48 Cheap Things On Amazon That Make Your Home Look & Smell 10x Better

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It can be overwhelming to try and keep your house clean, stylish, and functional, but Amazon makes it so much easier. With a little help from some of the superstore’s bestsellers, you’ll be surprised how good your home can look and smell — even if you’re on a budget. From delicious scented candles to citrus-sweet cleaning products you can never live without, I’ve packed this list with solutions that will give your home a much-needed refresh. Check out these 48 cheap things on Amazon that make your home look and smell 10x better.

When people walk into your home, they notice the color on your walls, that cute pillow on the couch, and any lingering stink. Quell the smells with some of the enticing scented products I’ve included on this list: like the ultimate incense kit with wooden holders and more than 100 incense sticks; or a “fresh linen” soy candle that burns for up to 70 hours. Don’t let odors from pets, workout gear, or last night’s fish ruin the first impression your home will make.

Once you’ve got your place smelling fresh and inviting, I’ve added decor items that are inexpensive, yet impactful. I’ve included a few low-cost lighting options, pillows, rugs, and shelves that will complete your space without emptying your bank account.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to create a home you’re proud to show off. Amazon makes it possible to conquer odors, spruce up decor, and deep clean where it counts without spending too much. What more could you ask for?


An Inexpensive Bamboo Bath Mat That Won’t Get Moldy

Imagine a shower mat that never gets moldy. Make it happen with this unique and eco-friendly bamboo shower mat, which is anti-slip and has five wide slates that are vented to ensure it dries fast. The mat comes in a few different sizes and wood colors like natural and black, leaving your bathroom looking (and smelling) much better. Plus, it’s only $30.


This Heavy Hotel-Like Shower Curtain For Just $20

Spruce up your bathroom with this affordable shower curtain that feels luxurious and is conveniently machine washable, which prevents smelly mold and mildew buildup. The cotton-blend material is heavy to keep the curtain flat and has a waffle weave that looks expensive. For just $20, it will remind you of showering at your favorite hotel. It comes with rust-resistant metal grommets that give your bathroom an elegant look. Choose from four sizes and 18 colors.


A Diffuser For Filling Your Home With Essential Oils

Lift your mood while making your home smell delicious with this budget-friendly essential oil diffuser. It’s easy to use and only has two buttons: one to control the light and one to control the mist. Choose from seven color lights as well as a continuous or intermittent mist mode. The diffuser is nearly silent, perfect for keeping next to your bed. It has more than 48,000 reviews, with many reviewers raving about the price and saying the diffuser has held up over time.


These Wire Shower Caddies That Are Mildew-Proof

This three-piece shower caddy is the functional storage you’ve been looking for to improve the way your shower looks and smells. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s water-, mildew-, and rustproof, plus its wire design allows water to drain, preventing mold. Installation is a breeze since the caddies attach to adhesive stickers. This set comes with two narrow shelves that can each hold 15 pounds, as well as a soap dish with four hooks for hanging razors, washcloths, or sponges.


These LED Mirror Lights To Update Your Vanity For Less

This LED vanity mirror light kit helps you turn any traditional mirror into a dream makeup station — for just $27. It comes with 10 bulbs that can be adjusted to fit your mirror and stay on perfectly using self-adhesive tape that is included in the kit. Choose from 10 different brightness levels and three color modes to find the right lighting for you.


The $12 Hexagon Mirror Decals To Brighten Up A Room

Reviewers love these inexpensive mirror wall decals that instantly brighten up a room. For just $12, you get 32 hexagon wall stickers that you can put anywhere. Of the 8,000 reviews, one five-star reviewer noted, “Bought these to help brighten up our dark apartment. They work beautifully! They adhere nicely to the wall and don't pull the paint off if I change where I want them to be.”


This Reed Diffuser That Looks Like Decor

If you love essential oils but prefer to stay away from clunkier diffusers, you’ll love this beautiful reed diffuser. The reed sticks come in an elegant charcoal glass that looks great on a console table or nightstand. This $20 option includes five rattan sticks and three mixtures of rose and sandalwood essential oils (each one lasts up to 120 days). When the scent begins to weaken, just flip the reeds over.


An All-Natural Candle That Burns For 50 Hours

This pure soy candle has an enticing scent of herbs, citrus, and oakmoss that you and your guests will love. The all-natural candle burns clean and is infused with essential oils for a delicious and safe aroma. It has a natural cotton wick that will burn for 50 hours, which is impressive since this candle is less than $25. It’s vegan and free of paragons and phthalates.


This Citrus Room Freshener That’s A Bargain

If you don’t have time to give the house a deep clean, this $6 room freshener is a solid alternative. It comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle and has a mild citrus scent that is light and refreshing. It’s made of essential oils so it’s safe to spray around kids, pets, or furniture. Was that the doorbell? Better spray quickly. It’s available in four other scents: lavender, geranium, honeysuckle, and basil.


The Handmade Ceramic Incense Holder That’s Inexpensive

If you’re a fan of burning incense, you’ll love this versatile and stunning incense holder and set. It comes with 120 incense cones (in seven different fragrances) and 30 incense sticks, a pad, and a waterfall design incense holder. The cones have a backflow design, so when they’re lit the smoke streams down the waterfall. This handmade design has earned more than 18,000 reviews and comes in three colors.


A Toilet Spray That Stops Odors Before They Begin

Don’t waste your time with air fresheners in the bathroom. Rather, give a spritz of this spray before you use the toilet. Made with a blend of natural essential oils, Poo-Pourri’s toilet spray stops odors before they begin, so they don’t even have a chance to escape the bowl. This classic scent is available in four, eight, nine, and 16 ounces and it’s available in other heavenly scents, including lavender vanilla and tropical hibiscus.


This Sage Bundle To Cleanse The Air In Your Home

Sage is well known for its air-cleansing abilities and many people rely on it for meditative purposes or simply to make their homes smell wonderful. This sage bundle includes three long-lasting sage sticks and is so affordable. It has the backing of a 4.6-star rating and more than 12,000 reviews.


A Collapsible Bamboo Dish Drying Rack To Save Space

Kitchen counter space is valuable real estate and you’ll make yours go much further when you trade in your never-leaves-the-counter dish drying rack for this collapsible drying rack made from eco-friendly bamboo. The rack has 14 slots to fit dishes, bowls, and cups and once you’re finished using it, collapse it flat for easy storage (and use your counters to prep food instead).


The Low-Cost Pillow Covers To Update Your Space

Use these pillow covers to revamp your living room or bedroom decor without spending a ton of money. Made of smooth corduroy, they're soft, cozy, and feature an invisible zipper that securely holds the inner pillow in place. The striped texture of the fabric is inviting and comfortable. They are available in six sizes and 20 colors, such as aqua, eggplant, and orange, so you can mix and match as you wish.


And These Hypoallergenic Pillow Inserts To Go Inside

You’ll need some high-quality pillow inserts to fill up your new pillow covers and these hypoallergenic options are affordable. This set comes with two 18-by-18-inch square pillows, however, they are also available in four other sizes, as well as packs of four. Use them to update your couch pillows or decorative bed pillows.


This Surprisingly Inexpensive Incense Kit

If you’re new to burning incense, this variety pack is a good place to start — and only $25. This incense kit comes with six wooden incense holders, as well as 180 sticks in six fragrances including lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, rose, and vanilla. Each stick will burn for 40 minutes. Use incense while you do yoga, meditate, or just want to add a calming aroma to your home.


The Faux Sheepskin Rug That Looks Expensive But Isn’t

Add a little glam to your home with this faux sheepskin rug that looks expensive, but isn’t. The high-quality Mongolian faux fur works as a seat cushion, a couch cushion, or a rug. The bottom of the rug feels like leather so it won’t slip. With 7 centimeters of plush faux fur, it’s a comfortable and beautiful addition to any home decor. Plus, it's available in 11 sizes and more than 10 colors.


These Vintage Lightbulbs That Add Character For Less

These vintage-style Edison lightbulbs create a warm glow that makes your home feel welcoming — and they’re easy on your wallet, too. Snag this four-pack for less than $15 to transform your ordinary light fixtures into something really special. These bulbs use 60 watts and have a standard-sized E26 base, plus they’re dimmable. They have clear glass and exposed filaments that are interesting and decorative — not to mention under budget.


An Industrial Desk Lamp That’s A Total Steal

This industrial desk lamp combines style, function, and affordability to win over shoppers. If you work from home, you'll want to be sure you are writing, typing, and concentrating under the best light possible, but without sacrificing your stylish office look. This $20 option is ideal. It doesn’t come with any bulbs, however, this four-pack of Edison bulbs would complete this lamp.


This 3-Pack Of Minimalist Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide a clean and modern way to display some of your favorite photos or trinkets. This affordable set comes with three shelves that can be mounted to your walls. The classic U-shape design of the shelves is minimal and puts the spotlight on your favorite belongings. Reviewers love this set, awarding it with nearly 17,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.


A Handwoven Jute Rug That Feels Expensive

This handwoven jute rug comes in more than 35 sizes to fit any space in your home and instantly make it look nicer. The braided texture works with many decor styles and it has more than 6,000 reviews on Amazon from customers, many of whom say this affordable rug mimics the look and quality of more expensive options. It comes in seven colors and features 4-inch braided tassels.


The Scented Sachets For Dressers And Gym Bags

Keep a few of these scented sachets in the places in your home that tend to get a bit stinky. The small bags are filled with delicious scents including lavender, rose, jasmine, ocean, gardenia, and lily. You can put them in your workout bag, by the cat’s litter box, or in the guest bathroom to ensure each space stays fresh for up to 45 days. This pack of 12 is designed with a string so you can easily hang these sweet-smelling sachets in your closet, car, or other stinky spots.


A Soy Candle That Smells Like You Just Did Laundry

Fill your home with the scent of fresh linen, even when your laundry is piled high thanks to this soy candle. It’s highly rated (4.5-stars) and hand-poured in the U.S. It’s made of soy wax that burns clean, producing a delicious smell that reviewers say lasts anywhere from 40 to 70 hours. These vegan candles have cotton wicks and sleek, minimalist packaging that looks sophisticated placed anywhere in your home.


This Dish Drying Rack Rolls Up To Keep The Kitchen Clean

Dirty dishes in the sink make the whole kitchen feel messy (and smell less than fresh). Try using this inexpensive roll-up dish drying rack instead to make dishwashing less of a chore. It is made from durable stainless steel and fits over most sinks, allowing water to drain into the sink without creating a mess. The rack rolls up so you can store it anywhere and free up valuable counter space. Plus, it’s only $12.


These Vanilla Tea Candles That Burn For Four Hours

Tea candles are such an easy and inexpensive way to really take a space from beautiful to WOW. This pack of 30 has a French vanilla scent and will burn for up to four hours. They have lead-free wicks that won’t produce smoke. Choose from four other scents including cinnamon spice, fresh pine, warm apple pie, and sweet lavender. These candles have earned more than 3,500 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.


A Standing Lamp That Looks Expensive But Isn’t

Brighten up your space with this minimalist floor lamp that won’t take up a ton of space or cost a ton of money. The 64-inch tall lamp has a narrow footprint, including a weighted 9.8-inch gold base that holds the lamp in place. The plug-in light has a six-foot-long power cord with an on/off footswitch. This budget-friendly lamp can handle any shaped E26 bulb (that’s 100 watts or less), so you can customize your look by adding a vintage Edison bulb. It’s available in four colors to match your space.


The Rotating Makeup Organizer To Display Products

Is your makeup shoved in a drawer, or worse: strewn across your vanity? Give it the home it deserves by displaying it on this 360-degree rotating organizer. It’s made of acrylic and the shelves can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate bottles and tubes of all sizes. The organizer can hold at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products, and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, and eyeliner.


This Discreet Toilet Brush And Holder For Your Bathroom

Toilet brushes are a functional necessity, but they can’t really ruin the look and let’s be honest, the smell of a room. That’s why reviewers love this affordable toilet brush that looks 10 times better than your current one. The brush fits neatly into the holder and is designed to create a clean seal so the odors or germs from the brush stay in the holder. This free-standing design is made of shatterproof plastic and a non-slip base that holds it in place. It comes in 14 different colors.


A Fluffy Rug That Feels Fancy But Is Only $30

Looking for a plush rug that’s so cozy you could sleep on it? Look no further. This budget-friendly rug is super soft with a 1.2-inch pile height that’s silky, hypoallergenic, and won’t shed. The rug is made of faux fur that feels opulent, but it only $30. It’s Amazon’s bestseller in “kid’s rugs” with more than 17,000 reviews and comes in five sizes and 20 colors.


The Catch-All 5-Piece Basket Set That’s A Bargain

These shallow cotton woven baskets are the perfect solution to disguising toys, pet supplies, your keys, wallet, or even produce on your counter. This set comes with five different sized baskets, each made with 100% natural cotton rope. Unlike other baskets, this set won’t lose its shape over time or leave you with droopy, misshapen storage. Each basket has two handles that make it easy to carry and this is a bargain for $23.


These Air Purifying Bags That Prevent Mildew

Made from activated bamboo charcoal, these air-purifying bags helps eliminate unwanted odors from cars and houses. Each bag can be used for up to two years — and it even does wonders to prevent moisture and mildew. Bamboo charcoal is safe for use around children and pets. Place one under a leaking sink or in your home’s crawlspace to remove any stink.


A Compost Bin With An Odor-Trapping Filter

Composting is great for the planet, but it can be a pretty smelly endeavor if you don’t have the right tools. This countertop compost bin is a budget-friendly solution that will contain smells from your food scraps. It holds 1.3 gallons and features a charcoal filter that traps and controls odors. It’s made of stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and modern-looking.


This 3-In-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner That’s A Steal

Most vacuum cleaners cost way more than $30 and don’t boast 36,000 reviews and the ability to convert into three different vacuum types. But this lightweight Eureka Blaze vacuum cleaner is a standout pick for its price and practicality. It weighs just four pounds, which is perfect if you have stairs, and it transforms from an upright vacuum to a stick vacuum for your stairs, to a handheld vacuum for everyday spills. Use it on hard floors and low-pile carpet.


An All-Purpose Cleaning Paste With 50,000 Reviews

Since 1938, this miracle pink cleaning paste has been relied upon to polish the toughest, most soiled surfaces. It works on everything from tile and stovetops to soiled pots and pans. It has a 4.5-star rating and more than 50,000 reviews, and one reviewer raved: “This is the best cleaning product ever. It didn’t take me much time doing it and left my oven like new!”


These Tear-Resistant Drawer Organizers Under $20

Custom closet and drawer storage can make your home feel more complete, but it can also get expensive quickly. This set of drawer dividers offers an affordable alternative that will still increase the functionality of any dresser or closet. The six bins include two large squares, two small squares, and two rectangles. They fold flat when you’re not using them and are covered in durable non-woven fabric that’s tear-resistant and stylish, without going over budget.


A 12-Pack Of Beeswax Taper Candles

These homemade taper candles are so elegant, but they’re also good for your environment. Made from 100% beeswax with no filler, they have a cotton wick and will burn up to five hours at a time. The dripless candles are perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere at your next dinner party and they come 12 in a pack, so they will last you a long time.


These Sweet-Smelling Hand Soaps In Artsy Bottles

In scents like gardenia, sweet orange, creamy coconut, and beach, these hand soaps will make you, your guests, and your bathroom and kitchen smell amazing, but they’re also a delight to the eyes, thanks to their unique, artsy bottle designs, which are reusable. The money-saving four-pack of soaps has a high 4.7-star rating and more than 2,000 reviews. One reviewer wrote, “I flipped when I opened the box and seen how beautifully packaged they are. The soaps are large size and have the pumps already on them. I tried the Orange […] so far and I have never smelled any orange scents as wonderful as this is, the scent is lively and fresh like a fresh orange but better. I can’t wait to try the others. The bottles are beautiful!!”


The LED Light Strips You Can Control With An App

Add life and light to your home with these LED lights strips that you can control with an app or remote control. The color-changing lights come in two sizes, 50 or 100 feet, and can be dimmed or set to schedules. Install them anywhere — from your bedroom to your porch — to add ambiance for less than $20.


A Sturdy Mat That Can Handle Wear And Tear

This durable front door mat is waterproof and made from 100% recycled rubber and tough artificial grass, able to handle all of the wear and tear that comes its way. The 18-by-30 inch mat is ideal for your entryway, laundry room, and any other room that experiences high traffic. It has more than 3,400 reviews and comes in 10 colors.


This $20 Key Rack To Contain Your Clutter

Odds are the area by your door is easily cluttered with mail, keys, and dog leashes. This wall-mounted rack is a budget-friendly solution that transforms your entryway in minutes. This steel option has a narrow ledge perfect for mail, as well as six hooks for hanging keys or purses. It’s magnetic to stick to any door or appliance. It has a 4.7-star rating, more than 2,600 reviews, plus it only costs $20.


These Chic Matte Black Candle Holders

Chic and elegant, this trio of matte black candle holders comes in different heights to create an intriguing tablescape. The sturdy holders are made from metal and will fit long-stem candles or LED candles (which aren’t included). The set also comes in gold and silver — and they’re so affordable that you can invest in different colors and mix things up on your dining room table.


This Soothing Bundle Of Dried Lavender

Lavender is celebrated for its soothing scent, which can create a more calming environment. This bundle of dried lavender comes with anywhere between 270 to 300 stems, so you’re really getting your money’s worth, and it has more than 1,600 reviews. Reviewers have used these in creative ways, incorporating them into table centerpieces or tying twine around them and using them as natural deodorizers in the bathroom.


An Antique-Inspired Wall Mirror

This pretty, vintage-inspired wall mirror has a distressed, light green ceramic frame and circular mirror, and it will make any room pop without the actual vintage home decor prices. For just $14, this small decorative mirror can be mounted with a wall hook or screw (neither is included) and will complement a number of rooms, from your bathroom to your bedroom or hallway.


This Faux Ivy For Black-Thumbed Plant-Lovers

Plants bring warmth and light into a room — but if you have a black thumb try these faux ones, which are also so affordable. This artificial ivy vine is over 80 feet long and comes with 12 strands to be used in a ton of different ways. Hang them on the wall to use as a photo backdrop, or fill in your window boxes or planters with greenery you can’t kill.


This Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper With A Bold Print

Wallpaper can look amazing but is a major expense and commitment. And that’s why this peel-and-stick wallpaper is such a gem — one with a 4.7-star rating and more than 1,200 reviews. Apply it anywhere and it will stay in place, thanks to the adhesive that won’t ruin walls and other surfaces like furniture. Its bold, colorful, vintage-inspired woodland pattern will change a room instantly — for less than $30.


A Cozy Throw Blanket That Won’t Break The Bank

This warm and eye-catching throw blanket adds a pop of color and texture to any room, without breaking the bank. It has a diamond pattern and rolled fringed edges and this lightweight blanket is made from 100% cotton. It measures 50-by-60-inches and comes in three colors — plus, it is machine washable.


These Matte Black Coat Hooks For Organization

Your house will look so much better once every coat and jacket has a place (one that isn’t the back of a chair). These matte black coat hooks are made from sturdy stainless steel, come in a pack of two, and are so versatile — working just as well in the shower as they do in the hallway. They are chic, modern-looking, and easy to install with the included mounting hardware. They have a 4.8-star rating, nearly 3,000 reviews, and come in a few different colors like gold and gray.


A Quartet Of Prints For The Plant Lover

For the minimalist who loves nature, add this set of four botanical prints to your cart. They feature different plants against a soothing white background. They come in 8-by-10 or 11-by-14 inches and can be arranged together in one room or separately, spread out around your home. These watercolor prints have made an impression, with more than 1,800 reviews.

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