46 Cheap Home Upgrades That Look So Good You'll Wish You Had Them Years Ago

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Maybe the sight of that tired, old sofa is starting to grate on your nerves. Or perhaps you’re eternally annoyed that there’s no way to dry your sweaters without ruining their shape. Whatever the problem, if you’d love to make some changes at home but are held back by the idea of spending a bunch of money to do it, you’ve come to the right place. There are a ton of cheap home upgrades that can be found on the market, and they look so good you’ll wish you had sprung for them years ago. Check out these 46 cheap home upgrades that look so good you’ll wish you had them years ago.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, there are budget-friendly upgrades that can uplevel any room in your house. This could take the shape of cozy creature comforts like a super soft and fuzzy throw rug, a lotus-shaped essential oil diffuser, or even a shower head that puts you smack in the middle of a luxurious rainstorm. If more practical applications appeal to you, you’ll love a washable slipcover for your couch, a mesh drying rack for your sweaters, and smart tech features that let you use voice to activate your lights and set them to schedules.

Whichever room in your house may be in serious need of an upgrade, you’ll find something on this list that’ll either make you smile in relief or open your eyes to a great-looking improvement you didn’t even know you needed.


An Ingeniously Combined Outlet Wall Plate & Guide Light

This clever outlet wall plate has an automatic off and on sensor that, when turned on, emits a bar of soft, diffused light below, providing a gentle light path. The patented prong design powers the LED built-in light, allowing you to simply snap on the plate and you’re ready to go. Coming in either white, ivory, light almond, or black and available in two different styles (duplex or decor), this extremely affordable wall plate creates an aesthetically pleasing way to navigate your home at night and can even act as a safe night light for children.


These Stove Burner Covers That Protect Your Cooktop

If the idea of cleaning your stovetop after every single meal makes you a little reticent to whip up your grandmother’s famous red sauce, then these highly affordable stove burner covers might change your tune. Constructed of premium glass fiber PTFE, they are durably heat-resistant (note to not put these in direct contact with the flame) and wash up easily either in the dishwasher or with soap and water. Made with precuts to fit your burners easily, these are also totally customizable by cutting the covers to fit your particular burners.


A Flexible Molding Trim To Add Visual Interest To Your Walls

If you didn’t happen to be blessed with molding in your abode, then this home wall trim can immediately upgrade those doors, walls, or cabinets, and at a price that won’t break the bank. Coming with 115 inches of length, the flexible PVC material can be cut to measure and applied to surfaces using liquid nail glue. Paint them using oil-based or latex paint and this trim will add visual interest to any decor.


This Incredibly Soft Throw Rug To Ramp Up The Coziness

Sometimes a little comfort goes a long way in making your home just that much more hospitable. This extremely popular fluffy throw rug is a sumptuous shaggy velvet rug with a spongy interlayer and a non-slip bottom. You can choose between three sizes and six colors, such as grey and pink. Easily clean the rug with a vacuum to keep it a perfect landing place whether for babies, bare feet out of bed, or bottoms during a cozy hang with friends.


A Set Of Floating Shelves That Clear Clutter & Add Decor

Perfect for organizing clutter while improving home aesthetics on a budget, this set of floating shelves conveniently go up wherever you need them, taking full advantage of that wall space. They have a large surface area that can hold up to 40 pounds and are made of rustic wood, with five different finishes such as gray, black, or brown. Customize your look by mounting these shelves with the brackets facing up or down.


These Wifi-Enabled Fairy Lights With Over 16 Million Colors

This smart string of fairy lights gives you 32.8 feet of 100 LED lights, all controlled via an app on your phone or Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Fully waterproof, the light show of these copper wire string lights is totally customizable with a large list of features at your fingertips, such as dimming capabilities, a timer schedule, a night light mode, and over 16 million colors to choose from in the palette.


An Expandable Organizer Rack That Displays Everything Neatly

A seriously effective way of upgrading your home without costing a fortune is the addition of an efficient tiered expandable organizer. Useful for a variety of needs — from spices to beauty products to medication — the shelf allows you to immediately see what you have on hand, not only cleaning up cupboard space, but also making things like cooking and baking that much easier. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this expandable shelf can adjust to fit the dimensions of your cupboards, but looks nice enough to be displayed on the countertop.


This Black & White Ottoman That Acts As Seating & Storage

Creatively serving dual purposes, this stylish storage ottoman bench provides extra seating on top of being a clever place to store items and banish clutter. Constructed of faux leather, the bench comes with a distinctive black and white checkered top and is available in three sizes, including one that contains drawers for additional storage space.


A Lipstick Holder For Up To 40 Lipstick Tubes

A perfect way to instantly clean up and enhance the look of your makeup collection, this lipstick holder provides a clean display worthy of your lipstick collection. Store up to 40 lipsticks or small cosmetics in this organizer, which is constructed of transparent, durable acrylic material that’s a cinch to wipe clean. Also available in a smaller size of 24 slots, the sharp and organized design adds to any bathroom or bedroom decor and costs less than $8.


These Mason Jar Sconces That Elevate Any Room

Upgrading your lighting can do wonders for creating a warm and inviting vibe at home, and these mason jar wall sconces do it at a budget-friendly price. Constructed of glass jars, wood backboards, and LED twinkle lights, this pair can be easily hung with the included rope, or positioned on your surface of choice. Plus, they’re battery-operated, so no need to fuss with dangling cords or wires.


A Motion Sensor Light That Brightens Hard-To-See Spaces

This motion sensor light conveniently illuminates otherwise dark corners of the home and can almost create a recessed lighting effect, but for a very economical price. Coming in a pack of three and with a choice between silver and warm white light, each is powered by four AAA batteries (not provided) and can attach to surfaces either magnetically or with the use of provided 3M adhesive tape. With 10 bright LEDs in each light, it can detect human movement of up to 10 feet.


This Sink Protector Mat That Prevents Breakage

If you’ve experienced too many delicate pieces of glassware chipping or breaking in the sink, this sink protector mat will prevent that problem. Raised non-slip feet keep the mats slightly above the sink to create stability and airflow, and the surface is covered in soft rubber to cushion even the most minor dishwashing scuffles. The mat comes with two separate L-shaped pieces, allowing you to configure them any way that suits your sink best.


A 3-Tier Corner Shelf That Assembles In A Pinch

Take advantage of that overlooked corner space with this three-tier corner shelf that assembles so easily, tools aren’t even required. Made of engineered particleboard and PVC tubes, you can put this shelf together in five minutes. Able to hold anything from books to cleaning supplies to home decor, this multi-tasking shelf makes the most of forgotten corners to organize and elevate the style of your home, all for a low price.


This Sofa Slipcover That’s A Cult Favorite

With over an astonishing 42,000 reviews on Amazon, this stretch sofa slipcover is perfect for both protecting your furniture and also refreshing your decor on a budget. With a choice of 38 colors, you can be sure to find the right hue for your interior’s aesthetic (keep a few extra around so that you have several alternatives on hand if you wish to change up the design). The slipcover stretches for a snug fit and is machine washable, making it a great option for those with pets or kids.


A Chenille Bathroom Rug That’s Super Absorbent

There’s nothing like the luxury of stepping out of the shower onto a seriously soft and absorbent bath rug. This chenille bathroom rug comes with two pieces, one standard rectangular shape and one that wraps around the base of your toilet, both with a non-slip surface to keep them in place. Offered in 13 earthy colors such as mauve and stone blue, these rugs claim to be extra absorbent and are conveniently machine washable.


An Under Sink Organizer That Keeps Things Tidy

This two-tiered under sink organizer offers a great solution to the usual disorder that may live beneath the sink. Each shelf has a cute cutout design that offers air circulation and drainage, perfect for items residing in the bathroom. Store anything from toiletries and towels to makeup and hair accessories, knowing you can use the vertical space to stash a lot more than before. The organizer comes in black or white.


The Organizer For Your Growing Shoe Collection

Nothing says “home upgrade” more than seeing your shoes neatly displayed when you walk in the door. This affordable and easy-to-assemble shoe slots organizer fits five pairs of sneakers or shoes and comes in gray, black, or white. Made with a non-slip surface to help shoes stay in place, never worry about storing shoes that have been out in the weather as this rack washes off in a second with soap and water.


This Candle That Captures The Tasting Notes Of Wine

For people who love wine, the next best thing has to be a wine candle, right? For a small price, your home can feel more sophisticated with this classy vintage merlot wine candle. Made of a soy wax blend and constructed of recycled bottles, this hand-poured candle will last at least 40 hours and smells of the tasting notes of vintage merlot (“jammy” and “bright,” for example). This candle also comes in five other fun scents, from bourbon whiskey to hoppy IPA.


A Set Of Pretty Dishes That Are Virtually Unbreakable

An easy and affordable way to upgrade your home is to change up something we interact with every day: our plate ware. These wheat straw plates are made of BPA-free, food-safe polypropylene, wheat straw fiber, and starch — materials that make them chip-resistant and unbreakable. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this set of six plates come in an assortment of cheerful pastel colors, perfect for upgrading any dinner table.


This Fridge Turntable That Lets You See All Your Condiments

Rather than reaching into the depths of the fridge for that one condiment oh-so-far-away, knocking over every other jar on your way there, this fridge turntable allows you to easily see everything you have on hand and get to it immediately. With a diameter of 11 inches, the BPA-free plastic turntable rotates 360 degrees with the use of stainless steel ball bearings, and includes soft, non-slip grips on the bottom to help it stay in place without damaging your shelves. For a little bit extra, you can also opt for a removable rubber mat to prevent any potential condiment toppling.


These Faux Succulents To Effortlessly Add Decor

If you’d love to have plants, but also would love to not stress about keeping them alive, then these small potted artificial succulent plants are the perfect solution. Coming in a set of five assorted varieties of succulents, the pots are made of wood with an aged finish to give them a rustic feel. All in all, this is a perfect way to add a little accent decor without either breaking the bank or requiring any maintenance.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp To Create Calming Vibes

Creating a lovely, warm glow, this Himalayan salt lamp also claims to release ions into the air that banish stress, help with allergies, improve your sleep, and in general enhance the mood of your space. Handcrafted and coming in a beautiful flower shape, the lamp includes a wooden base and a dimmer switch to adjust the glow of the 15-watt bulb inside.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That’s Shaped Like A Lotus

In efforts to add a little comfort and enhance relaxation in your space, look no further than an essential oil diffuser. This ceramic model is shaped in the form of a charming lotus flower and acts as both a diffuser and an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It’s conveniently USB rechargeable, making it great for the office, and it even contains an LED light within, allowing you to choose from seven different colors for soothing vibes at night.


This Wall-Mounted Tool Holder To Keep Cleaning Tools Off The Floor

A very simple way to quickly tidy up any cluttered utility space and make your home feel put together is by installing this wall-mounted tool holder. Perfect for hanging cleaning supplies or gardening tools, easily mount the organizer to the wall with the included screws. It features five slip-resistant hanging slots and six hooks which, when not in use, can be folded up into a retracted position. For a small price, you can access those home supplies instantly, and it will make you feel like an organizational pro.


An Absorbent Holder That Dries Umbrellas Fast

This umbrella holder not only circulates air efficiently due to its wireframe design, but also includes a stone at the bottom to absorb water effectively, drying your umbrella in less time. Available in both black and white as well as three different sizes (regular, rectangular, and tall), this holder is made of rust-proof metal, so you can pile on the wet umbrellas without fear.


This Embossing Label Maker For Perfect Organization

Let’s be honest: labeling things is downright fun. This embossing label maker puts any mysteries to rest in terms of jar contents, file folders, and even craft supplies. Ergonomically designed, this labeler requires no batteries and includes three tapes (two black and one red), one of which is already pre-loaded. Print anything your heart desires from the provided 49 different text, number, or symbol characters.


A Set Of Door Handle Covers That Keep Smudges Away

In the midst of any kitchen-related activity, shuffling between different appliances can get handles a bit mucky. These door handle covers wrap around handles to protect them from sticky hands and fingers. Made of a velvety material, the covers are reversible, machine washable, and come in four colors (gray, big red, black, and red). Offered in a variety of sizes and combinations, use these to safeguard fridge, oven, or microwave handles, and all for a budget-friendly price.


A Shelf Liner That Makes Your Cabinets Look Chic

Imagine opening up your kitchen cabinet to see a clean surface and cute design. These shelf liners come in an elegant gray quatrefoil pattern and are made of BPA-free EVA material. They are waterproof, dust-proof, and easy to clean, with a non-slip surface on both sides. Coming pre-cut in common kitchen cabinet dimensions, they’re easily customizable with some scissors. They require no adhesive and are easy to remove and adjust.


An Echo Dot And Smart Color Bulb Combo

For an incredibly low price, you can begin to upgrade your home with smart devices with this Amazon Echo Dot and included smart Sengled color bulb. Hook your Echo Dot up via the Alexa app, setting any number of customizable functions such as creating routines and schedules. With the quick installation of your smart bulb, tell Alexa to turn your lights on or off simply using voice control. This combo provides a number of ways to make your home hands-free and smart.


The Herb Garden Growing Kit That Elevates Your Cooking

Bring the kitchen garden inside in this seriously affordable home upgrade. This herb garden growing kit gives you everything you need to start producing four classic cooking herbs: basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley. Every box comes with four growing pots, four moisture-proof seed packets, one soil disc that expands with water to be used in all four pots, an instruction booklet, and an herb grinder. The seeds are 100% non-GMO, sourced from local farms and shipped in seed-safe Mylar pouches. Assured to be fool-proof, this kit claims no green thumb is needed for success.


This Charming Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Display your wine bottles in this charming wall-mounted wine rack, complete with four hooks below to hang your wine glasses. Made of sturdy metal and able to hold up to five bottles, this rack also includes a clever design feature where you can store corks from past favorite bottles in a tray below. The rack even includes six cork wine charms with fun words like “Cheers,” “Dream,” and “Dare.”


A Foldable Drying Rack Specifically For Sweaters

Never again wonder where you’re going to lay all those sweaters flat to dry with this ingenious and inexpensive sweater drying rack. Constructed of mesh for maximum airflow, the rack has legs that sit offset from the corners, allowing the rack to fit on countertops or laundry machines. The rack can be folded up for easy storage and you can stack multiple racks on top of one another and never worry about stretching or ruining the shape of your sweaters again.


This Hammock Chair To Make Your Home Extra Snug

Hang this hammock chair wherever you’d like to make a space much more inviting, be it the bedroom or the patio. Made of premium cotton canvas, the chair features a sturdy hardwood spreader bar with notches on either end to prevent the rope from slipping (note that hanging hardware is not provided). Able to support up to 250 pounds, it also includes two detachable pillows for extra cozy comfort.


A Set Of Slate Cheese Boards That You Can Write On

Not only do these slate cheese boards look extremely rustic and elegant, but, because of their material, you can actually write on them using the provided chalk. Clearly and stylishly denote whatever delights you’ve laid out for your guests on each board. Coming in a set of six, use them for anything from charcuterie to bread to desserts, knowing your party will feel that much more elevated without having to spend a fortune.


This Set Of Pantry Storage Containers To Keep Food Fresh

There might be nothing worse than when you go to impulsively make that batch of cupcakes you've been craving and you realize the flour has gone bad. These food storage containers are airtight, using four-sided locking lids with silicone seals that ensure ingredients stay as fresh as can be. Made with BPA-free plastic, they come in a shape designed to save space no matter if you plan to store them in the fridge or the pantry. They also include eight blank reusable labels that you can customize using the provided chalkboard marker, as well as a four-piece measuring cup set.


A Luxury High-Pressure Shower Head

If you like the feel of being caught in a romantic rainstorm (I mean, who doesn’t?), then this high-pressure shower head will give you all the deluge vibes. Chrome plated and made of rust-proof ABS plastic, this shower head is designed with 90 easy-to-clean rubber jets. No tools are required for an easy installation process that takes less than five minutes.


This Electric Coffee Grinder For Your Best Cup Of Joe

The secret to a great cup of coffee is grinding the beans right before you need to use them, as any barista will tell you. This convenient and affordable electric coffee grinder can grind up to nine tablespoons of beans (or 12 cups of coffee) and has a removable grinding chamber that makes it easy to fill and empty, on top of washing up effortlessly. A groove at the bottom acts as clever hidden cord storage to save space.


An Electric Kettle That Boils Water In A Flash

Having the ability to heat up water at a moment’s notice can seriously improve your home life and comes at little cost. This electric kettle heats up water fast using 1500 watts of power. Made of strong and safe borosilicate glass, it has a heat-resistant and non-slip handle. In terms of extra safety measures, the 1.8-liter kettle includes an auto-shutoff 30 seconds after reaching a boil.


This Motion Sensor Garage Light With Adjustable Light Panels

If groping through a dark garage to find that impossible-to-locate light switch always feels a tad dangerous, then this motion sensor garage light is for you. The light comes with five adjustable panels, so you can decide how much of a range you’d like your light to span. The motion sensor can detect movement up to 10 meters away and will auto-shutoff after 30 seconds to save you electricity.


A Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

When warmer months roll around you want to open every door to let fresh air in, but without a screen that can also mean giving full access to intrepid bugs. This genius and budget-friendly magnetic screen door installs quickly and easily to any 36-by-82 inch door and makes a flush and secure closure with the help of magnets that run the whole length of the screen. Constructed of a breathable polyester mesh, it keeps bugs out but still lets people, pets, and kids walk through freely.


These Blackout Curtains That Also Regulate Temperature

These blackout curtains block out 85% to 99% of sunlight and act as thermal regulators by keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Available in 23 colors from navy blue to burgundy, as well as 10 varying sizes, these install easily by slipping onto a hanging rod with the use of six silver grommets. They provide a great way to easily upgrade your space while saving on your electric bill.


A Laptop Stand That Saves Your Posture

If that kink in your neck from spending hours on the laptop is making you question your life’s decisions, then a laptop stand could make a huge difference and potentially save you the cost of a chiropractor. This stand is made of sturdy, thickened aluminum alloy for maximum stability, has a design that allows for ventilation, and includes rubber feet to keep it securely on your desktop. Choose from seven metallic finishes like classic silver, green, and rose gold.


This Quilted Mattress Pad That Cushions You Like A Royal

Especially for those “Princess And The Pea” types, a soft and cushioned mattress pad makes for a simple but crucial improvement to your sleeping situation. This quilted mattress pad is made with a brushed microfiber outer layer and a soft, plush polyester fiberfill within. It’s machine washable and fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep. Choose from six mattress sizes.


A Groovy Garden Wallpaper That Won’t Damage Walls

Perfect for renters or decorators with impulsive inspiration, this groovy garden wallpaper sticks to any flat surface via self-adhesive and won’t damage the walls when it’s removed. Made of vinyl and coming in a charming woodland pattern, you can adjust this flexible wallpaper however you need, even during installation, knowing that it will come off easily when the mood for something different strikes.


These Fridge Liners To Extend The Life Of Your Produce

These fridge liners give your fruit or veggie drawer a cheerful look while also absorbing extra moisture from produce, thereby helping those berries and broccoli last longer. Made of a mix of fibers, including polyester and viscose, these liners can be easily trimmed to fit your fridge and are reversible. Available in three charming patterns (slate leaf, trellis, and veggie), these bring a little utility and design to the fridge, keep things looking clean, and do it for a very low price.


A Set Of 3 Decorative Mirrors That Combine Art & Function

As interior decorators have declared forever, mirrors are a great way to open up your space and make it seem larger than it might actually be. This affordable set of three decorative mirrors do just this on top of acting as elegant wall decor by recalling the classic argyle pattern. Hang the black-framed mirrors individually from their elegant chains in any way that suits your room or style using the included hardware.

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