48 Ways To Declutter Your Home With Almost No Effort

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by Cliché Wynter
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There’s something almost therapeutic about decluttering your home. First, there’s the inherent joy that comes with knowing everything is organized, neat, and in a designated spot. Then there’s the vast amount of time you save on the backend, since you can quickly find and retrieve items when you need them, instead of having to rifle through drawers and closets. All in all, you have everything to gain by setting your mind to tidying up your space, and to make it easier, there are tons of decluttering products on Amazon that can help transform your home or office, while requiring almost no effort from you.

Take these space-saving, vacuum-sealed storage bags, for example. They’re one of my favorites, because they're not just great for getting more room in your closet, they’re also great for making more space in your suitcase when traveling. (And you don't even need a vacuum to use them.) I’m also a fan of any multifunctional storage bin. It's an all-purpose way to organize just about any room, from packing away spices in the kitchen to storing cosmetics in the bathroom.

While the task of getting everything in order may seem overwhelming at first, it’s really just a matter of zeroing in on the right organizational products for the job. So get your space in tip-top shape — because there truly is no place like a (tidy) home.


These Expandable Dividers That Will Keep Your Drawers Neat

These eco-friendly bamboo dividers will instantly declutter your drawers, and they can be expanded from 17.5 inches to 20 inches, giving you the perfect, snug fit for your newly created sections. Worried about potential damage? No need. The dividers have non-skid grips at their ends that protect against scratches and scuffs. They're easy to clean and maintain and can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, and office.


A Durable Organizer For Your Cabinet

Tackle that messy cabinet once and for all with a pull-out organizer. The 9-inch rack has a steel handle, a heavy-duty frame than can bear a 20-pound load, and an adjustable divider. It comes with a pre-assembled, one-piece track that smoothly slides in and out for convenient access to essentials. It's also available in 14- and 20-inch options, so you can organize the entire cabinet... or multiple cabinets.


This U-Shaped Shelf That Makes Room For The Pipe Under Your Sink

The cabinets under a sink always to turn into a messy catchall. Take the organized approach with this expandable under-the-sink shelf. The unit can be adjusted in height and width, so it can be installed under a wide selection of sinks, and it's U-shaped to accommodate pipes. This is the perfect place to store your household cleaners, soaps, and air fresheners.


A Multipurpose Organizer You Can Hang On Your Door

Round up all your miscellaneous items and stash them in this over-the-door organizer. It features four large pockets with clear windows and is perfect for cosmetics, accessories, toys, and other small items you usually can't find a home for. The best part? No installation needed, as it can hang on most standard doors.


A 3-Tier Shelf For All Your Water Bottles

Have a growing collection of water bottles and nowhere to put them? This BPA-free storage shelf offers the perfect solution. Durable enough for heavy stainless steel bottles, it features three sturdy shelves and is bolstered by non-slip feet to keep it securely on your counter. Plus it's height-adjustable to accommodate bottles of all sizes.


The Organizer That Keeps All Your Shirts Neatly Folded

Try as you might, shirts always end up crumpled in your drawer a couple days after laundry day, don't they? Well, that can be a thing of the past with this ingenious T-shirt organizer. The thin, interlocking dividers help fold and store up to 20 shirts, and you can lift up each divider to grab the one you want, without disturbing the rest.


These Makeup Organizers That Expand For More Storage

At their smallest size, these expandable makeup organizers feature six compartments, but can be expanded to give you an additional 7.5 inches of storage, so they're guaranteed to fit just about any size drawer. Each order comes with two; use them for makeup, brushes, creams, and other cosmetics.


These Storage Bags That Fit Right Under Your Bed

Maximize every square foot of space in your bedroom with these foldable under-bed storage bags. The three large bags are made from breathable, non-woven fabric and feature zippered tops and side windows, so you can see exactly what's inside. They come in three size options, and they're great for storing bulky comforters, linens, and off-season clothing.


A Genius Way To Hang Bras & Camis

Want to keep your bras from crumpling up? These bra hangers are just the ticket — and they're great for tank tops and camis, too. Each hanger has enough space for hanging eight items, and the curved hooks mean your thin-strapped garments don't have a chance of falling off. Each order comes with two hangers.


This Dock That Charges All Your Smart Devices

If your phone and tablet are always lost and/or out of battery, this charging station is about to solve your woes while also tidying up that tangle of cables coming out of your outlet. It has space for up to six devices and comes with two Apple lightning cables, one type-C Cable, and two micro-USB cables.


These Fan-Favorite Storage Bins That Organize Your Pantry

Boasting consistently high ratings and thousands of reviews, these cabinet storage bins are a simple way to organize any pantry. The stackable bins feature handles for easy access, and they come in five size options, so you can neatly store shorter items, like canned goods and granola bars, or taller items like liquid cleaner and room freshener.


A 3-Tier Spice Rack That Maximizes Space

This bamboo spice rack is an organizer’s dream come true, and it fits right inside your kitchen cabinet or on top of your counter. The three tiers give you ample room to arrange your spices, and the stair-step style makes it easy to find everything. Cupboards crammed? Opt for a spice rack that fits in a drawer instead.


This Broom Rack That Can Hold Up To 50 Pounds

Take your cleaning tool storage up a notch with this game-changing mop and broom rack. It clears out that cluttered closet or corner in the garage by neatly hanging cleaning tools and other household items on the wall. It’s designed with six hooks, five adjustable slots (with firm grips to keep items in place), and can be mounted to the wall in minutes. Choose between a black and white rack, depending on which best suits your decor.


These Mesh Trays That Will Transform Your Desk For The Better

This 12-tier mesh tray is exactly the organizational boost your office needs. Made from sturdy but lightweight plastic, each tray can hold up to 200 sheets of paper. You can also disassemble the tiers and use each tray individually.


A Dual-Sided Garbage Can That Makes Recycling Easy

With its clever and sleek design, this dual-sided garbage can makes recycling a super easy chore. The plastic bin has a 2-gallon capacity and two compartments: one for trash and one for recycling. The inner bucket for trash is easily removable for emptying, and this bin can be used with or without a liner.


The Bakeware Rack That Comes With Adjustable Dividers

If your cutting boards and pans are leaned awkwardly against each other on a shelf, let me to introduce you to this bakeware organizer. It has seven adjustable dividers that let you customize it for the perfect fit, and the non-slip feet keep it in securely in place on your counter. It's also available in a larger size, as well as versions for organizing lids and a combo pan and lid organizer.


A Steel Caddy That Holds Utensils, Condiments & More

If you love a multifunctional product as much as I do, this steel caddy is a dream come true. It has space for condiments and utensils, plus a paper towel holder and side hook for a cooking or serving tool. It’s great for grilling or picnicking outside, but it’s also useful for corralling cleaning supplies.


The Wine Rack With Detachable Shelves

Create a gorgeous display of your favorite bottles of vino with this four-tier wine rack. With space for up to 16 bottles total, each tier detaches, so you can transform it into a shorter rack that fits into any space. Think you don't need a wine rack? Storing the bottles horizontally will keep the corks moisturized, so they won't crack and your vino will stay fresh.


A Rotating Organizer That's Great For Condiments

This perfectly sized lazy Susan is a practical solution to that age-old problem: not being able to reach the spice or condiment at the very back of your kitchen cabinet. The rotating turntable is a hit with over 2,000 rave reviews, with buyers saying it spins smoothly and is “sturdy without being overly heavy or bulky.” It comes in three sizes — including a double-decker version — in sets of one, two, and four.


These Unique Hangers That Maximize Closet Space

Tiny closet? It’s nothing that this 20-pack of space-saving hangers can’t solve. They're outfitted with hooks for your existing hangers, and when hung vertically, each one can fit up to 12 pieces of clothing in cascading order. In other words, you could hang up to 240 garments. (I'm looking at you, fashionistas.) And — when hung horizontally — each hanger can hold six items while keeping them from getting crushed and wrinkled.


A Desktop Organizer That Comes That Keeps Your Workspace Neat

With multiple small shelves, this desktop organizer instantly tidies up your workspace. Using the five spaces created by this organizer will save space on your desk and make it easier to find your office accessories. Choose from black, white, or white wood tone to match your decor.


These Shoe Slots That Maximize Closet Space

These shoe slots instantly double the amount of space you have for storing all your kicks, since you can store each shoe on top of another. They're height-adjustable to accommodate your heels and ankle boots, and they feature textured grips on the surface to keep shoes from sliding off.


The Space-Saving Hangers For All Your Pants

Show your pants some love with these space-saving hangers that also give you back some much-needed space in your closet. Each hanger can fit five pairs of trousers, and the foam padded rods keep them from slipping to the bottom of your closet floor. Use them for scarves and pashminas, too. Choose from sets of two, four, and six.


This Rope Basket That's An All-Around Chic Storage Solution

Understated and chic, this cotton rope storage basket is the perfect place to store throw blankets, toys, and guest towels. You can even use it as a laundry basket — the slit handles on the side make it easy to haul from room to room. It comes in three bright and neutral color options, including the two-tone cream and gray pictured here.


An Organizer For All Your Food Storage Container Lids

Food containers and their lids can be a source of endless clutter, but with this lid organizer, you'll be one step closer to a tidy kitchen. Designed to store both round and square container lids up to 9 inches, it features five dividers that make it easy to keep everything secure and upright.


A Baseball Cap Organizer You Can Hang In Your Closet

Have a collection of baseball caps? Keep them in good condition with this hanging hat organizer that features 10 shelves with clear curtains to protect your baseball caps from dust and crumpling, while still letting you see exactly what's inside. Per one reviewer, each pocket “can hold 5-8 hats, if you push the back of the hats in,” giving you plenty of room for your growing collection. When you’re done loading them in, hang the rack in your closet.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Shrink Down Bulky Items

Packing and storing is easier said than done when you have a lot of bulky items, but these vacuum storage bags are a fantastic solution. They come with a convenient pump that sucks the air out and reduces the original volume by an impressive 80%. The bags have a double-zip seal for airtightness, and the medium bags can accommodate up to 10 sweaters, but you can also opt for small, large, and jumbo size bags. Use them while traveling or to store comforters and out-of-season clothes at home.


A Hanging Organizer For Your Handbags

If you have some handbags you want to keep in good condition, this hanging purse organizer can help. The shelf-like organizer has 10 compartments, so you can store each handbag without snags, crushing, or color transfer — all potential risks when purses are piled on top of each other.


A Wall-Mounted Rack For Hanging Your Cooking Utensils

If you have an overflow of pots, pans, and cooking utensils in your kitchen, it’s time to invest in this stainless steel utensil holder. The wall-mounted rack features 10 removable hooks that slide to make room for larger items, and it's even sturdy enough to hold pots and pans. Use this to clear up drawer clutter and have all your cooking tools within easy reach.


A Pan Organizer That Makes It Easy To Grab What You Need

What sets this pan rack apart from the rest is its versatility. You can use it vertically or horizontally, depending on your kitchen setup, and the eight tiers are totally adjustable, so you can store small frying pans and larger pots alike. Plus — it's the easiest way to grab a big pan without having to unstack all the smaller pans on top.


The Key Hook That Doubles As A Mail Sorter

This minimalist entryway organizer is a great place to stash your keys and mail when you walk in the door. Boasting clean lines, it features four silver-toned hooks and a small, curved compartment on top. Even better — it mounts easily to the wall with adhesive (so goodbye holes in the wall).


These Chalkboard Labels That Are Dishwasher-Safe

Leave no container unmarked with these cool chalkboard labels that are dishwasher-safe, which means you can actually wash those jars and canisters without having to reaffix a new label. The pack comes with 250 small and 40 large stickers, some of which are pre-labeled for staples like flour, sugar, and spices, but the included chalk pen and marker let you create custom labels as well.


This Easy Way To Store (And Test) All Of Your Batteries

This battery organizer is designed to hold up to 93 batteries in a variety of sizes, including AA, 9-volt, AAA, and D. Made of durable plastic, it features a clear lid so you can easily see inside, and it comes with a handy battery tester (that doesn’t need a battery itself). Store this organizer in a drawer or on a shelf, or mount it on the wall so it’s always within reach.


A Practical Shoe Rack That Keeps The Floors Clear

Whether you use it in the closet or put it in the front entryway for stashing muddy boots, this shoe rack is an easy way to keep your floors clear and your kicks in good condition. The three-tier wooden rack features slanted shelves made from mesh metal with a lip at the bottom to keep shoes from sliding off.


The Spinning Carousel That OrganizesTea Bags

This tea bag organizer lets you to get rid of boxes that eat up cabinet space and replace them with this coffee shop-grade spinning carousel. Boasting a chrome finish, it features six compartments that can hold up to 10 tea bags each, and the unique display makes it easy to see each flavor.


These Food Containers That Collapse For Easy Storage

Made from soft, BPA-free silicone, these meal prep containers collapse to half their size for stackable storage when not in use. The airtight lids keep food fresh, and they're safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. The set comes with two square containers and two round containers.


The Hanging Door Organizer With Clear Pockets

Keep your shoes of the floor with this door hanging organizer that has 24 clear pockets, so you can find just the pair you want. It hangs on most standard-sized doors, and it's versatile too: Use it for crafts, condiments in the kitchen pantry, or cosmetics in the bathroom.


This Can Organizer That Will Transform Your Pantry

Stocking up on canned goods means you don't have to run to the store too often, but you can end up with cluttered cabinets. Using this can organizer will help clear that up while also letting you position everything in order of expiration date. It’s designed to hold up to 30 cans of varying sizes, so you can pack in the tomato soup, olives, and cranberry sauce.


These Hanging File Holders That Are A Great Alternative To Cabinets

Filing cabinets can take up precious office space, which is why these wall-mounted file holders are so genius. Made of clear plastic, the individual organizers can be configured and mounted anyway you like, and they’re also available in white, black, or assorted colors. Each holder is designed to be easy to install on your wall and features a smooth cutout for seamless document retrieval.


The Shelf Dividers That Keep Everything Neatly stacked

If your closet shelves are packed with clothes toppling over on each other, you'll want to check out these closet dividers. They slide right onto the shelf and provide an excellent way to keep linens, shirts, and sweaters stacked, upright, and organized in a way that doesn’t dramatically alter the space. “My clothes no longer fall over. Everything is neat and orderly,” shared one reviewer.


These Stackable Corner Shelves That Maximize Counter Space

Cleanup your countertops with this clever corner shelf rack, which has a tiered design to take advantage of vertical space. With a sturdy metal frame and sleek bamboo surface, it has nonslip grips on the legs to keep it in place, plus hooks on one side for added storage. You can configure it in different ways to best fit your space, and it also works great to tidy up desks too.


This Chic Organizer That Gives Your Lipsticks A Home

If you're a lipstick fiend, this lipstick holder is the perfect way to keep your favorite shades organized. The clear container has 12 slots that gives you a clear view of each tube, making it really easy to grab when you're applying makeup. Plus, the rose gold trim feels like pure luxury.


An Armrest Organizer So You Never Lose Track Of The Remote

This armrest organizer does a couple of things: First, it gives you a convenient place to store essentials like remotes, hand creams, and your phone, but it also helps to protect your sofa from accidental spills, thanks to the waterproof, non-woven material. At 35 by 13 inches, it's designed to fit most sofas, armchairs, and recliners and comes in 14 color options.


These 16 Clips That Keep Your Cables In Check

If you've had enough of tangled cords, get them in order with this pack of 16 cable clips. Each clip is backed with strong adhesive, so you can secure it the underside of your desk, your bedside table, or behind your entertainment center where that tangled nest of cables live. Each set comes with 16 flexible clips with one, two, three, or five built-in slots.


These Bags That Are Perfect For Comforters & Out-Of-Season Clothes

Look no further than these large vinyl bags for comforter, towel, and seasonal clothing storage. Their clear design lets you know exactly what's inside, so you won't have to waste time rummaging through each one. They secure shut with double zippers, and the top handles make them easy to carry.


A Rack That Neatly Stores Your Hair Tools

This hair tool organizer features hooks that hang right onto a cabinet door, so you can store everything inside and out of the way. It's the perfect storage solution, and installation is as easy as removing it from the package and hanging it over the door. It has three slots for your dryer, curling iron, and straightener, and it's available in seven finishes, like bronze, rose gold, and graphite gray.


The Organizer For Gift Wrapping Essentials

It's amazing how much space wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape can occupy. Reclaim said space by tucking everything away in this gift wrapping organizer that you can hang on the wall or in your closet, making everything readily accessible once the holidays or special occasions roll around. It has 10 unique storage compartments that are shaped specifically for gift bags, boxes, and rolls of wrapping paper.


These Super Cute Organizers For Earphone Cords

There's nothing more frustrating than knotted earphone cords, so allow these headphone organizers to save the day. The silicone organizers are compact, waterproof, and most importantly, they keep your cords tangle-free. "I always just threw my earbuds in my purse and they always got tangled," wrote one reviewer, "Not anymore, it wraps on here perfectly and the snap keeps it in place." Choose from colors like pink, lime green, and robin's egg blue.

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