks, this one is packed with natural ceramic clay, so it molds easily to your face. Store in the fridge or freezer to keep it chilly, and then apply it whenever you need pain relief. One side of the mask is made with a PVC cover to deliver a cold compress, while the other side is made with soft fabric. The adjustable headband also means you can customize the fit.


This Headband That's Lined With Acupressure Points

This acupressure headband helps relieve neck and head pain by using several acupressure points. The needles within the headband apply gentle pressure to your skin to release tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and decrease stress. Just wear it for 10 to 30 minutes every day to see results. The Velcro strap is also adjustable, so you can control how tight it is.


The Magnetic Wristband That Keeps Nails Nearby

This magnetic wristband is great for those who like to work with their hands, because it keeps screws and nails nearby. With 10 strong magnets inside, nails and other metal objects stick to the band for easy access. Just strap it on and continue working with while everything is within your reach. It even doubles as a lightweight tool belt.


A Modern-Looking Kettle That Whistles When It’s Ready

This chic kettle lets you know when your hot water is ready with a charming whistle. The stainless steel body is rustproof, and the silicone handle is grippy so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand mid-pour. Plus, it comes with a reusable tea infuser for brewing your favorite loose leaf teas. One shopper gushed, “[You] can just feel the quality of this kettle just by picking it up. Its got a nice solid weight and its made with premium materials.”

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