49 Of The Best Things On Amazon Prime People Are Most Adding to Wish Lists

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Ah, Amazon Prime. What did we ever do without it? Is there anything better than free shipping, two-day delivery, and the ability to shop for everything in pajamas? Then there are all of the genius products — the best things on Amazon Prime are all of those little gadgets and inventions. The ones that don’t seem that earth-shattering at first, but then when you look closer you see they solve everyday nuisances, or make life better in some small way. A gadget that instantly de-pits avocados, for instance. A hair straightener that’s also a brush. A wine glass that’s impossible to shatter. You get the gist.

One of the best ways to acquire one of these brilliant inventions is by using Amazon’s Wish List. Kind of like virtual window shopping, the feature allows you to browse items you're interested in and save them for later, the idea being that you’ll come back when you have the money — or a relative who is gift shopping. For the latter, you can set up special Amazon gift lists to send to friends or relatives to let them know exactly what you’re dreaming of. Just scroll through Amazon’s fabulous maze of new electronic gadgets, miracle hand creams, genius kitchen items, and other life-changing products and wish away.


A Projector That Turns Your Living Room Into A Big Screen Theater

With a maximum projection size of 100 inches, this mini home projector will make you feel like you're at the theater — except you're drinking wine on your couch. The compact projector is easy to set up and has a cooling system and built-in stereo speaker. The final result is a device that plays your favorite movies with crystal clear sound and awesome visual clarity.


This Hair Removal Machine That Heats Wax In Minutes

If you're sick of going to the salon and having perfect strangers rip the hair out of you, this fantastic home waxing kit is just what you need. The super versatile machine is capable of melting most waxes and it comes with chamomile wax beans to get you started. Plus, it offers six temperature settings and has an auto-shutoff feature for safety. Use it on your brows, armpits, chin, upper lip, bikini line, or any other spot you want to make silky smooth.


A Mud Mask That Creates Charcoal Bubbles All Over Your Face

With a blend of green tea, pomegranate, lavender, peppermint, rosemary combined charcoal powder, this carbonated clay mask soothes and exfoliates by creating hilariously ridiculous bubbles all over your face. Five minutes after applying this magical cream, and watch as you transform into a puffy, bubble-faced gremlin (seriously, check out the photos in the reviews section). The carbonated water massages your pores while the charcoal removes dirt, making it a highly effective way to clear up your face.


A Mini Camera That Prints Tiny Instant Photos

Call it the Polaroid of the digital age — this mini camera takes instant photos and prints out tiny-sized pics for you on the spot. With a macro-lens adapter for mega-closeups and auto-exposure to dial in the settings, you can have perfectly lit photos to tack around your room or give to friends. The camera has a selfie mirror and comes in five colors including flamingo pink, ice blue, lime green, cobalt blue, and smokey white.


A Facial Kit That Extracts Blackheads With Ease

If you're one of those people who can't resist the gratification of popping blackheads and other blemishes, this little pimple extractor toolkit will make that release even sweeter. Made from hypoallergenic, surgical-grade stainless steel, these tools allow you to extract buildup under your skin while minimizing redness and scarring. The five-piece set includes tools of differing sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to customize the process exactly to your face. It also works on dry, oily, or combination skin.


A Set Of Bath Fizzes That Infuse Magical Aromas Into The Water

Behold the magical scents of black raspberry vanilla, lemongrass green tea, Victorian rose, lavender, and other aromatic delights with these amazing-smelling bath fizzes. They soften the water while moisturizing your skin and are cult favorites on Amazon with over 36,000 reviews. One excited customer said: "These are gorgeous! That was my first thought when I opened the box. The packaging is beautiful and each bomb is individually wrapped and labeled. They smell wonderful. This box would be a great gift."


A Top-Grade Flat Iron That Also Brushes Your Hair

This amazingly genius device brushes your hair while simultaneously straightening it with a flat iron. With 16 different heat settings, the hair straightening brush offers wide-ranging versatility for different hair types and thicknesses. The lightweight iron heats up in under a minute and shuts off after 60 minutes for peace of mind. As a bonus, it releases rich negative ions as it straightens, which reduces frizz and minimizes split ends.


A Card Game That Features Funny Exploding Kittens

Adorable kittens, big explosions, and freakin' laser beams — what else do you need? This family-friendly party game, with amazing illustrations by the inimitable Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal), works kind of like cat-themed Russian Roulette. Players move quickly around the circle pulling cards with funny drawings until someone pulls an Exploding Kitten. You can use "Defuse" and other cards to move, avoid, or pass the fatal kittens, making it a game of strategy as well as silliness.


A Cooker That Does 7 Different Things In One Pot

Forget juggling half a dozen different cooking contraptions that clutter up your cupboards and take up valuable counter space. This 7-in-1 cooker does nearly everything in one pot. Among other functions, it is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, veggie steamer, and sauté machine. It has fourteen different smart program settings including soup, stew, poultry, and porridge. The stainless steel cooking pot offers even heat distribution and a sealed-off lid that traps flavors and makes your food taste better.


A Special Serum Set That Works Like Magic To Energize Your Skin

Using a mix of vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and jojoba, this do-it-all skincare set has a number of benefits including moisturizing, hydrating, treating acne, building collagen, and making your skin feel fresh and revitalized. It evens out skin tone and smoothes scars, delivering happy, energized skin. One thrilled Amazon reviewer said: "This is amazing!!! This is the best facial product I've used in a long time and it does exactly what it claims to do."


A Set Of Breathable Bamboo Bed Sheets That Wick Away Moisture For Hot Sleepers

These breathable bed sheets are made of microfiber and bamboo — the latter of which is naturally moisture-absorbent, so they’re ideal for hot sleepers who tend to get sweaty at night. They’re also hypoallergenic and resistant to pollen, dust mites, and bacteria, making them a must-have for anyone with allergies, and apparently, they’re impervious to stains and wrinkles, too. Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases, and they’re available in nine colors.


A Clay Mud Mask That's Baked In The Sun

Simple is sometimes the best thing for your face and, if the 16,000 five-star reviews are any testament, this mud mask nails it. The basic mask is made of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay and doesn't contain any additives or fragrances. Sourced from California, the clay is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures reaching 134 degrees, resulting in an effective product that's perfect for facials, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, knee packs, and insect bites.


A Simple Hydrating Mist That Will Change Your Face Forever

People are absolutely obsessed with this delightfully refreshing facial mist that hydrates your skin using a magical blend of rosewater and herbal extracts. And when we say obsessed, we mean there are over 47,000 reviews on Amazon. One exceptionally positive customer said: "After using this spray, my skin is much healthier looking and has a dewy, fresh look. It even helped calm down the redness... Holy grail in my skincare routine now!"


A Kitchen Device That Removes Avocado Pits Instantaneously

This 3-in-1 avocado slicer will change your life with its ability to cut through the rind, remove the pit, and slice your avocado into seven almost creepily perfect pieces in an instant. The convenient, compact device features a stainless steel pitter and fits into your utensil drawer with ease. The gadget is fast, effective, and dishwasher safe — and is the perfect kitchen accessory for avocado lovers.


A Brilliant Taco Holder That Reduces The Mess

Tacos are one of life's pure joys, but unfortunately, they're also very messy. This ingenious taco holder helps mitigate that problem with a stainless steel frame that holds tacos upright so you can fill them up easily and cut down on the mess — and at the end, there is a sauce cup that can be filled with things like salsa or queso. The set comes with two holders, each of which can comfortably hold three tacos on one plate, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.


A Fan-Favorite Detangling Brush That Won’t Break Your Hair

Recommended for fragile and chemically treated hair, and safe to use on hair extensions, this detangling brush has gentle but sturdy bristles that detangle without pulling on your hair. The brush even provides a stimulating scalp massage that promotes blood circulation to nourish hair follicles. Over 33,000 reviewers have given this brush five stars and say it’s a game-changer.


A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp While You Shower

Give yourself a soothing scalp massage every time you wash your hair with this shampoo brush. It has an easy-to-grip handle and soft silicone bristles that work your shampoo into a lather and exfoliate the scalp at the same time. The brush requires no batteries to use, and it’s available in three colors.


A Hair Towel That Reduces How Long You Have To Spend Blow Drying

This cool hair towel is built with uniquely designed microfibers that soak up moisture like a hair sponge, reducing the amount of time it takes to dry even long, thick hair (and thus reducing frizziness and split ends, too). The large towel is lightweight and compact, and it works with all hair types and textures.


A Strainer That Clips Onto The Side Of Your Pot For Easy Pours

This clip-on device snaps onto the side of your cooking pot, delivering a seamless pour that will strain pasta, vegetables, or other boiled food with ease. The heat-resistant gadget saves space in your cupboards and comes in three different sizes. It's also BPA-free, fits on many different pots and pans, and one reviewer writes: "It's fit every pot perfectly, no food ends up in the sink, I can throw it in the dishwasher when done and it doesn't take up a ton of space in the cabinet or in the dishwasher."


A Strong Sunscreen That Features Powerful Antioxidants

This broad spectrum SPF 60 sunscreen has a cult following on Amazon, largely due to its ability to offer a high sun protection rating without being super greasy. The sunscreen is also formulated with Cell-OX Shield XL technology, a blend of UVA and UVB filters that supposedly help create a synergistic effect — which results in an antioxidant complex that helps block free radicals caused by UV rays.


A Clever Contraption That Slices Garlic For You

Slicing garlic has to be one of the most tedious things on the planet — and one you have to do with practically every meal. Fortunately, someone invented this awesome garlic slicer that will cut garlic cloves almost instantly with its sharp, bi-directional stainless steel blade. Just put your garlic in the little food chamber, pop in the plunger, and crank it up and down against the ramp. Moments later, you have perfect, evenly sliced garlic for your meal.


A Facial Foam That Uses Volcanic Clusters To Cleanse

Using volcanic clusters and lactic acid, this pore cleansing foam exfoliates and removes excess sebum to help skin look and feel refreshed. The cleanser is gentle enough to use morning and night, and one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love this face wash! One tiny dab is enough for my face and neck! The smell is amazing!”


A Completely Natural Shampoo That Fights Dandruff And Relieves Itchy Scalps

The problem with most anti-dandruff shampoos is that they contain chemicals that strip necessary moisture from your hair, leaving it more dry, dull, and brittle. Why introduce chemicals into the equation when this natural tea tree oil shampoo hydrates your scalp, makes hair stronger, and relieves itchy, dry scalps to prevent and treat dandruff. It’s free of sulfates and safe to use on chemically treated and colored hair.


A Card Game That Inspires Deep Conversation

This dinner party game is not only a great way to break the ice among strangers, it's also the perfect thing to get one-on-one conversations going and avoid awkward silences. With questions like, "What kind of business would you love to start?" and "What do you love about your hometown?" they're meant to inspire getting-to-know-you talk. According to one happy Amazon customer, they work: "I ordered this for a work dinner party to have easy topics for our guests to discuss and break the ice. I set out a few per table, and they worked fabulously!"


A Brilliant Self-Help Book That's Written By An Ex-Navy Seal

Inspired by a Navy Seal's commencement speech that went viral, this self-help book is one of those cool books that teaches you life lessons without being preachy or self-righteous. The author's famous speech offered college students ten things he learned during his rigorous Navy Seal training to overcome challenges. The book is based on that — taking each of those tenets and elaborating on how you can use them in your own life.


The Stainless Steel And Silicone Straws That Are Reusable

You can kick plastic straws to the curb, but keep straws in your life with these colorful, reusable stainless steel and silicone straws (you'll get 16 straws in various shapes and sizes in each pack). These straws are durable, clean easily with accompanying cleansing brushes, and are wide enough to fit a variety of cups and glasses.


These Lightweight Workout Sliders

These workout sliders are great tools to use during low-impact workouts at home or in hotel rooms. They reduce the tension and impact on joints and help keep you stable while you're holding planks, doing push-ups or mountain climbers, or engaging in any number of exercise moves. They're dual-sided — one side is safe for hardwood floors and the other works better on carpet — and they’re lightweight so you can take them anywhere.


A Plant-Based Stain Remover For Clothing, Carpets & More

When you need to remove pet messes, wine stains, and more, this plant-based stain and odor remover can do the trick. The unscented foaming spray uses live enzyme cultures to break down organic material, giving you an eco-friendly way to refresh clothing, carpets, and furniture without harsh cleaners.


An Electric Toothbrush With A Built-In Pressure Sensor

This highly rated electric toothbrush helps remove 300% more plaque than a regular toothbrush, and it has a built-in pressure sensor to protect your gums from overzealous brushing. The rechargeable toothbrush also has an in-handle timer that pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to move the brush.


A Portable Air Purifier With A HEPA Filter

This portable air purifier weighs under 1 pound and has a built-in handle, making it easy to carry around the house or take to the office — you can even bring it along when you’re traveling. It has two-stage filtration with a HEPA filter and removes up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and other irritants from the air. There are five colors to choose from, too.


A Warming Rub That Can Help Soothe Sore Muscles

When your muscles feel sore and overworked, this warming rub can help soothe your aches and pains. It’s formulated with arnica, an herb that tingles on the skin, and cooling peppermint oil. Together, the ingredients create a hot and cold sensation that can help increase blood flow and speed up muscle recovery.


An Exfoliating Gel That Visibly Sloughs Off Dead Skin

Sensitive skin and exfoliants usually don’t mix — but this is no ordinary exfoliant. This gommage peeling gel contains peptides, stem cell extracts, vitamins, and ceramides that lock in moisture. As it gently removes dead skin cells and sebum from clogged pores, this treatment also provides major hydration. It’s great for all skin types, and especially miraculous for sensitive skin, which won’t experience redness, irritation, or dryness from this product.


A 3-In-1 Hand Blender That Leaves Little Mess For You To Clean Up

If the deciding factor in whether to whip up smoothies or make healthy, pureed soup has everything to do with the incredible mess most blenders leave behind, take away that worry. This immersion hand blender fits right in your cup, pot, or bowl and has variable speeds that let you use it to do everything from whip up potatoes to blend smoothies and create healthy baby food. Plus, it comes with egg whisk and milk frother attachments.


An Eyelash & Brow Serum For Longer, Thicker Lashes

There are a lot of eyelash serums on the market, but this one is 100-percent cruelty free, free of parabens, and is made with biotin and Procapil to deliver fast results. While manufacturers say you'll notice growth in as short as four weeks, reviewers report seeing a difference in the length of their lashes and brows as soon as 10 days after first applying this serum. Fans rave and have given it a glowing, 4.5 out of a five-star rating.


A Handheld Garment And Fabric Steamer

Ironing your clothes can be such a hassle — especially when you're traveling. This compact portable handheld garment and fabric steamer has a removable garment and fabric brush and produces enough steam for 15 minutes of continuous action, so there won't be a wrinkle left behind on your favorite silk shirt. Steaming your clothes and fabrics like drapes also ensures they suffer a lot less damage than hot irons, which can leave burn marks behind.


The Facial Toner That Soothes & Hydrates Skin

This gentle witch hazel facial toner soothes, hydrates, reduces the look of pores, and more. The lavender-scented toner is alcohol-free and good for all skin types, and you can apply it anytime to cleanse and refresh the skin. What’s more, it’s backed by over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


An Inappropriate Coloring Book That's Made For Grown-Ups

This funny and inappropriate adult coloring book features 21 single-sided adult pages with drawings alongside humorous quips such as "Home is where the vodka is." Showcasing animals, people, fairies, and random abstract doodles, coloring in the book is a great way to relax while having a good laugh, too. According to one Amazon user: "This book will do exactly as it says. It will help you calm the f down. The book is awesome."


An Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Whitens Teeth

It may seem counterintuitive but this charcoal toothpaste actually brightens teeth as it gets rid of plaque and freshens breath. The gentle vegan toothpaste also contains fresh mint and coconut oil, and it’s free from fluoride, artificial dyes and sweeteners, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Plus, it’s certified cruelty-free.


Stretchy, Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Leggings With Mesh Insets

These moisture-wicking leggings tick off every box: they’re high-waisted with a wide waistband and have mesh insets on each leg that allow for better airflow to keep you cool. Made from polyester and spandex, they’re thin, but not opaque, and naturally gifted at keeping sweat as far away from your skin as possible. And did I mention they’re only $20?

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors and styles: 21


This At-Home Dog DNA Kit That’ll Help You Discover Your Pup’s Ancestry & Relatives

Looking to learn about your dog’s breed and find their doggy relatives? This wildly popular dog DNA kit screens for over 350 breeds so you can learn exactly what kind of dog you have and get a full report on their physical traits and genetic health risks. The kit also allows you to find other dogs that share the same DNA so you can connect with their owners and set up family reunions, which sounds impossibly cute.


Mold-Resistant Towels That Dries 10 Times Faster Than An Ordinary Towel

Going camping or to the gym? Why tote ordinary towels along for the ride when these microfiber towels exist and can dry 10 times faster than others? These travel towels come in a choice of four sizes that range from extra-large (72 by 32 inches) that can be used for yoga to small (32 by 16 inches) for your neck and quick face washes. Each has a carabiner clip for easy storage (up and away from dirty floors) and each holds up to four times its weight in water. These towels are naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mold. They come in a choice of seven colors and are so lightweight you’ll forget they’re in your luggage or gym bag.


This Hilarious Adult Card Game For Anyone Who Loves Internet Memes

I just played What Do You Meme? at a party, and I’d easily argue that it’s the best thing since Cards Against Humanity. The judge displays a picture of a well-known internet meme, and all the other players have to choose their funniest caption to go along with it. The judge then picks their favorite, and whoever ends up with the most meme cards wins the game. Reviewers say they “laughed so hard [they] had tears!”


A Scent-Free Fridge Deodorizer That Lasts Longer Than Baking Soda

These refrigerator deodorizer discs are food safe and biodegradable and can remove odors from fridges and freezers without introducing masking scents that make matters worse. They last six months longer than your average box of baking soda and start working within hours after you place them — oh, and they can be placed anywhere and won’t spill and make a mess like baking soda.


A 10-Pack Of Korean Sheet Masks That Use Ultra-Hydrating Snail Secretion Filtrate To Nourish And Repair Skin

These K-beauty sheet masks are packed with snail secretion filtrate, which, though it sounds bizarre, is actually incredibly nourishing and reparative for the skin. The formula these masks are soaked in help to repair damaged tissue, prevent and reduce blemishes, fade acne scars, and of course, hydrate skin. Packed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, gently exfoliating glycolic acid, brightening vitamins, and plumping collagen, your skin will be healthy and glowing after just one use. For just $24, you’ll get a pack of 10, which are perfect for bringing on trips to soothe parched skin post-flying.


These Natural Eye Drops For Dry, Red Eyes

These natural eye drops keep eyes healthy, bright, and hydrated using organic ingredients you can actually identify: apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract in a glycerin base, saline, and MSM. Keep them on hand to use whenever your eyes are red or feel dry and uncomfortable.


An Oil Diffuser That Makes Your House Smell Magical

Enjoy the delightful fragrances of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, or any other combination of essential oils with this aromatherapy oil diffuser. Unlike some aromatherapy devices which use heat, this diffuser uses silent ultrasonic cool mist vibrations to mist oils throughout the room, making it smoke-free and safe for kids or pets. With a soft-glowing LED light, it's a great way to unwind after a long day.


A Set Of Bluetooth Headphones That Use Magnets For Easy Storage

Runners, cyclists, and other athletes will go absolutely crazy over these mega-light Bluetooth sports headphones. The sleek wireless earbuds sync with your phone (or other devices) to deliver high-quality sound with minimal bulk. They feature top-grade lithium batteries that offer up to 13 hours of continuous play, and built-in magnets that snap together when you're not using them for easy, tangle-free storage.


This Sleek Storage Set To Keep Makeup Or Jewelry Organized

Whether you need some storage space for your makeup, jewelry, or art supplies, this Felicite home organizer set has four movable pieces with drawers, stands, and holders, so you can rearrange things as you see fit. Everything’s made from durable acrylic that’s easy to clean and won’t absorb colors, and the removable mesh liner keeps more delicate things (like jewelry) protected.


A Half-Moon-Shaped Pillow That Prevents Back Pain

With this half-moon-shaped pillow, you can reduce back pain, increase blood circulation to your legs, and generally improve your sleep quality. Especially great for anyone who’s pregnant or recovering from back, hip, or knee surgery, it works for knee support, lumbar support, ankle elevation, or as a leg spacer. If you’re a side sleeper, and you place it between your legs, it properly aligns your spine so that you won’t wake up with back pain. Plus, the brand offers a lifetime replacement if you ever need one.

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