48 Bougie Things For Your Home That Are Actually Bargains

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I’m cursed with a designer eye. I have fancy taste on a not-so-fancy budget. But after a little hunting, I’ve been able to fill my home with the design trends I love without emptying my bank account. My secret? Amazon. The online superstore has plenty of hidden gems that seem expensive but really aren’t. I’ve made a list of the best finds for your budget so you too can decorate the home of your dreams without any buyer’s remorse. Check out these 48 bougie things for your home that are actually bargains.

An easy way to upgrade your home is to find more aesthetic ways to store those practical things you need for everyday life. For example, I’ve included a high-tech, stainless steel trash can that has built-in odor control to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and looking modern. I’ve also added a mirror that has a handy 10x magnifying side for applying makeup, and unlike other round mirrors, this one is wrapped in beautiful bamboo. You’ll find a pretty essential oil diffuser and a spice carousel to organize your countertops. These practical products are made pretty for a shocking price.

Another way to achieve that bougie look on a budget is to find DIY alternatives to spruce up your existing home. I’ve included a peel-and-stick paper that looks like real marble so can cover your countertops for a high-end look that won’t cost you a fortune. Check out the velvet pillow cover set I added that’s so affordable you’ll have the flexibility to switch up your accent pillows for every season.

All of these products come highly rated from thousands of reviewers who have bought and tested them out in their homes. By the end of this list, you’ll be ready to jump on the bargain bandwagon.


The LED Backlights That Make Watching TV Better

Upgrade movie night with these affordable LED backlights that take your TV and viewing experience to the next level. They have adhesive backs and wrap around your television to reduce eye strain. They will even sync with music to completely change the atmosphere. Choose among more than 16 colors and four dynamic modes within these 6.56-foot long LED lights.


A Reed Diffuser That Looks Like Art

If you love essential oils but hate the look of big diffusers, you’ll flip over this beautiful reed diffuser disguised as a bouquet. The reed sticks come in an elegant transparent glass that looks great on a console table or nightstand. This $15 option includes five rattan sticks and a mixture of their April Fresh scent, which is floral and fruity. When the scent begins to weaken, just flip the reeds over.


The Bargain Cordless Shades For Extra Privacy

​​Looking to add a bit more privacy to your home without blowing the budget? These bargain cordless shades are easy to install because they just stick in place. They filter light, offering privacy without making the room completely dark. Choose from two colors and four sizes so you can effortlessly fit your windows with these clean, modern shades that are shockingly affordable.


These Under-Bed LEDs For Mood Lighting

These under-bed lights provide better visibility during midnight bathroom trips and they’re a total bargain. The motion-activated lights turn on when motion is detected within 11 feet and can be customized to stay on from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. They have an adhesive backing that sticks anywhere — so you can use these beyond just your bed and in closets, hallways, or stairs. The LED bulbs last for up to 100,000 hours.


This Set Of Floating Shelves For Wall Decor

Add these floating shelves to your cart for custom wall decor that won’t bust your budget. The set of three comes with large, medium, and small shelves that can each accommodate up to 40 pounds. They have a rustic look and are available in five wood shades. Use them anywhere — from your kitchen to your bedroom — for additional storage or to display your cutest home decor.


A Bladeless Budget Fan That’s Portable Yet Powerful

Need a little extra air in your stuffy home office or garage? This bladeless table fan is compact yet powerful. It has touch controls to select from three wind speeds. Plug it in using the USB charger or built-in battery that will run for up to six hours on its internal charge. It’s lightweight and portable so you can take it with you wherever you need it.


This Pack Of Flameless Tea Lights That’s A Steal

Fill your home with beautiful candlelight without the fire hazard thanks to these flameless LED tea lights. This pack of 48 has a warm white glow and a long-lasting battery that will run for more than 150 hours. They have an easy on/off switch on the bottom and a soft flickering that sets the mood.


These Bargain Throw Pillow Covers To Add A Pop Of Color

Throw pillows can really pull a space together, but they can also get pretty pricey. These throw pillow covers, however, are a steal — and very chic. The set comes with two velvet covers that fit an 18-by-18-inch insert (which is not included). The hidden zipper makes it easy to swap the covers out whenever it’s time to toss them in the washing machine. Choose from 37 different colors and nine different sizes.


This LED Lamp With A Wireless Charging Base

This high-tech lamp looks like it is from the future but for less than $25, you can have it now. The LED desk lamp has three lightning modes and six brightness levels, with a 120-degree rotating base and 90-degree adjustable lamp body. Beyond providing light, the base of the lamp is a wireless charger for your phone. Just set it on the lamp base to charge while you work under the light.


A Mirrored LED Alarm Clock That’s Modern

This modern alarm clock looks expensive, but it's not. The digital LED display has a mirrored surface that looks fancy on your bedside table. The large display makes it easy to read, plus it has a knob to dim the light when it’s time for bed. It has two USB charging ports so you can easily charge your devices right by the clock.


The Faux Fur Rug That Looks Expensive But Isn’t

This soft, chic faux fur rug feels fancy but is reasonably priced to elevate your home’s aesthetic. The plush rug has a high pile and comes in 11 sizes and 19 colors. It has earned more than 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. It fits easily in small spaces or as an accent in a larger room.


This Nearly Silent Humidifier For Your Home

Running a humidifier in your home will keep the air moist — allowing you to have a more restful sleep, moisturized skin, and easier breathing. The water tank is 4.5 liters and features a 360-degree swivel nozzle so the mist will disperse evenly throughout the room. Choose from three mist levels — all of which are nearly silent. At just $35, this humidifier is a bargain worth adding to your cart.


The Refillable Oil Sprayer For Precise Application

Fill up this oil sprayer with olive oil, vinegar, and any other ingredient you rely on for cooking and prepping food. It mists like a traditional aerosol sprayer, allowing you to more precisely add the amount of oil you need to your pan or foods. But the sprayer can also be washed and reused, making it more environmentally friendly.


This Adjustable Desk Organizer That’s Affordable

Keeping your workspace tidy has never been easier thanks to this affordable desktop organizer. It includes a pen holder, pencil cup, phone stand, sticky note tray, and paperclip storage. This caddy is modular and has a magnetic base so you can create a system that works best for you. Choose from three colors to match your space.


A Budget Wine Opener And Aerator

This battery-powered wine opener makes it easy to pop open your favorite vino when friends come over. For just $14, this thing does it all — cuts through foil, uncorks bottles, aerates the wine, and it makes it easy to pour into your favorite glass. It also has a vacuum pump stopper that keeps wine fresh. It can uncork wine in just 7 seconds.


This Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

This low-cost, roll-up dish drying rack fits across your sink and is well worth the money if you ask reviewers. The non-slip racks are durable, resistant to rust, and heat-resistant. When your dishes dry, you can roll up the mat, making it easy to store and freeing up counter space.


A Convenient Kitchen Tool That Has Everything You Need

This stackable 8-in-1 kitchen tool is a budget-friendly must-have for any bougie kitchen. It comes with a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator, and measuring cup. Each component is color-coated for easy recognition (and stacks into a wine bottle shape), and at just $13 you can’t turn this bargain down.


This $30 Dual Rainfall Showerhead That’s Luxurious

A rainfall shower is the epitome of luxury but this option comes at a surprisingly low price. It’s easy to install and includes dual shower heads: a 9-inch rain showerhead, as well a handheld head that has three flow options. This chrome showerhead has earned more than 11,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.


A Garnishing Knife That Cuts Crinkle Designs

Make your favorite crinkle-cut fries at home with this garnishing knife. The stainless steel knife is coated in titanium and features deep ripples that create a crinkle-cut on veggies. It has a slip-resistant handle that’s comfortable to hold. Serve your dinner guests a beautifully plated meal with help from this low-cost knife.


This Set of Anti-Fatigue Mats With A Stylish Border

Finding kitchen rugs that are stylish, safe, and absorbent can be a difficult task, but this $30 set is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Each mat is made of super thick PVC to relieve back pain and take pressure off your knees. It’s waterproof and can be cleaned by simply rinsing it with water. The non-slip texture keeps the mat in place and the lattice border design is timeless and elegant in any room.


A Durable Magnet Key Holder Shaped Like A Cloud

How adorable is this inexpensive magnetic key holder? The cloud-shaped magnet will brighten your day, plus it is strong enough to hold three sets of keys. It mounts to the wall with a strong adhesive and makes it easy to never misplace your keys again. You can also use it to store loose screws or nails, as well as scissors.


These Affordable Measuring Spoons That Nest

These dual-sided measuring spoons are fit for a gourmet chef, but at this price, anyone can enjoy them. The eight-piece set is made of magnetic stainless steel and nests together to neatly store away when you’re not using them. You can rely for measuring liquid or solid ingredients thanks to a leveler. They’ve earned a 4.9-star rating and have more than 22,000 reviewers.


An Adaptable Laptop Riser That’s Less Than You Think

If your work-from-home setup just isn’t working out anymore, try this adjustable laptop riser that’s only $12. It fits laptops between 10 and 17-inches and offers nine height levels. The lightweight desk is portable and features non-slip pads to lock your device into place. It can hold up to 22 pounds and is designed to optimize airflow and ventilation.


These Moon Phase Mirrors To Bring Light Into Your Room

If your space needs a little more light and personality — snag these affordable moon phase mirrors. The five-piece set features a waning and waxing moon, as well as a full moon. They’re made of acrylic and faux wood so they’re lightweight and with a durable adhesive on the back, these are easy to hang.


A Carousel Organizer That Dispenses Spices Easily

Your cooking game is about to be taken to the next level — but no need to worry, this spice carousel is under $30. It holds 12 removable spice compartments and sits on a rotating base so you can access them easily. No need for a measuring spoon, each compartment features a dial that dispenses ¼-teaspoon with just a twist. It’s designed to easily mount under your cabinets or stack on top of each other for more spice storage.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Is A Work Of Art

This essential oil diffuser is designed so beautifully it looks like art. It has a faux wood base and a soft white top that blends in on a table and accents your other trinkets. It quietly fills your home with calming, delicious oils while keeping the air moist. It has two buttons to control the mist modes and seven LED colors. When full, the 300ml tank can run for up to 10 hours.


A Bamboo Mirror That’s Practical And Economical

A magnifying mirror is a luxury to have around when you’re applying makeup or plucking eyebrows, but this one is as beautiful as it is functional. It rotates 360 degrees and has a standard mirror on one side and a 10X magnifying mirror on the other. Its elegant bamboo finish matches any bathroom or bedroom decor.


The Large Silicone Drain Covers To Protect Pipes

Avoid spending money on clogged pipes with these handy gadgets that only cost $10. These silicone drain covers stick to your shower floor with strong suction cups to stop hair from going down the drain. The large drain cover is big enough to fit any drain, plus it lifts easily so you can clean it off.


These Bougie Satin Sheets That Feel Like Real Silk

Looking for luxury at a reasonable price? These satin sheets are silky and soft with a high-end sheen that will make you feel like you’re sleeping at a fancy hotel. The four-piece set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillowcases. Unlike expensive silk, these budget sheets are easy to maintain and are resistant to fading, stains, shrinking, and wrinkles. Choose among five mattress sizes and 16 bold and elegant colors.


The Smart Light Bulbs That Make Life Easier

Smart bulbs are convenient — you can turn your lights on, off, or dim them via your phone, even when you're not home. And if you have Alexa or Google Home, you can control these bulbs with your voice. They’re super easy to set up — just screw in a bulb, download the app, and your home will immediately feel more modern.


This Budget-Friendly Alternative To Real Marble

Jazz up your kitchen with this peel-and-stick faux marble wallpaper that will make your home look expensive without breaking the bank. Add it to countertops, cabinets, drawers, doors, and walls for a luxurious and expensive look. The PVC material is self-adhesive and is smooth and easy to clean. Reviewers say it’s simple to install and your wallet will love the price.


These Corner Shelves To Utilize Wasted Space

Make the most of the space you have by utilizing every square foot with these two corner mounting shelves. The two corner shelves have a right angle that fits in your vanity, shower, or kitchen — a space that would otherwise go unused. You can mount the shelves with screws or purchase the separately sold self-adhesive tapes. The pack of two is just $10.


The Tap Lights That You Can Place Anywhere

Whether you have a dark laundry room, closet, or hallway, these wireless tap lights add much-needed illumination without requiring an electrician, wiring, or a major lighting budget. They have strong adhesive on the back, are designed with long-lasting LED lights, and come with five in a pack. Choose from five colors.


These Blackout Curtains That Comes In 19 Colors

If you’re looking for quality blackout curtains that block light without disrupting your home’s aesthetic — these are for you. In addition to blocking out 99% of light, they come in 19 colors and 13 sizes. The 100% polyester set has a triple weave design that insulates your room to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These curtains have a 4.8-star rating and more than 16,000 reviews. You can wash these in your machine, too.


The Budget Outlets That Make Your House Smart

This smart home Wi-Fi outlet plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to connect your home for just $25. Plug anything into these outlets and control lights, appliances, or fans using just your voice or the free accompanying Kasa app. You can automatically turn electronics on and off or set appliances and lights on specific schedules to save money.


A Personal Coffee Maker With Matching Travel Cup

Treat yourself with this personal coffee maker that comes with an insulated travel mug that fits perfectly. This perfect set brews 14 ounces of coffee through a reusable filter. It’s compact enough to take up limited space on your counter or place in your guest room to spoil your guests (while staying under budget).


This Fancy Trash Can With Built-In Odor Control

This trash can is only $40 and has all the features of a much more expensive option. It has a sensor-operated lid so you can easily toss trash without having to touch the can. It also has an odor-absorbing filter and fragrance cartridge that keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Its stainless steel finish is modern and elegant.


A Slim Detachable Bidet That’s Affordable

A bidet seems like a fancy luxury, but this budget option makes it much more attainable. There’s no need to replace your entire toilet since this option is attachable. The sleek design features dual nozzle spray options that are controlled with an easy-to-use knob. It’s simple to install and has earned more than 11,000 reviews.


This Inexpensive Automatic Soap Dispenser

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious hotel-inspired space with this automatic soap dispenser that’s battery-powered. The waterproof design offers a contactless way to wash your hands, which can help cut down on possible cross-contamination of germs. Plus, it’s fancy and affordable. It holds 12 ounces of soap and has a versatile white finish that’s stylish and goes with any decor.


A $20 Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder is a modern way to store your toothbrushes and toothpaste on a budget. It has slots to hold four toothbrushes by their heads, allowing them to hang dry and stay clear of dust. It also has a toothpaste dispenser and two cup slots for small cups, as well as a space for other bathroom tools like razors or combs.


This Three-Tier Cart For Storage Under $30

This rolling cart is just slim enough to fit in those seemingly useless spaces like between your washer and dryer or between the toilet and your vanity. Now you can utilize that wasted space without breaking the bank. This affordable cart has three tiers, removable hooks, and is on wheels that make it easy to move around.


A Budget Mini Air Fryer With All The Bells And Whistles

Air fryers are all the rage, but this one is shockingly affordable. The two-quart air fryer requires less oil to fry some of your favorite foods. The compact size makes it easy to store, but it still has all of the bells and whistles: manual temperature control, a 60-minute timer, and a detachable basket that’s dishwasher safe. It’s earned more than 13,000 reviews including one that noted, “This is perfect for me and my single self. I should be saving money, cleanup, and time. I give it an A and for a great price, quality, ease of use, and overall value. And I don't regret not buying a bigger one, this one seems perfect.”


The $7 Earthquake-Proof Mounting Puddy For Antiques

Preserve your favorite decor with this mounting puddy that’s strong enough to hold antiques, collectibles, heirlooms, vases, and more. The puddy won’t damage your tables or walls but will secure your pieces so even an earthquake won’t knock them over. It’s just $7 —a fair investment to protect your irreplaceable belongings.


These Reusable Storage Bags That Are A Bargain

Cutting out plastic sandwich bags for reusable silicone ones seems expensive but this 12-pack set is actually a steal. It comes with five sandwich bags, five snack bags, and two gallon bags. They’re BPA-free, leakproof, and can be run through the dishwasher or stored in the freezer. This full set is just $17 — a bargain that might encourage you to reduce how much plastic you use.


A Modern Toilet Paper Stand With A Shelf

This modern yet practical toilet paper stand feels bougie since it has a shelf for your phone. It holds four rolls at a time and space to store your phone, wipes, or tissues. The stable organizer is easy to assemble — you won’t need any tools. It’s made of metal with a smooth coating that prevents rust and looks modern in any bathroom.


This Marble-Looking Tray That Clips To Your Couch

This sofa table gives you a flat space to set your drinks and snacks while you enjoy the big game. It has a marble-looking print that looks expensive but don’t worry, it’s only $19. It has two collapsible legs that clip onto the side of your couch to secure the table so you don’t have any spills.


A Fancy Electric Kettle That’s Less Than $30

This sleek and modern electric kettle is super fast and it looks great on your countertops. The 1.7-liter kettle has a stainless steel filter and is made of borosilicate glass so your water will always taste pure. It boils quickly in just 3 to 7 minutes and lights up to tell you it is ready. It automatically shuts off and won’t boil if no water is detected. And get this — it’s less than $30.


This Picture Frame Set For A Gallery Wall On A Budget

Create an elegant gallery wall in your home with this crowd favorite picture frame set that’s also a total deal. This five-piece set comes with 11-by-14-inch frames that have an optional 8-by-10-inch mat, depending on your preference. They’re lightweight because they feature transparent plastic rather than glass, plus they can easily be hung vertically or horizontally. This set has earned more than 27,000 reviews and comes in eight sizes and 17 colors including white, rustic blue, and oak.