44 Clever Everyday Products That Are Einstein-Level Genius

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It's remarkably easy to move through your everyday life, oblivious to the minor inconveniences you rack up. But those small scale annoyances can quickly snowball, making life way harder than it needs to be. Now, put your thinking cap on for a second, because I'm going to tell you about some products that are Einstein-level genius that'll instantly solve those tiny problems. For example, that messy underwear drawer that never stays organized despite your best efforts? You can tidy it up once and for all with this foldable organizer that features multiple compartments for separating and storing your underwear, bras, and socks. Simple as that.

How about all those times you've tried to make pizza at home and couldn't quite master it? The edges always end up crispy, but the inside tastes like straight-up raw dough. This pizza maker will guarantee the dough is always evenly cooked, thanks to a rotating plate that allows for proper heat distribution. (And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this pizza maker toasts the perfect quesadilla, too. What can I say? Multitasking appliances are my weakness.)

I've found a bunch more of these genius everyday items that will change your life for the better. And you won't even have to solve any fancy equations to get them, because they're all on Amazon.


A Dish Drying Rack That You Can Roll Up After Using

If saving space in your home is always top of mind, you’ll love this stainless steel drying rack that rolls up when you're not using it. It’s compact and can be placed across the top of your sink to dry dishes, rinse produce, and more. You can even use it as a cooling station for hot pots and pans.


This Easy Way To Make Perfectly Cooked Eggs

Making eggs is so much easier with this brilliant egg cooker that saves time and delivers consistently excellent results, whether you're poaching, boiling, or making omelets. The clever gadget lets you to cook up to six eggs at once to your desired hardness — and leaves you with shells that are easy to peel. Simply press the power button and you’ll have breakfast in a few short minutes.


A Mandoline Slicer That Will Cut Your Meal Prep Time In Half

Nix the headache of food prep with this six-in-one mandoline vegetable slicer. It comes with five interchangeable stainless steel blades that grate, spiralize, julienne, and slice your favorite veggies. The slicer is dishwasher-safe and comes with a protective glove to safeguard your hand from the blades. Use this with carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and more.


A Meat Thermometer That Has An Easy-To-Read Display

No need to guess when the meat is ready with this instant-read thermometer that gives you a reading in just three seconds. The digital display screen has a blue blacklight that’s easy to read, even when you're doing some late-night barbecuing in the backyard. Plus, there's a handy guide on the back that tells you what temperature chicken, pork, and beef need to reach for safe eating.


A Batter Dispenser That Makes Frying Pancakes Much Less Messy

This batter dispenser has been a game-changer for me. With a 4-cup capacity and wide mouth for easy filling, the dispenser features a squeezable handle that gives you total control over the amount of batter released. Say hello to perfect, mess-free pancakes and muffins.


The Five-Blade Cutting Shears That Slice Herbs Fast

These herb shears go way beyond the standard: They're designed with five stainless steel blades that slice herbs much more quickly and efficiently than your standard kitchen shears. The ergonomically designed scissors come with a cleaning comb that gets deep in the grooves, as well as a cover for safe storage.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Baking Pans And Cutting Boards

Having this over-the-cabinet organizer means you’ll finally have the perfect place to store your baking pans, cutting boards, and even plastic wrap and aluminum foil. It can be wall-mounted or hung right over any kitchen cabinet door via the padded hooks that won’t scratch or damage your cupboards.


The Oven Mitts That Feature Non-Slip Grips

Protect yourself from hot ovens and grills with these extra-long oven mitts that cover your hands, wrists, and forearms. Heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, the mitts feature a soft terrycloth lining and silicone strips that give you a tight grip while removing hot pans and pots from the oven. Choose from three colors: black, red, and turquoise.


A Microwavable Popcorn Popper That Collapses For Storage

Skip the slow stovetop process and toss your kernels into this microwavable popcorn popper for a tasty treat. The popper yields 15 cups of popcorn in just four minutes, so you won't have to wait too long before digging in. It comes in nine color choices, and when you're finished eating, you can collapse the bowl, and store in your cabinet. Done and done.


These Silicone Funnels That Won't Create Clutter

If you can't already tell, I'm a huge fan of space-saving kitchenware, so naturally I'm loving these silicone funnels that collapse flat so you can tuck them away in a drawer. They're great for pouring liquids without making a mess, and they're dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Each set comes with two funnels. What's not to love?


A Container That Keeps Your Avocado Fresh

This avocado keeper is a foolproof way keep your avocado fresher for longer. Simply place the unused half face down in the container, then place the lid on top, and you can eat the other half tomorrow, instead of having to chow down on the whole thing in a single sitting. Here's to small wins.


The Milk Frother That Will Save You Countless Trips To The Café

This milk frother will have you whipping up café-style beverages like a boss barista. The battery-operated whisk tops your drinks with a foamy layer that's equally delicious and a beautiful work of art. You can also use it prepare matcha tea, protein shakes, or even scrambled eggs.


A Bamboo Trivet That Expands For Extra Heat Protection

This bamboo trivet boasts a sleek design and can be expanded from a width of 8.75 inches to a width of 11.75 inches — perfect for when you need a little extra space to protect your table from a hot pan. It's made from durable, eco-sustainable bamboo that'll look great in any kitchen and can easily be wiped clean with a cloth.


These Hangers That Will Save You A Ton Of Closet Space

Say goodbye to a jam-packed closet for good with these hangers that are an awesome way to keep your closet organized: Hang them straight across to store clothes without bunching, or let them hang down to cascade clothes and save precious space. The pack of 10 hangers can can hold up to 50 garments.


The Facial Steamer That Preps Skin For Extractions And Masks

Moonlight as your own esthetician with this three-in-one facial steamer that opens up your pores to more effectively remove blackheads or to prep skin for a mask or serum. You can also use it as a towel warmer (there's a compartment for that) or to humidify your room. Bonus: The steamer comes with an extraction kit for clogged pores.


A Hair Dryer That Protects Your Tresses From Heat Damage

While blowouts can leave you with lustrous locks, they can also fry your ends and cause plenty of heat damage. But this ceramic Remington hair dryer provide protection, thanks to advanced coating technology and a tourmaline grill that dries hair faster to minimize heat exposure so you can have bouncy, shiny hair without the split ends. The dryer operates on two speeds and three heat settings and comes with a diffuser and concentrator.


The Multipurpose Beauty Sponge That Will Be Your New BFF

I haven't looked back to regular makeup sponges since I started using this sponge blender that's the perfect applicator tool for powders, creams, and liquid makeup. The rounded end can be used all over the face, while the pointed end is good for small areas, like under the eyes and next to the nose. Made from non-latex foam, it can be used wet or dry to give you picture-perfect results.


A Wet Brush That Does The Detangling Work For You

Detangling your hair is a lot less hassle with this wet brush that features special bristles that can blend and flex to gently remove knots and snags without causing excess damage to fragile strands. And it's versatile: The brush works equally well on straight, curly, and wavy hair.


The Body Brush That Will Leave Skin Feeling Silky Smooth

Treat your entire body to deep exfoliation with this body brush. Designed with natural bristles and real wood, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can gently brush it across any rough areas, like the knees or elbows. You can use it either wet or dry, and the results will be the same: silky, smooth, and glowing skin.


A Vibrating Rose Quartz Facial Roller That Comes With An Eye Press

This battery-operated rose quartz facial roller actually vibrates as you roll, helping to promote circulation and stimulate collagen production for a brighter, smoother complexion. As if that weren't enough, it also comes with an "eye press" attachment — keep it in the fridge, then use it under your eyes any time you need to bring down puffiness or swelling.


An Eyebrow Trimmer That Effortlessly Shapes Your Brows

This eyebrow hair remover is the grooming tool you didn't know you needed in your life until now. Unlike threading and waxing, it's a foolproof way to trim and shape brows without having to go to the salon. It has an elegant design and can be quickly recharged via USB so you don't have to deal with batteries.


The Scalp Massager That's So Relaxing In The Shower

Treat yourself to a little slice of heaven with this waterproof scalp massager. It has an ergonomic handle that fits nicely in your hand as the soft, flexible bristles help you tackle any tension in your scalp. Use it while you shampoo to help you de-stress while you lather up.


A Hot Tool That Dries And Styles Your Hair At The Same Time

With nearly 32,000 five-star customer reviews, this cult-favorite one-step hair dryer is the best way to dry and style your hair at the same time. The ceramic dryer brush operates on three heat settings and features a uniquely designed barrel that adds volume and shape. One reviewer wrote, "Overall, this has revolutionized my hair-game. Instead of only doing an at home blowout when I have time (like 45-60 minutes) I can now use this every time I wash my hair. Amazing."


This Fitness Tracker That'll Help You Reach Your Wellness Goals

Take your health into your own hands with this fitness watch that monitors steps, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate, and more over a 24-hour period. It's programmed with tracking for eight workouts, including spinning, yoga, and climbing, and since it's waterproof, you can even wear the watch while swimming. Available in six colors and styles, the watch alerts you of incoming texts and can even be used to control music when synced with a Bluetooth device.


A Soothing Body Balm That Helps Prevent Chafing

This body balm is the anti-chafing solution you’ve been searching for. It's sweat-friendly, giving skin room to breathe on hot days or during exercise, and it can be applied to any part of your body where you might experience friction. It's vegan, free of common allergens, and gentle on skin.


This Compact Water Filter That's A Must For Your Camping Kit

Before you head out on your next camping trip, be sure to pack this personal water filter in your gear. Tiny but mighty, it can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water, eliminating 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, allowing you to quench your thirst from a river or stream with total peace of mind.


The Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

This water bottle makes it so much easier to track your daily water intake. The exterior is scribbled with time tracking and motivational reminders to take sips, eliminating the likelihood of dehydration. This will prove especially helpful if you’re on a wellness journey and need some inspiration and accountability along the way.


A Jump Rope That Will Improve Your Cardio Stamina

This jump rope an easy way to build cardio stamina, without having to invest in a bike or treadmill. It's complete with ergonomic handles, memory foam grips, and 9 feet of length that can be adjusted depending on your height, and the rope is designed to prevent tangles so you won't trip up while you jump.


The Resistance Bands That You Can Use For A Full-Body Workout

Level up your next workout with these resistance bands that can be used to add a challenge to arm, ab, chest, and leg workouts. The set comes with five bands with varying levels of intensity, making it ideal for beginners and seasoned users alike. I also love that they take up little space and are easy to store after use.


An Air Fryer That Prepares Crisp Food With Less Oil

With an air fryer, you can make all your fried food favorites without oil, and get this: You won't have to compromise on flavor or texture either. The 2-quart fryer is easy to store and features a modern aesthetic that comes in colors like aqua, gray, and red. Perfect for fries, wings, veggies, egg rolls, and more.


The Steamer That Will Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Unlock a new level of adulthood by investing in this clothing steamer. It's powerful enough to work out wrinkles on sturdier fabrics, but gentle enough for delicates — and you won't even have to pull out the ironing board. The handheld device heats up in seconds and can steam continuously for 10 minutes, shutting off automatically once the water runs out.


A Sleek Charging Dock That Eliminates Clutter

This charging dock comes in handy when you have multiple devices to charge but can’t stand the sight of tangled cables. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the dock features four charging ports with five translucent slots that be adjusted and reconfigured to fit as needed. The sleek, compact design sits neatly on any nightstand, desk, or countertop.


The Light That Will Illuminate Your Late Night Bathroom Trips

Deck out your bathroom with this toilet nightlight. The motion-activated light emits a warm glow from inside the toilet so you can find your way without flipping on the light switch. You can toggle between seven LED colors or opt for the carousel mode that highlights a different color every four seconds.


The Countertop Pizza Maker That Turns Out A Better Crust

This pizza maker will hit the spot when you're in the mood for a homemade treat. It has a rotating plate that allows for crisp and even cooking throughout the pie so the dough turns out just right. You can also use this to make quesadillas, nachos, cinnamon rolls, and more. The nonstick baking stone can be removed and easily cleaned when you're all done feasting.


An Easy-To-Install Wireless Doorbell That Has 52 Sounds

Boasting a 1,000-foot range, this wireless doorbell is super easy to install and comes with two chime units so you can hear it in multiple rooms of your home. It’s waterproof and features 52 chime sounds and four volume levels, giving you the option to tailor it to your liking. Choose from six colors.


The Fabric Comb & Lint Remover That Will Rejuvenate Your Favorite Clothes

A fabric comb is just the thing you need to keep your favorite clothes in prime condition. Made with cedar wood, this comb gently removes pilling and lint from sweaters and other clothing. It works wonders on wool and cashmere but can handle other fabrics just as well. You can also use them to rejuvenate blankets, bedsheets, and upholstery.


These Motion Sensor Lights That Require Zero Installation

Make dark closets, cabinets, and hallways a thing of the past with these motion sensor lights. They emit a luminous glow when they detect motion within 10 feet, and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity. The lights have strong adhesive pads and built-in magnets that makes installation a no-sweat process. Choose from four white and warm lighting options.


The Mini Smart Assistant That Plugs Directly Into An Outlet

Make the jump to a smart home with an Echo flex — the mini version of Alexa that plugs directly into any outlet in your home so you can listen to music, check the weather, and voice control compatible lights and appliances. It features a built-in USB charging port, and since you can place them all around your home, you can "drop in" on other rooms to announce that dinner's ready.


The Sleep Headphones That Block Out Light For Quality Rest

If you’re having difficulty getting proper rest at night, these sleep headphones might be just what you need. The soft face mask blocks out light and features built-in, USB-chargeable headphones that are comfy, even when you sleep on your side. This is a great way to listen to your favorite tunes or ambient sounds that'll lull you peacefully to sleep.


A Home Camera That Lets You Stream Footage From Anywhere

Your home will always be under proper surveillance with this HD home security camera. You can stream footage from anywhere and it even has two-way audio for checking in on unexpected visitors (or for just saying hello to your dog). The camera automatically records a 12-second clip when it detects sound or movement and saves it to the cloud for up to two weeks.


An Organizer Set That's Perfect For Your Underwear Drawer

Your underwear drawer will no longer be the messiest in your dresser once you put these foldable organizers to work. The four soft but sturdy bins feature multiple compartments in different sizes so you can neatly pack away underwear, bras, socks, ties, and scarves.


The Organizer Drawer That Will Clear Up Space In Your Pantry

This two-tier organizer drawer is the perfect place to keep all your spices and condiments. Sized to fit inside your cabinet, the drawers slide out for easy access so you can reach the oregano or red wine vinegar all the way in the back. You can also take the organizer beyond the kitchen and use it to store cosmetics and other miscellaneous items around your home.


The Storage Bins That Can Be Folded When Not In Use

These storage bins are an easy way to store linens and out-of-season clothes. Made from soft, non-woven fabric, they feature clear windows, so you can see exactly what’s inside, instead of having to rummage through to find what you need. They zip closed on top and have handles on the side, making them easy to grab from your closet.


The Makeup Organizer With Plenty Of Storage For Cosmetics

This multi-tiered makeup organizer will help you get your bathroom counter in order. Designed with six drawers and 16 slots, it offers plenty of room to store your foundation, concealer, lipsticks, and more. Made from durable acrylic that's easy to wipe clean, the organizer comes in nine see-through color options so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

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