6 Big Impacts Of Shopping Small, According To Business Owners

by BDG Studios

Busting out that pine-scented candle as soon as November hits, stocking up on Rayovac batteries just in case, and writing up a thoughtful gifting list are all small actions that can help you do the holiday season like a pro.

And as we close in on the biggest shopping days of the year, you should know that there’s a solid way to ensure your money is working extra hard as you spend it — and that’s by shopping small. Here, small business owners across the country share how your patronage to their stores (online and in-person) impacts their lives and the communities they support. Keep tapping to learn the big impacts of shopping small.

Creativity Is Unlocked

It should come as no surprise that small businesses are run by small teams, sometimes just a team of one. That means business owners like Teri Johnson, founder of the luxury candle company Harlem Candle Co., have to do a lot more than come up with genius ideas. But the more support they get from customers, the more freedom they have to expand their team, freeing them up to keep the creativity flowing. “Knowing that I can make enough now to hire people gives me more time to develop new projects that will bring joy to people’s homes,” says Johnson.